Medtronic Prescribes Treos to Employees

Medtronic, a Fortune 500 medical technology company, has announced that is has standardized its mobile sales force on Palm Treo smartphones. Employees are using more than 2,000 Treo smartphones as a wireless reference, communication and selling tool to increase sales force productivity and to improve inventory management.

The company is currently using seven applications, including two custom applications. Employees use Palm Treo smartphones as a wireless reference, a communication and selling tool to increase sales force productivity and to improve inventory management. As a result, Medtronic reduced sales services expenses despite increasing the sales team by more than several hundred people, and reduced sales services call volume.

"Wireless access has and will continue to improve our field sales force productivity. Our representatives can respond quickly to customer inquiries and do their jobs faster and better," said Jim Adams, program manager, cardiac rhythm disease-management sales technology applications for Medtronic. "Now, I can run monthly reports based on the number of sales representatives who wirelessly connect, sync, make transactions and more. New monitoring and reporting capabilities all boil down to savings."

Medtronic's SalesWire application lets sales representatives make wireless queries, view purchase orders and check assigned schedules. The sales force uses an additional three business-critical applications -- including DataViz Documents To Go for viewing and editing documents; GoodLink from Good Technology for email and calendaring; and the Pacing Encyclopedia, which provides specs for implantable pacing devices, including those of Medtronic's competitors -- turning Treo smartphones into valuable reference tools.

"We didn't even look at other devices because when these applications were originally deployed several years ago, we knew other devices couldn't support these kinds of applications," said Adams. "We also chose the Treo because the Palm OS platform is simply easier to use for our sales force."

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