Palm Updates Facebook for webOS to v1.2

facebook webos palm Palm Inc. has released a free update to its Facebook application for webOS devices. The highlight of this release is webOS notification support, so now your device can unobtrusively let you know when you need to refuel your tractor in FarmVille.

Facebook v1.2 is a free download from Palm's app catalog. The app is built and maintained by Palm's own developer relations team. The version also includes some other updates such as support for Facebook videos, keyboard shortcuts and more. In addition, Palm says they have "polished" up the user experience.

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Not gonna cut it.

Tuckermaclain @ 4/21/2010 12:02:52 PM # Q
Facebook will not save this format. I was finally looking for a new phone because I do some work in the West where GSM coverage is poor. Got a new phone. I saw the HTC Android models and thought that that's what the TX should have evolved. Pretty cool hardware. Software is pretty poor (Bubbles app?) but there is a ton of it. Pre's aren't selling so well. Looking at the app store I see there selling the same crap as Android's but there is less of it. Both Android and WebOS DO have cool tethering apps, which would be very nice. The salesmen @ Verizon & Sprint aren't pushing Palms. They don't have high opinions of them. Customers aren't flocking to see them. They want an Android or iPhone. Android is gaining momentum, but we'll see when the next iPhone is released.

What did the Palm OS diehard do? I got 3 TX's from ebay to augment my pile of new old-stock palms. I downloaded all the software I would ever need and saved it to CDs, got passcodes for the new Palms and bought an LG Lotus from Sprint. My new TX is a beautiful hand-held computer with all the software I could want with a great calendar app running fast on a beautiful screen. The phone does it's job well but the internet is painful. I just resigned myself to carrying 2 devices.

I don't know what will save WebOS, but it would have helped if they had not pooped on all the developers who then rightly abandoned them. Palm OS had a HUGE catalog. WebOS has a 1-page catalog. Palm no longer has that advantage. I don;t know what they can do without all the Dmitri's and Ardiri's that they lost.

RE: Not gonna cut it.
Tuckermaclain @ 4/21/2010 12:05:54 PM # Q
BTW, my wife refused to give up her Centro only because she loves Agendus. Now she has a CDMA one. Using Pimlico's DB fixing program once in a while makes Agendus v13 stable as a rock. Are you listening Palm?
RE: Not gonna cut it.
PacManFoo @ 4/21/2010 7:49:27 PM # Q
I use to have an equal affection for the TX. I finally bought a iPod Touch and now the TX sits in a drawer. I couldn't even imagine going back to a Palm device. I use to think I used the TX a lot but nothing like I use the Touch. The web experience on the Touch is awesome and the TX doesn't even come close. Many of the same applications from the old Palm days are now on my Touch including QuickOffice, BugMe!, Olive Tree Bible Reader, eReader, and iSilo. I also have games such as Bejeweled and BubbleShooter. There were applications from the Palm days I thought I couldn't live with out as well but there are equally good if not better apps on the Touch such as Bento, aNote, 1Password, My-Cast, and many more. Heck, I can even play Otto Matic on the Touch. Very cool indeed.
The last known classic PDA user.
RE: Not gonna cut it.
ardiri @ 5/3/2010 7:24:04 PM # Q
Palm no longer has that advantage. I don;t know what they can do without all the Dmitri's and Ardiri's that they lost.

well - we just released all our games on web os - using the PDK :) i'm still around *g*
Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer

RE: Not gonna cut it.
Tuckermaclain @ 5/4/2010 6:37:44 AM # Q
I would love to see Dmitri's project come to fruition. It would be a beautiful, intuitive OS. Maybe somebody with money (Dell perhaps?) would back it and make it available to the masses.
RE: Not gonna cut it.
mikecane @ 5/4/2010 3:32:55 PM # Q
>>>There were applications from the Palm days I thought I couldn't live with out

If you jailbreak the Touch, you could add StyleTap.

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'bout time

freakout @ 4/21/2010 3:04:32 PM # Q
One of the apps that should have been built-in to webOS right from the get-go. Oh well, better late than never, I suppose.

It's nicely done too. Notifications work like a charm. All they need to do is properly integrate FB chat into webOS messaging now. And maybe provide a way to delete the useless items in the news feed (i.e. Farmville...)

RE: 'bout time
jca666us @ 4/22/2010 6:14:46 PM # Q
At least all of the users who will be orphaned when Palm goes belly up will at least have a decent facebook app.


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xdreduardx @ 4/22/2010 5:41:02 AM # Q
Still no Documents To Go?
No Bejeweled, no Backgammon.
One good thing - I have ported all of my info out of Palm specific format (iSilo, jFile (database), Memos, To Do, Contacts) into Palm independent profile. So now I can jump ship anytime to another platform after 11 years with Palm. Smart move.

By the way, can I NOT include my social Facebook app info with my business contacts. This was the reason I deleted the old Facebook app.

RE: Apps
Tuckermaclain @ 5/5/2010 1:38:45 PM # Q
Palm OS has 2 of the best PIM apps ever. Agendus and DateBook6. I know each has their fans. If either was made available with the same features for WebOS, Android, or iPhone it would make the move a lot easier. Running on Styletap or Classic doesn't count because it is a pain in the rump. Agendus for iPhone is an inadequate little app, so don't even mention it in a retort. It needs icons and a good month view to make me want to switch. Developers with great apps will help a fledgling OS take off. 75 different fart-making apps for Android or iPhone won't.

Are you listening HP?

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