Palm Treo 650 Smartphone Promotions

Palm Treo 650 smartphone special offersPalm is currently offering two new promotions on the Treo 650 smartphone (review). From now until September 30th, there is a $100 mail in rebate when you sign up for a two year service agreement. This brings the total price down to $299 with a new service activation. There is also free express shipping on the Treo 650 when purchased from the Palm online store.

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$299 huh

JarJar @ 8/9/2005 5:32:40 PM # Q
The $299 price might be true if all conditions are correct.

When you go to the Palm website it says something like "as low as $299!" You have to sign up for a two year service plan and qualify for all the rebates at certain service providers. Some of the discount is provided in the form of call credits not cash.

I've never seen such a fuzzy price from Palm previously.

RE: $299 huh
jammin59 @ 8/30/2005 2:56:03 PM # Q
This isn't quite true.

I just bought the Treo 650 from with Cingular service. The price for the Treo at Cingular is $399 with a two-year plan. You can get that price directly from Cingular if you like, and skip the Palm rebate.

To get the rebate, fill out the 2-year committment $100 rebate form pulled off the Palm site, ( and get a check for $100 cash from Palm.

No fuzziness about it.

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Clearing POS Inventory for new Treo WinMobs

Gekko @ 8/9/2005 5:48:32 PM # Q

They must be clearing out the POS Treo Inventory for the new WinMob Treos fall introduction.

RE: Clearing POS Inventory for new Treo WinMobs
hkklife @ 8/9/2005 7:39:10 PM # Q
I was at OfficeMax yesterday and they had the Treo 650 there (the Earthlink/Sprint one) for $200 after $100 MIR for a 2 year new contract. The guy at the store mentioned a $10 or $20 coupon that could knock a few more $ off that price. All in all, not a bad deal if you can live with the claustrophobic RAM capacity.

I really think by this point that the 600's toast and the 650 is going be drastically reduced in price to make way for a new FrankenGarnet 670 (limited production run stopgap unit w/ more memory and a better camera and not much else) this fall, followed by a Treoo 700 Cobalt/WinMob simultaneous launch on Sprint & Verizon next spring.

RE: Clearing POS Inventory for new Treo WinMobs
budrowilson @ 8/9/2005 9:07:22 PM # Q
Wait, Verizon being the first out with any new piece of hardware? Have you gone mad?? They'll test the new phone (even if it's just re-vamped) for months after another wireless company debuts the new gadget before they'll dare release it on their networks...

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T-Mobile users still waiting...

Candygogo @ 8/18/2005 12:07:35 PM # Q

For now, will make do with T3 and phone combo.

According to the schedule on my pda/phone/gps/multimedia center with built in rice cooker, the Gadget Addicts Anonymous meeting is in 30 minutes.

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