PalmInfocenter Live at CES 2009

Las VegasPalm's upcoming January 8th announcement at CES in Las Vegas is arguably the most important and most anticipated milestone in the company's history. With all signs pointing to some kind of major Nova OS "New-ness" unveiling, PalmInfocenter will be there to cover every aspect of the show with a liveblog, photos, videos and first-hand impressions as soon as it happens. We'll of course post a more detailed overview of the events later Thursday evening after we've had a chance to digest and review everything.

While Thursday morning's event is definitely the main focus, Ryan and I will be at CES for the entire week to cover any other Palm-related news and gather some firsthand feedback on the Nova buzz. We will also have an opportunity time to chat with Palm company staff one-on-one and possibly get some hands–on time with whatever new technology Palm will be showcasing at CES.

It's looking to be an exciting week for weary Palm fans everywhere, so be patient a few days longer and keep checking here for the latest news starting Wednesday evening!

Liveblog coverage will commence on Thursday. The Palm Press Event begins at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (2 PM Eastern).

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Go Get em' Boyz

LiveFaith @ 1/6/2009 7:25:19 PM # Q
Can't wait. Get right in the middle of it. Somebody said Gekko's bringing a group in the Lexus from the east coast.

Nevertheless, get down to the nitty gritty. I'll be ready to stream those hi-rez vids on my Treo 680 too. :-
Pat Horne

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Also can't wait

Nycran @ 1/6/2009 7:35:08 PM # Q
Really looking forward to this guys. Fingers crossed that Palm can pull themselves out of oblivion with a great platform.

If they do announce Nova, try to get some info on what Nova means to developers.

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Oh, to live in America

freakout @ 1/7/2009 12:05:38 AM # Q
You guys get all the good tech shows! (Not to mention all the good tech companies...)

I will join you via astral projection. May have to call on a few voodoo doctors. Don't wait up.

RE: Oh, to live in America
LiveFaith @ 1/7/2009 6:29:33 AM # Q
You should see the girls too. Just plain humbling.

Pat Horne

RE: Oh, to live in America
freakout @ 1/7/2009 8:34:02 PM # Q
Ha! Like these, you mean?

Okay, that was cruel. But I'll still take our womenfolk anyday. Or even better, British chicks. It's the accents. Oh! the accents...

RE: Oh, to live in America
Gekko @ 1/7/2009 8:44:44 PM # Q

but bad teeth.

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Liveblog link?

mikecane @ 1/7/2009 5:35:18 AM # Q
Errrrr ... you'll tell us what that is ahead of the event, right?

OK, let's all hold hands and break out in that song, "Tomorrow!"

Cue Gekko for the YouTube link.

RE: Liveblog link?
hkklife @ 1/7/2009 8:56:59 AM # Q
It'll be live later this evening. No sense putting the cart before the horse. We gotta set up the PIC war room first. Mike, I wish you could be there to lambast us for our equipment selections for the trip. An EEE, a Wind, a MacBook, a 755p, an iPhone 1st gen and a Nokia N78, oh my!

Pilot 1000->Pilot 5000->PalmPilot Pro->IIIe->Vx->m505->T|T->T|T2->T|C->T|T3->T|T5->Zodiac 2->TX->Verizon Treo 700P->Verizon Treo 755p->?
RE: Liveblog link?
LiveFaith @ 1/7/2009 5:22:07 PM # Q
Where's your Foleo? That shows you're vulnerable!

Pat Horne
RE: Liveblog link?
hkklife @ 1/7/2009 6:33:04 PM # Q
We're here, we're online and we're off to Digital Experience to see what we can see!

Pilot 1000->Pilot 5000->PalmPilot Pro->IIIe->Vx->m505->T|T->T|T2->T|C->T|T3->T|T5->Zodiac 2->TX->Verizon Treo 700P->Verizon Treo 755p->?
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In the words of Charlie Brown

Caspian @ 1/7/2009 6:17:43 AM # Q
I hope Palm is a hero and not a goat.

Palm III> Palm IIIx> Palm IIIc> Sony T615> Sony T665> Sony TH55> Palm T|E> Palm T|E2> Palm T|X
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A descriptive subject

joad @ 1/7/2009 7:02:50 AM # Q
Oh, Palm. Please do not try and Fooleo us again.

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Questions for Palm

mikecane @ 1/7/2009 9:18:03 AM # Q
1) Does the OS include a UNIVERSAL KEYBOARD DRIVER built-in, so ANY manufacturer can just kick out/adapt existing keyboards to use with it? GET RID OF INSTALLING FRIKKIN DRIVERS for that!!

2) Will the OS be able to address the new - get this!! - TWO TERABYTE CARDS?

3) What max's built-in RAM that can be addressed?

4) What is the structure for files? Does NOVA do away with DB formats?


6) Resolution-independence built-in?

7) CLASSIC Graffiti?

8) What's that damned Bluetooth crap lefty always braying about? ADPD or whatever, for stereo BT headphones? Supported? (Not that *I* care, but still.)

9) What about eBOOKS, dammit?!

10) Is it a BLOGGING MACHINE? I'd *totally* buy it if I could use any existing BT keyboard and blog with it. Has WordPress or Blogger or ANY 3rd-party expressed interest in a blogging client?

That's all for now.

RE: Questions for Palm
AdamaDBrown @ 1/7/2009 9:58:00 AM # Q
Well, it's good to see that the SD Card Association finally fixed the obvious problem with the 32 GB limit on SDHC. However, the fact that they need yet ANOTHER new format to finally figure out what they should have known in the first place is disheartening. And don't tell me it was reasonable to assume that nobody needed over 2 GB when they first designed it. CompactFlash was a lot older than SD and because it had a robust architecture it's designed for up to 137 GB.

