Sena Debuts New Cases for palmOne Treo 650

sena Cases has announced the release of two new leather case models for the palmOne Treo 650. The LeatherSkin model has a slim, minimalist design with no cover on the keyboard and the screen area of the Treo. MagnetFlipper model has a similar design as the LeatherSkin model, however, and includes an easy open magnetic flip closure.

Sena Case on palmOne Treo 650 Smartphone"While our designers design cases for a specific device, they start with the most important question: What are the reasons people choose this device over another? For Treo series it is the combined phone and PDA functionality and the ideal size of this device," said Ramsey Oten, Ph.D., Marketing Director of the company. "Sena Treo cases are ideal when you are using your device as a phone since they do not add any bulk to the device and they are designed to avoid any burden that a case may cause while answering a phone call. They are as well ideal when you are using it as a PDA since Sena Treo cases do not have the clear plastic cover on the keyboard and the screen area unlike many other brands available," he added.       

The main features of the models are:

  • Ulta Slim Design
  • Ratchet belt-clip (optional)
  • Headphone jack opening
  • Microphone and speaker opening
  • Easy access to keyboard
  • Easy access to camera
  • Top Quality full grain leather
  • Charge thru travel cable
  • No plastic cover on screen or keyboard
  • Available in Black, Tan, Red, and Blue colors (LeatherSkin)
  • Available in Black, Tan, Red, Black/Red, and Black/Blue colors (MagnetFlipper)

    The new models are currently available at Sena Cases website for a 20% discounted price during the pre-order period. The expected start date for the distribution of these models is February 2nd, 2005.

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    Sena = Best

    Gekko @ 1/10/2005 6:03:56 PM # Q


    RE: Sena = Best
    LiveFaith @ 1/11/2005 12:20:50 PM # Q
    Gekko! How dare you speak like that on a Palm OS website. Great to see the glass 1/2 full man.

    Pat Horne;
    RE: Sena = Best
    Gekko @ 1/12/2005 3:57:33 PM # Q

    I call it the way I see it. Produce a shiit product and you will feel my wrath. Product a great product and you will hear my praise.

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    Mixed Feelings

    vesther @ 1/13/2005 1:07:13 PM # Q
    While I do praise Sena for producing an accpetable case for the Treo 650, IMO there's one discrepancy I have with the Sena Cases--I wished that there was some sort of "Screen-Covering" Enclosures that would be deployed with the Sena Cases so that the screen and keyboard would be covered. IMO The Sena Treo 650 Case is missing a built-in Screen Protector (that is built in with the case) that will protect your screen from scratches. I really prefer Hard Cases for any Smartphone and/or PDA over Sena Leather Cases, though.

    Powered by Palm OS since March 2002
    RE: Mixed Feelings
    josephPDA @ 1/13/2005 1:39:24 PM # Q
    If you are talking about a flip cover for screen and keyboard, their MagnetFlipper model has one. Also I think it is better than the other cases I know since the flip cover opens downward.

    If you want a plastic clear cover on your screen, then it means you are not using your stylus at all. I myself prefer no cover. In fact, I am using Sena Treo 600 LeatherSkin case and I LOVE it. I use a separate screen protector and it is good enough.

    But I may be partial to Sena's cases because I sell them on e-Bay :)

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