Rubinstein and McNamee Take the Stage at D7

Rubinstein and McNameeJon Rubinstein and Roger McNamee are currently on the stage at the D7 conference going on this week in Carlsbad, CA. The D All Things Digital site is currently live-blogging the event and posting highlights from the interview. Engadget is also posting pics and live updates.

In addition, the site has posted a video clip featuring McNamee and Rubinstein in a faux-commercial series for the Palm Pre made for the event. The entertaining clip makes light of McNamee's bold claims on what the Pre can do. You can also check that out embedded after the break.

Thanks to Christine M. for the tip.

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So, yeah...

twrock @ 5/28/2009 5:25:30 PM # Q
I snickered. McNamee actually can act a little. That Rubinstein guy,... not so much. :-)

I like how they poke fun both at themselves and anyone who would have thought the over-the-top stuff in that interview months ago was supposed to be statement of fact.

Hey Palm! Where's my PDA with Wifi and phone capabilities?

RE: So, yeah...
LiveFaith @ 5/28/2009 9:21:51 PM # M Q
I watched that interview too. He sounded more like a lotions & potions marketer to me. I thought Apple would just go out of business after that rant. :-/
RE: So, yeah...
freakout @ 5/29/2009 12:34:12 AM # Q
"I want you at your best. I want you firm, I want you hard... wait, that's not right. That's a different job of mine."

at that point, I LOL'd. Whoever wrote this better be working on the ads too.

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