Orange France Gets the Treo 680

Palm and Orange France Business Services have announced the Palm Treo 680 smartphone, running on the Palm OS platform. The Treo 680 smartphone is ideal for the professional consumer who wants a more advanced phone experience on a single device, including access to email, web browsing, messaging and a range of features that are easy to use.

Treo 680"Orange Business Services France is pleased to introduce the new generation of Palm OS Treo smartphone in its portfolio," said Jean-Marie Culpin, vice president, Orange France Business Services. "The Treo 680 messaging solution is targeted toward any business that wants to empower its employees with a mobile connection to their Outlook email, calendar and contacts. We believe the Treo 680 smartphone, combined with the Orange Business Mail offering, is a compelling device to serve our customer needs and expand our current business customer base."

The Palm Treo 680 smartphone is easy to use because of the multiple innovations it encompasses, including the following:

-- Improved phone application, which allows users to dial and navigate the phone features more quickly;

-- Ability to ignore calls and send a quick text message, such as "In a meeting" or "Can't talk right now";

-- A full QWERTY keyboard with improved buttons, making it even easier to type emails or SMS text messages; and

-- A messaging application that displays text-messaging conversations as "threaded chats," meaning users can see their entire conversations with a particular person.

"Palm remains focused on introducing Treo smartphones that will be user-friendly and affordable for both business and consumers," said Roy Bedlow, vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Palm, Inc. "The Treo 680 announced today with Orange is a good proof point."

The Treo 680 is powered by Palm OS Garnet v5.4.9. It runs a 312 MHz Intel processor and has 64MB of user available storage memory and 64MB of SDRAM. The screen is a 320 x 320 pixel color touch-screen display. The 680 features a full size SD slot for memory expansion. It has a slimmer 1200 mAh rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours talk time. Bluetooth v1.2 wireless and IR are included as well as a VGA digital camera.

More info on the Treo 680 is available at

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Announce != launch != available

SeldomVisitor @ 12/18/2006 12:57:43 PM # Q
At least, PALM-historically speaking...


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and Orange UK....

grimpeur @ 12/18/2006 2:03:35 PM # Q
I'm due an upgrade on my Orange contract...

Come on Orange UK, show me the Treo!

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Why have they all gone for graphite?

freakout @ 12/18/2006 4:37:17 PM # Q
I mean, if there was ever a carrier was born to carry the orange 680...

The graphite looks nice, but it's still pretty "meh". Any of the other colours is an improvement, really. But especially the red. :D

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pascanu @ 12/19/2006 5:17:40 AM # Q
Any info about the price?

Handspring Visor -> m505 -> Zire71 -> Zire72 -> Treo650
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