Skyfire v1.0 Released for Windows Mobile

Skyfire Palm TreoSkyfire today announced that is desktop-like browser for mobile devices has left its lengthy beta period as the company officially pushed out version 1.0. Skyfire offers Windows Mobile and Symbian users a rich PC-like browsing experience with built in support for Ajax, Flash and streaming video content.

Known for its speed, Skyfire launches quickly and loads web pages quicker than other mobile browsers. Skyfire users can customize the start page with RSS feeds from their favorite websites. In addition, they can integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts to import status updates and tweets, and easily publish their status to these networks.

Improvements specific to the Skyfire 1.0 release include enhanced navigation, zooming and interaction as well as faster launch, power optimization, and new search functionality.

As the new version starts-up, users can type a search or URL in the Superbar even while Skyfire is connecting in the network. After a web page loads, smooth scrolling and zooming similar to an iPhone helps users navigate the page more quickly. Likewise, now users can click on links on the first page load without having to zoom first.

Skyfire v1.0 is available as a free download from The software runs natively on the device and utilizes a proxy for rendering and transcoding all content.

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But not outside US/UK

knux @ 5/28/2009 11:28:27 PM # Q
What about the rest of the world? As long as Mozilla don't off it it outside of the US/UK, I'll stick to Opera Mobile.
RE: But not outside US/UK
knux @ 5/28/2009 11:30:08 PM # Q
offer it, rather.
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