Film Independent & US Weekly Pre Giveaway

Palm Pre and Pop CornIn an unusual twist that may offer a tidbit of evidence about the Pre's actual release date from the unlikeliest of sources, Engadget is reporting that the new issue of US Weekly has a small story about the Palm Pre being offered as Hollywood swag as well as part of a giveaway promotion for US Weekly readers.

The Independent Film Channel (IFC)'s Independent Spirit Awards show is one of the smaller, (and likely more subdued) Hollywood award ceremony events but nevertheless, the usual bags o' swag are still handed out to celebrity attendees. Anne Hathaway is pictured in the US Weekly piece, along with a slightly worrying bit of text that states that Pre will be "available by July".

Palm Pre Celeb Swag

The deadline to enter the contest is February 17th, with the actual IFC event taking place on February 21st. One would therefore logically assume Palm would not be issuing pre-production Pre handsets loaded with Alpha or Beta-level code to celebrities or US Weekly readers, so the earlier rumor suggesting a March 15th release date may gain a bit more credibility as a result of this promotion. On the other hand, "available by July" does suggest Palm barely meeting or slightly missing their "first half of 09" Pre release window mentioned at CES and widely circulated by the media.

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