RE: Questions for Palm
mikecane @ 1/7/2009 2:21:58 PM # Q
Two freakin Terabytes means I could put EVERYTHING I currently have on CD-Rs and STILL HAVE ROOM for the SAME number of CD-Rs AGAIN. Bloody breathtaking, just the thought of that.

Now, if they could do PERMANENT OPTICAL STORAGE at that size, it'd be incredible. I don't much trust magnetic media.

RE: Questions for Palm
freakout @ 1/7/2009 8:29:27 PM # Q
^^ After recently having had to re-burn a bunch of my media (nearly 700GB worth...) due to a bad batch of blanks, I'm just the opposite. Gimme the 2TB solid-state card anyday!
RE: Questions for Palm
Gekko @ 1/7/2009 8:48:58 PM # Q

>Now, if they could do PERMANENT OPTICAL STORAGE at that size, it'd be incredible. I don't much trust magnetic media.

yes, because your maniacal rants need to be saved in perpetuity for future generations to study, analyze, and learn from.

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Ryan, How About a Countdown Clock?

mikecane @ 1/7/2009 9:19:35 AM # Q
Can you slap one on here so we'll see when Colligan is due to take the stage?

RE: Ryan, How About a Countdown Clock?
SeldomVisitor @ 1/7/2009 9:38:37 AM # Q
Can't read a clock, huh? Need those big zeroes in front of yer face to know when?

RE: Ryan, How About a Countdown Clock?
mikecane @ 1/7/2009 2:18:33 PM # Q
Hey, SV, STFU. Countdown clocks are the shizzle.

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The Old days

stellaboy @ 1/7/2009 1:01:51 PM # Q
This reminds me of the good old days when you knew there would be a gre atannouncement. Like colour screens, m505.

Bring it on..

pilot 5000 >Palm V > m505 >Tungsten T >A bad win mo 5 pda >Clie Peg ux50 > Tungsten t3 >Treo 680 >Centro

RE: The Old days
nastebu @ 1/7/2009 2:44:15 PM # Q
what's that unfamiliar scent hanging in the air? Optimism?

RE: The Old days
mikecane @ 1/7/2009 3:43:13 PM # Q
DESPERATE optimism.

RE: The Old days
SeldomVisitor @ 1/7/2009 4:07:07 PM # Q
Actually, the Palm New-Ness is a complete change of management:



RE: The Old days
LiveFaith @ 1/7/2009 5:25:00 PM # Q
SV, ya know that makes some sense. Palm has actually been bought out in the past year by another company. They just kept most of the staff and gave EdC a position as figurehead. The name and the big orange remained. But yeah, it might have as well been company XYZ running the show. I guess that is a reason for some level of hope.

Pat Horne
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Meanwhile, PIM for iPhone ...

mikecane @ 1/7/2009 3:44:40 PM # Q
Why Pocket Informant Should Be a Big Hit on the iPhone

>>>My final reason for thinking PI should emerge as a big success is that nobody else is doing what it will do. I don't recall seeing any real powerhouse apps that will handle Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks for you on the iPhone - all in one app. As far as I'm aware there's not a real heavyweight PIM product in the App Store yet.

>>>PI should nicely fill that void - especially if it gets it right in terms of syncing with Google Calendar and Toodledo (for tasks) - i.e makes syncing painless and your data available to you seamlessly across iPhone / web / desktop.

So, if Palm's NOVA doesn't work out tomorrow ... iPhone is still a Fallback Option.

RE: Meanwhile, PIM for iPhone ...
twrock @ 1/7/2009 8:05:44 PM # Q
In my opinion, Alex has made some excellent choices with regard to the application. He understands that, due to Apple's limitations, it cannot integrate directly with the iPhone's data but needs to sync with online applications and services.


"Due to Apple's limitations...." See, this is the problem with going with Apple products. From the consumer's perspective, there is no good reason for those limitations. Cupertino control freaks!

Well, I guess there is at least a "solution", even if it has to be a work-around.

"twrock is infamous around these parts"
(from my profile over at Brighthand due to my negative 62 rep points rating)

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Meanwhile, where's Gekko?

mikecane @ 1/7/2009 4:46:08 PM # Q
I hear him and his Lexus have been going from eTrade to eTrade storefront stocking up on Palm stock under different names.

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Nova Phone Teaser?

Gekko @ 1/7/2009 5:46:43 PM # Q
RE: Nova Phone Teaser?
Gekko @ 1/7/2009 5:55:39 PM # Q

nope. it's a Treo Pro.

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Gekko @ 1/7/2009 6:05:36 PM # Q

no invite?????? i would have paid my own would have been an ugly night at the V Bar..........and an even uglier morning....i doubt you two could keep up.

freakout @ 1/7/2009 8:31:54 PM # Q
If you like Lizard-Man, we'll play a drinking game on the liveblog. Every time you hear a corporate/marketing buzzword (i.e. "prosumer"), take a shot.

It'll give me a good excuse not to go in to work.

I apologise for any and all emoticons that appear in my posts. You may shoot them on sight.
Treo 270 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Centro

Gekko @ 1/7/2009 8:42:51 PM # Q

dude - we should have organized a road trip. don't be a pussy - Oz to Vegas is an easy 14 hour flight......have a few cocktails.....fall asleep....and before you know it - you're there. maybe next year.

freakout @ 1/8/2009 3:34:28 AM # Q
Maybe. By then I hope to have designed my own plane out of old Treos.
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Had me scared with that downtime!

SeldomVisitor @ 1/8/2009 8:56:45 AM # Q
Get new servers - a-GAIN!

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