Sprint & palmOne hold Treo Demo Days

Sprint and palmOne will jointly hold Treo Demo Days at select Sprint Stores across the country during the month of April in an effort to help small businesses learn more about this smart device.

Beginning April 1, approximately 100 Sprint Stores in 34 cities will hold a Treo Demo Day where small businesses and entrepreneurs can learn about the ultimate business tool and talk with Sprint and palmOne representatives about the features, functionality and benefits of the device. And, throughout the month of April, in those 34 cities, new small business customers may be eligible for a $200 instant rebate at participating Sprint Stores on the Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device Treo 600 by palmOne when they sign a two-year Advantage Agreement that includes Sprint PCS Vision.

"Before the Treo 600, I used to travel with a cell phone, a big Day-Timer Personal Organizer and laptop computer. But now, I've replaced all of those items and integrated our essential business tools into a pocket-sized business life-support system. I can track activities with more precision, and access contact information, email and the Internet all from one compact device. The Treo 600 has been a huge boost to our productivity," said Carrie Miles, president, CompuChicks, Inc., a small IT company based in Orlando, Fla.

The award-winning Treo 600 smart device combines a full-color screen, Palm OSŪ 5.2.1 operating system, a backlit QWERTY keyboard with dome-shaped keys, a 144MHz ARM 9 processor, a VGA quality camera and a Sprint PCS Phone into a candy-bar form factor. Operating on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, the Treo 600 enables wireless applications, including email, messaging and web browsing at speeds averaging 50 to 70 Kbps with PCS Vision plans.

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Move over for the 610

Proteus @ 3/31/2004 2:04:08 PM #
Let's see: Rumors of a Treo 610 by the middle of April and "rebates" on the Treo 600 have just gone from $150 to $200 w/ activation. Palm's history of discounting models just before release of replacements. Nice indication as far as I'm concerned that we'll be seeing something new in the next few weeks -- and prices will continue to get better on the Treo 600. Regardless: Kudos to Palm for aggressively raising the bar, further moving in this direction, and not merely resting.
RE: Move over for the 610
just_little_me @ 3/31/2004 4:02:37 PM #
The Treo 610 (hires screen screen etc) won't be seen until the end of '04. This came from a PalmOne marketing exec. You heard it here.


RE: Move over for the 610
jackpipe @ 4/1/2004 9:22:21 AM #
End of 04 ?
Unfortunately, I believe it.
Great innovations come from Palm/Handspring.
But they just can't be bothered to develop them further, in a reasonable time.
How difficult is it to have a hi-res version - Over a year's worth (given '600 launch mid 2003) ????? I think not.

RE: Move over for the 610
madhatter @ 4/1/2004 10:40:49 AM #
"Over a year's worth (given '600 launch mid 2003)"

But don' forget, a mobile phone with individual carrier testing is a whole different world from a straight PDA. They are not going to launch a 610 when the market for the 600 is still hot. They just announced T-Mobile as a new carrier for the 600. Another model, even if it only has a 320x320 screen will still need to go through the same carrier testing before it is released.

A Palm in hand is worth two in your pocket.

The Treo 600 v Samsung i500 debate

Proteus @ 4/2/2004 5:52:34 AM #
First, sorry to you all who've seen the dozens of threads on this debate out there. But I sure could use some feedback as I wade into "Demo Days" to decide on a Treo 600 versus Samsung i500. (And if you have any thought that I should consider an earlier Treo 270/300 because of price/value, please weigh in on that as well!)
The big concern that has me losing sleep at the moment is an issue w/ cracked screens. It seems every where I look, someone is talking about dropping their Treo 600 just once and it's done for. I bike and really want to integrate what my Palm Vx does w/ my cell to (a) avoid the second item on the belt, and (b) not worry so much about the fragile thing. It's also my only "home" phone, so my son uses my cell every so often (Motorola 60).
As an aside, I got one of the early Fitaly stamps, and I still use the virtual Fitaly keyboard on my Palm Vx. Last night I found that Fitaly has a stamp for the i500, which may make the keyboard less of a sell for me, and the dedicated phone keys re-emerge for the value that has.
Thanks for your help!
RE: The Treo 600 v Samsung i500 debate
Proteus @ 4/2/2004 8:32:44 AM #
One more thing.... Any thoughts what I'm reading, that Palm OS 4.x is more stable than OS 5.x on a 160x160 res screen? I've heard that in a number of comparisons between the i600 and Treo 600 as well. Also: I know from reading Popular Mechanics and such that it's not uncommon to have "long term" evaluations of things such as automobiles. Yet in PDA, cell phone and other such things, no "reviewer" has ever seemed to have more than 2 weeks w/ the thing. I know technology changes fast, but come on! can't anyone spend at least a couple of months in day in and day out use, and keep us updated?

Treo 600 is the CHAMPION!!!

gfunkmagic @ 4/6/2004 3:26:29 PM #
And it beat the Moto MPx200 to boot! Hehe...you would have known PalmOS would beat M$ smartphone! ;)

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