Palm Updates Windows Palm Desktop

Palm has also updated the Windows version of the Palm Desktop to v4.2. The small updates doesn't offer any new features, but offers an improved installation path for users that upgrade from a previous device.

Palm Desktop 4.2 for Windows is available here. It is only compatible with the Treo 650, LifeDrive, Tungsten T3, T5, E, E2, and the Zire 31, 71, 72.

The installation process has been improved for users that upgrade from a previous Palm device. It has a new wizard that can copy all previous information and software applications to a new device. It also can detect incompatible apps in the users backup folder in order to avoid conflicts.

This installer is not meant for Treo 600 users or anyone who has the PocketMirror Standard conduits because this desktop installs the Outlook conduits meant for handhelds and smartphones which use the extended PIM applications.

Palm Desktop for Windows Palm Desktop for Windows

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Better than nothing at all & a good sign for future releases

hkklife @ 9/2/2005 3:09:30 PM # Q
I'm surprised most older OS5 devices are (again) ignored & excluded (T|C, T2, T|T namely) but the Zire 71 is supported.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but it at least looks to be a step in improving the OOBE for the next batch of Palms...since 80% or more of users likely never update anything past whatever Palm includes in their box.

Although the app compatability checker is sort of a double edged sword as it shows just how much the recent revisions of FrankenGarnet have broken older but otherwise stable apps & games.

Philosophy to this update?
ackmondual @ 9/6/2005 6:14:29 PM # Q
Yeah, what is up with that? I thought this update was squared towards P1 handhelds with the new PIMs, but z71 still uses Address, datebook, memopad, and todo. That's rather discriminating considering how old the z71 is and that the T3 has been out of production for many months now
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Does it fix...

Puppy @ 9/2/2005 3:59:57 PM # Q
I wonder if it fixes the flaw where Tasks set/edited without a date default to 2031?

Now how about fixing all the horrible flaws with the Lifedrive? I'm pretty well set to junk mine after Dell's new Axims hit, if Palm hasn't fixed it yet.

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why PalmOne?? i thought they got back to Palm....

scorched @ 9/2/2005 5:19:50 PM # Q
why PalmOne?? i thought they got back to Palm....

RE: why PalmOne?? i thought they got back to Palm....
Puppy @ 9/2/2005 6:24:09 PM # Q
Yeah, I was wondering that too. Although I guess it didn't install on my system right anway.

RE: why PalmOne?? i thought they got back to Palm....
XmonkeyX @ 9/2/2005 10:00:48 PM # Q
Well, none of the PDA's supported are branded under the new Palm logo, so it doesn't really matter. Basically until a PDA is released, they are still PalmOne in the broadest sense since all their products are. AND they probably didn't feel like changing this program around too much. I'm guessing that along with the Palm name change and a new PDA, there will be a new program that at least looks more modern and representative of their color scheme. Then again, who knows?

RE: why PalmOne?? i thought they got back to Palm....
hkklife @ 9/3/2005 12:07:20 AM # Q
Yeah, but starting this fall release (ie the next bath of new Palm units to be launched next month) they will begin transitioning again to "Palm" so might as well get a headstart now.

More likely than anything, this is a sort of late beta release for whatever will be bundled in the new handhelds' retail boxes this fall. I am sure subsequent versions will be "Palm" branded.

Is this really THAT important?

Didn't we hear rumors earlier this year of a revamped Palm Desktop coming "soon" in addition to something that could theoretically be called Graffiti 3?

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I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !

bltian @ 9/4/2005 3:22:02 AM # Q
I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !

anybody who find it and download it ?

RE: I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !
QDeath @ 9/5/2005 1:34:43 PM # Q
the about box still shows 4.1.4. Anyone else still seeing this?

RE: I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !
Bhalrog @ 9/6/2005 10:43:32 AM # Q
I emailed Palm Customer Support, and was told that v. 4.1.4 is still the latest version available on the Palm website

RE: I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !
twizza @ 9/6/2005 11:24:40 AM # Q
4.2 was pulled because of installation issues. Look for it to be back up in a few weeks.
RE: I can not find the palm desktop 4.2 in palm website !
rrfranczak3 @ 9/6/2005 1:22:56 PM # Q
I was under the impression that rev 4.2 was for MAC only, guess I was wrong, but I couldnt find the windows version either, now I know why, I think that after seeing the problem with installation issues, I will wait for a while before I upgrade, I have learned after years of dealing with microsh*t that you should never buy anything ver 1.0 in this case ver 4.2,it seems like a ver 1.0 issue


with M$, third time's the charm
ackmondual @ 9/6/2005 6:19:33 PM # Q
Windows, Word, Office, and Visio are but some shining examples

"Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake? Anyone can make an error, but that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."
-Grand Admiral Thrawn

the secret to enjoying your job is to have a hobby that's even worse

My PDAs: Visor --> Visor Neo (blue) --> Zire 71 --> Tungsten T3 (with 4 of 6 screws still remaining) ~?~> zodiac 2?

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Zire 71 support

Arnage @ 9/4/2005 8:28:37 AM # Q
I'm a bit confused, it supposedly supports the 71 but doesn't support handhelds that use the old pocketmirror and/or don't have the extended PIM's.

As far as i know all 71's come with the old pim's and pocketmirror so why say it's suppported if it really isn't?

RE: Zire 71 support
MonkeyMike @ 9/4/2005 12:07:21 PM # Q
Maybe it is supported, but they decided they didn't feel like making the extra effort associated with adding more pda's? Maybe the zire 71 sold more, or maybe they're just lazy? Who knows... - my top 10 palm apps.
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potter @ 9/5/2005 10:03:36 AM # Q
The Windows Palm Desktop v4.2 appears to have been withdrawn. The above link now redirects one to the main Customer Service & Support page.

RE: Withdrawn
Admin @ 9/5/2005 3:53:27 PM # Q
I was told that Palm may be changing the version numbers on this release. This may have something to do with its temporary absence.


RE: Withdrawn
aelfwyne @ 9/6/2005 1:15:01 AM # Q
It still sends me to a version from 2004 at the website :(..

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Bad Links

mopcodes @ 9/6/2005 2:31:20 PM # Q
The links to this update on Palm's website are not valid.

Was the update pulled? Attempting to download it selecting Treo 650 and Windows XP brings you back to the support website's main page.

Mac OS X update is still available.

D. Martin
Former Amiga/Commodore Author/Writer/Reviewer

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"Temporarily Unavailable"

scouter075 @ 9/7/2005 6:09:24 PM # Q
The web link now has this posted:

September 6, 2005
Not available at this time
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the web download of Palm Desktop 4.2 for Windows has become temporarily unavailable. Within the next week, we expect to make this file available again.

Until then, please install Palm Desktop from the CD-ROM that came with your device.

Thank you for your patience.

Dennis G. Esler

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It should also work with older handhelds

Tamog @ 9/11/2005 4:59:20 PM # Q
Hi People,
long time no post. anyways, thanks to Alexander Gratz, it should also work with older handhelds-IF they have the new PIM's installed. Find more information here:

Please comment there if you need help or have it working. Commenting on TamsPalm is a free of charge, no hassles, no registration and no captcha process. if that isnt a long list of buzzwords, what is;).
Best regards
Tam Hanna

Find out more about the Palm OS in my blog:

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