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Palm announced today a definitive agreement to purchase, a leader in dynamic, Internet-based calendar solutions. This acquisition - Palm's first as an independent company - will deliver wireless up-to-the-minute personal services. "Combining AnyDay's leading Internet-based calendar with Palm's handheld solutions creates a solid cornerstone for our vision of putting the power of the Internet and wireless access into the hands of Palm(TM) handheld users," said Carl Yankowski, Palm CEO. More on this at

"Imagine having an active, dynamic calendar comprised of specific content you choose," said Barry Cottle, chief operating officer, Palm's Content and Access Business Unit, to whom Watts and AnyDay employees will report. "Think how much more productive you will be when your calendar automatically populates itself with the right information, makes arrangements on your behalf and keeps you posted when changes occur."

Cottle painted these pictures:

  • You already can choose your flights from a Palm handheld, but imagine that this information is automatically incorporated into your calendar, that your handheld alerts you of flight delays, and that once you arrive, you automatically receive local and timely information of interest. You get directions to your hotel, tips on the best restaurants, information on local entertainment and sporting events and easily make reservations for them all at the tap of a stylus.
  • Or perhaps you're a fan of Limp Bizkit, the Dave Mathews Band or Carlos Santana. Because you've signed up for notifications, your Palm handheld tells you that your favorite musicians are about to release a new CD and that you can receive it before it goes on sale at retail. Or, you see that a new tour schedule has just been released, and you can secure and pay for premium seats.
  • Suppose you're a member of a soccer dads and moms' carpool. If one driver finds he or she can't drive as scheduled, a quick poll of other drivers -- via their dynamic calendars -- can be taken and new assignments made without ever making a phone call. The same efficiency can be applied to busy executives; a dynamic calendar can identify potential matches for a meeting among a half-dozen attendees.

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p. honstein @ 5/31/2000 11:20:07 AM #

This could be big!

Eddie Willers @ 5/31/2000 9:51:31 PM #
This is a much better way to keep track of group schedules than say, WeSync, because it is able to use Palm's existing Datebook, Adress, and To Do list, which saves valuable memory. Only complaint is that my 7 year old son, who is computer-savy, cannot take part because of some ridiculous regulation. That said, I am looking forward to further improvements & enhancements now that Palm has this company under it's tent.


A. Nonymous @ 6/4/2000 11:11:00 AM #
What about security? I have all my passwds, credit card numbers and pin's stored in my palm. Am I supposed to "up-sync" all this info to I don't think so...


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