Treo 600 Shipping Dates Updated, T-Mobile Release

palmOne has updated the estimated shipping and release dates for the Treo 600 on a number of networks. In addition, the company has also posted info on the GSM T-Mobile release. Since it's introduction, the Treo 600 has been in high demand with orders for the hot smartphone far exceeding the current supply.

T-Mobile Treo 600
palmOne will begin taking pre-orders for the GSM Treo 600 for the T-Mobile network beginning in mid-February. The company expects to start shipping T-Mobile orders in early March.

The estimated ship dates for AT&T and Cingular have both been updated as well. Depending on your carrier and time of order, most Treo's will begin shipping sometime in February. The company now expects to ship certain orders placed after January 28th as soon as one week from the order date. The shipping & ordering page is the place to check for the most recent info by carrier.

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Pleasantly Surprised...

Verteron @ 1/29/2004 12:31:20 PM #
I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the Treo 600 seems to be doing. For me, it's much too large and could do with Bluetooth or a larger screen. But at least people are buying Smartphones with PalmOS on them, and ultimately this has to be a good thing, right?

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RE: Pleasantly Surprised...
hkklife @ 1/29/2004 4:17:35 PM #
Yup, I have to admit being pleasantly surprised as well. And before you know it, the refreshed version will be out and the price for the original 600s will really drop!

I have to admit the 600's grown on me over time (I don't own one-just played with it a few times) and the low-res screen isn't THAT bad, especially if you're coming over from a T720 or something with a similarly washed out display.

People really seem to like (from what I've seen) the formfactor and the button layout-esp. the d-pad/navigator. I think everyone has gone crazy trying to play Java games on cell phones with tiny circular d-pads and they are rejoicing over something that's semi-usable and can not only play games but do intuitive 1-handed address lookups etc.

RE: Pleasantly Surprised...
Scott R @ 1/30/2004 11:43:16 AM #
Umm...How do you know how well it's doing? Just because they're in short supply it doesn't necessarily mean that they're selling a ton of them. It could also mean (which some at Treocentral have suggested) that they have been producing them in small numbers.

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Treo610 should further boost sales...

gfunkmagic @ 1/29/2004 4:49:25 PM #
The rumored Treo 610 should address most of the major gripes of the Treo600 series (high rez screen, BT). It's believed it should be released by April this year. Furthermore, the addition of Java (IBM Websphere) and BackBerry Client support for the Treos should only increase its functionality...

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RE: Treo 610
Admin @ 1/29/2004 5:29:47 PM #
I would not put any stock in that Treo 610 rumor at all. It's highly unlikely we will see an update to the treo before the fall.

Think about it... why would they announce a new model when they can't even fulfill demand for the current product?


RE: Treo610 should further boost sales...
gfunkmagic @ 1/29/2004 7:44:42 PM #
Well, you might be entirely correct there Ryan, but remember PalmOne didn't announce anything! It's just an unverifiable rumor that someone leaked. But there's been quite a few corroborating posts at treocentral from people who seem to have inside info that makes me think this is very real indeed. Also, this isn't some major overhaul here that would drastically alter the production line. Its just swaping out new memory modules, screen etc...

Also to add to the fire: there's been posts at hofo's and treocentral alluding to the fact that Verizon will also soon be shipping the Treo600. Apparently Verizon is waiting on the Java update so they can bundle their value added services...

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RE: Treo610 should further boost sales...
drw @ 1/31/2004 1:45:53 AM #
Why get a data device on Verizon when they don't have any decent data plans. Only Spcs and T-mo have good unlimited data offers.

RE: Treo610 should further boost sales...
JonathanChoo @ 1/31/2004 10:35:49 AM #
The original Treo 600 was developed by Handspring. Now being own by Palmone who has more cash it is about time the Treo 600 is refreashed. If you look at the mobile phone market, new models are being released every few months and popular models are being refreashed every 6-9 months so its no surprise that Palmone should give the Treo 600 series a revamped. It is the only way. Had a 320x320, Bt 600 came out few months ago, I would have bought it instead of the T3.

