PalmSource Announces 2004 Euro DevCon

PalmSource today announced details of its annual PalmSource Euro DevCon, scheduled for September 28-29, 2004 in Munich, Germany. The event will provide attendees with 'best practices' for making applications smartphone-ready and reveal revenue opportunities with new Palm Powered Mobile World wireless operator and infrastructure partners in Europe and other geographies. Other topics include the latest on Palm OS Cobalt and the new Palm OS Developer Suite.

Kicking-off with a keynote by PalmSource president and CEO David Nagel, the conference builds momentum with detailed presentations by partners, licensees and industry-leading mobile operators. Technical sessions will provide an in-depth look at innovations in the Palm OS Cobalt platform and describe revenue-generating opportunities driven by the proliferation of wirelessly enabled smart mobile devices and over-the-air delivery of applications.

Highlights of the PalmSource Euro DevCon 2004 include:

  • Presentations from senior PalmSource executives, leading wireless operators and other strategic partners covering technical and business trends in the mobile device and smartphone markets.
  • In-depth sessions on the Palm OS Developer Suite -- the latest PalmSource development tools for 68k and ARM native development.
  • Pre-conference Palm OS Basic Training, a "boot camp" for developers new to Palm OS. The boot camp will take place the afternoon of Monday, September 27 with PalmSource engineers providing an introduction to programming for the Palm OS platform.
  • A state-of-the-art Hardware Lab, providing developers with "hands-on" access to a complete line of Palm Powered devices to test their applications.
  • Marketing and publishing sessions will be offered where developers can learn how to successfully market their Palm OS applications and capitalize on high revenue growth opportunities.
  • The New & Notables Program, providing a vehicle for developers to introduce new Palm OS applications and put this news in front of customers, partners and press.
  • The Euro Powered Up Awards, created by PalmSource to honor the most innovative and successful applications from the European Palm OS developer community. Applications will be evaluated by categories including: Wireless/Over-the-air; Enterprise/Productivity; Games/Entertainment; and Multimedia. Winners will be announced at the Euro DevCon 2004.

"The Euro DevCon 2004 is the must-attend event for smartphone and mobile device developers," said Larry Berkin, PalmSource director of developer marketing. "You can accomplish more in two days at the Euro DevCon 2004 to accelerate your business than in two months on your own. You don't want to miss this event."

Hosted during Munich's famed Oktoberfest celebration, the PalmSource Euro DevCon will take place at the Munich Germany Hilton Park Hotel on September 28 and 29. Early Bird pricing for the two-day conference is 239 euro when purchased by August 10, representing a 40 percent savings over the 399 euro standard registration fee. Additional attendees from the same company pay only 99 euro.

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So, will they have any Cobalt devices to demo by then?!

gfunkmagic @ 6/7/2004 12:26:59 PM #
That and the possible announcement of any new lisencees would be nice...

I support


RE: So, will they have any Cobalt devices to demo by then?!
hkklife @ 6/7/2004 1:01:05 PM #
I 2nd that notion. So far, classroom promo deals and whatnot are all good and well, but we need some solid new *PRODUCT* and/or new licensees ASAP in light of the grim Sony news. Let's cross our fingers for at leat one new major rumor/annoucement between now and the Euro convention.

At the very least, if there are no new major licensees to announce, rumblings of a Cobalt-ready Zodiac or a new Dana would be encouraging signs. I'm also very concerned about the future of Garmin's Palm OS deal. The iQue seems to be scarcer on retail shelves the past couple months and you can get one now for around $430 or so. That's either a harbinger of a new model coming out of the termination of that experiment after just one model.

Lastly, I still think that the Treo 600 "shortage" is like Nintendo's artifically induced cartridge shortages of the late 80s. If it is a genuine shortage, then it still wouldn't hurt to announce a new model, cut prices slightly on the existing Treo 600 and make sure that the 610's out by August. A lot of potential Verizon customers, for one, are going to snatch up a Moto 710/810 next month when they are released instead of waiting forever for Verizon to approve the aging Treo 600.

It's a blast!

bcombee @ 6/7/2004 10:46:35 PM #
I went to this last year, representing Metrowerks, and I had a great time. If you're in Europe, it's well worth attending. Not only is Munich a beautiful city, but the hotel is on the edge of the English Garden, a really nice park near some of the most historic parts of the city. I also heard that some of the developers last year really, really enjoyed themselves at Octoberfest. It was a blast just riding the train from the airport to the hotel, seeing all the locals dressed up for the celebration.

Oh, and there was a lot of useful Palm OS-related content too.

Ben Combee - PDA programmer weblog

RE: It's a blast!
bhall_markspace @ 6/8/2004 4:01:14 AM #
I'll second that. I was there as well. There are some pictures posted at pdassi (a link is there from Look forward to attending again this year!

(Too bad they didn't schedule it the week after Apple Expo Paris like they did last year - made a great combo to do it in a single trip).


RE: It's a blast!
kcorey @ 6/8/2004 4:46:59 AM #
One warning, though:

Watch out for the beer. It's ferocious. It made it extremely difficult to go to the Sync-Up the next day...:^)


Treo Rocks!

RE: It's a blast!
ardiri @ 6/9/2004 9:25:41 AM #
> Watch out for the beer. It's ferocious.

oktoberfest.. 4 whole chickens, 11 HUGE glasses of beer. i still barely remember the night :) it was fun to go bumper car riding after all those beers. pity they kicked us out so early (11pm).

i'll be doing it again - mainly for oktoberfest :)

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer



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