Interview with Palm's Tara Griffin

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine has posted the transcript of an interview with Tara Griffin, Palm's Vice President of Enterprise Markets. The focus of the interview is on Palm's diffferentiating strategy for its Windows Mobile-based Treos going forward and also how the fiercely loyal Palm OS user base responded to the transition.

Unsurprisingly, delicate questions such as the possibility of Palm releasing a non-touchscreen-equipped WM Smartphpone Edtion Treo and Windows Mobile being Palm's OS of choice moving forward are sidestepped. Nevertheless, the interview is worth reading for no reason other than Palm is still (officially) not knocking OS Garnet and being diplomatic when discussing the strengths of both of their OSes. Also, it's refreshing to see Ed Colligan's mantra of "delight the customer" still in use and being spread to all levels of Palm corporate HQ.

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sremick @ 4/9/2007 12:06:29 PM # Q
What a pointless interview. It reads like a sales brochure. None of the questions were actually answered. Lots of pointed questions responded to with boilerplate marketing-speak... the driest, generic, insubstantial material blessed by the corporate PR dept.

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