With the pending announcement of the SPH-i530, Samsung could eat into Palmone's profits with all their vapourware PalmOS products.

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RE: Treo610 should further boost sales...
IanJD @ 1/31/2004 11:45:20 AM #
> popular models are being refreashed every 6-9 months

The t600 has only been available for just over three months.

RE: Treo610 should further boost sales...
JonathanChoo @ 2/1/2004 12:01:49 PM #
Yes, hence a release should be expected before Summer.

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treo vs sony

TreoChick @ 1/30/2004 9:38:36 AM #
I have to say that

palminfocenter coverage rocks,
but that if it isnt about a SOny Clie, nobody posts.
The sony units are the worst ergonomically design doodahs that break at the drop of a dime with no one to turn to when they snap in half whilst drinking a flavored martini at a party for a new york socialite whose claim to fame is engaging in coitus with older men on video tape.

At any rate, I love the treo, and the everyone is looking to see when the next unit will arrive, hopefully with bluetoooth, but with as many eletronics that they have pushed inside of that small unit, that may have to wait. Added bulk is not wanted. I do wish the next model will allow developers to do more with the camera though.

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RE: treo vs sony
Hal2000 @ 2/1/2004 2:22:47 PM #
Treochick: Uh, can I have your number?


Not as good as they told...

T.W.G @ 1/30/2004 9:26:21 AM #
Hi together,

1st: Excuse my english, I'm german ;-)

I had a treo 600 for review.
I used it 3 days while writing the review.
It is big enough for a phone but the integrated keyboard is nothing good for me. It's definetely to small and it is "fumbling around" and no typing.
Why didn't they integrate the "normal" phonekeyboard plus T9-Software?
Bigger keys and faster entry.
The actual used keypad and navigation-pad features not the high building quality of the Tungsten T1 and T2 series.

Using the speakerphone-function on the treo is not very good for the opponent.
I could clearly (and loud enough) hear my opponent but he just could hear the half of what I'm saying.
If network coverage is too bad the phone produces high noiselevels during the call.

The camera is crap compared to the other camera equipped phones here in Europe (Germany).
Slow and the pictures are extremely "noisy".

The battery is not removable!
How could they? A phone wihtout changeble battery??

Polyphonic Ringtones:
The quality is poor and the phone seems to be kind of incompatible to GeneralMidi-Files.
SonyEricsson T610, Nokia N-Gage etc. play the file as they should!
Treo 600 plays the file as it thinks!? Ugly...

Handspring/Palmone are praising the one handed operation. Why? I think it's a MUST while using a phone.

Display is only 160x160px but that's ok.
The display is realy bright! You can easily use it as a torch to attract 14657921 mosquitos ;-)

Navigating through the phone menus etc. is solved good while the keys are too small :-)

The only other american phones we got in Germany where the ones from Motorola; and they had no big market share because of bad quality, lousy software, bad menus, slow responding software and no up2date Technology.
The V600 (bluetooth, mp3 ringtones...) seems to be a good start!

I think they all should learn a bit from the european and asian Companys how to build realy good phones ;-)

Have a nice weekend



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RE: Not as good as they told...
graph @ 1/30/2004 6:08:46 PM #
how is its signal strength? i have a nokia 5100 and its still better than my 8200 and t68i. im guessing its because of the antenna and since the treo600 has one im hoping its gonna be as good. what do you think?

RE: Not as good as they told...
T.W.G @ 1/31/2004 4:49:04 AM #

in my opinion the signal strength is ok, better than T68i.

Tested in GSM 900 (D-Network, T-Mobile Germany).

And the quality during speaking is realy good (if the signal is strong enough!).



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RE: Not as good as they told...
integrativevet @ 2/16/2004 1:10:31 PM #
My current provider is Cingular w/ GSM. Debating between getting a Treo 600, waiting for the mysterious Treo 610, and the Sony P900 (my current choice) but not yet supported by Cingular. One of their experimental folks have a p P900 in the field and are working with it.



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