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Twitter is weird

SeldomVisitor @ 4/22/2008 4:06:39 PM # Q
No kidding. Really strange.

I'm still trying to guess at its utility.

(forgot why I first visited there, but the random thoughts popping up...well...randomly made for random amusement...for a few minutes)

RE: Twitter is weird
SeldomVisitor @ 4/22/2008 4:08:44 PM # Q

Minor followup.

The "twitter" I visited was essentially a "google earth"-style view with the random thoughts appearing around the globe.

RE: Twitter is weird
Gekko @ 4/26/2008 8:45:45 AM # Q
>I'm still trying to guess at its utility.

see post below.

RE: Twitter is weird
Gekko @ 11/17/2008 5:28:12 PM # Q

i'm on twitter -

- rolled out of bed slept thru alarm
- taking a really big crap LOL (sent from text)
- just tripped over pizza boxes piled all over my apt
- calling in sick today to play rock band LOL
- ordered an XL meat lovers pizza with free pizzone for lunch MMMMMMNNNNNNNNN
- out of orange soda.......must run to walmart to get more!
- pt cruiser ran out of gas AGAIN! DAMN!
- just watched new star trek trailer! it rocks!!!

RE: Twitter is weird
mikecane @ 11/17/2008 5:55:31 PM # Q
Yeah, go ahead and pass along the stereotype of Twitter I once passed on myself.

Go search "top_book" at my blog and see how many post ideas I've gotten just from that *one* Twitter user.

I'd damn well *pay* for Twitter now. Because if it doesn't start charging, the Depression 2.0 will crush it like a crippled ant.

RE: Twitter is weird
Gekko @ 11/17/2008 6:04:41 PM # Q

does the world really need minute by minute updates of your psychotic ramblings and the mundane events of your inane life?

RE: Twitter is weird
Gekko @ 11/17/2008 6:30:07 PM # Q
>Depression 2.0

i have bad news for you. America is not "kaput". America's best days are yet to come!

RE: Twitter is weird
mikecane @ 11/18/2008 9:18:01 AM # Q
Be sure to send us Twitter updates of your progress in eating your Lexus, Gekko!

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Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail

Gekko @ 4/26/2008 8:44:14 AM # Q

Ryan and Mike Cane - make sure you use this so we can come get you -

Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail
By Mallory Simon

(CNN) - James Karl Buck helped free himself from an Egyptian jail with a one-word blog post from his cell phone.

Buck, a graduate student from the University of California-Berkeley, was in Mahalla, Egypt, covering an anti-government protest when he and his translator, Mohammed Maree, were arrested April 10.

On his way to the police station, Buck took out his cell phone and sent a message to his friends and contacts using the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The message only had one word. "Arrested."

Within seconds, colleagues in the United States and his blogger-friends in Egypt - the same ones who had taught him the tool only a week earlier - were alerted that he was being held.

Twitter is a social-networking blog site that allows users to send status updates, or "tweets," from cell phones, instant messaging services and Facebook in less than 140 characters.

RE: Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail
bhartman34 @ 4/26/2008 12:49:06 PM # Q
I still don't get it. What did he accomplish with Twitter that he couldn't have accomplished by texting these same friends? Is it just that he alerted a larger pool of people at once? What happens if the people don't have Twitter on when you Twitter them?

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