BugMe! Messenger 2.0 Makes It Easier to Send Notes, Photos

Electric Pocket will release BugMe! Messenger 2.0 today. This new version adds a conduit that will automatically send BugMe! messages upon synchronization with the users' desktop PCs with the PC's Internet connection. BugMe! notes can be sent to any email address, where they can be read without additional software. The BugMe! note appears as a small graphic in the message. The conduit also delivers incoming messages.

Another new features is support for Kodak's PalmPix digital camera. It already supported the eyemodule camera for the Visor. BugMe! Messenger's photo messages are screen-sized renderings of digital images with optional handwritten annotation. While ideal for informal sharing of images from a mobile device, for both business and leisure, there are circumstances when it is necessary to send a higher quality image from a remote location. BugMe! Messenger v. 2.0 lets wireless handheld users send 'full sized' jpeg photographs taken with a Kodak PalmPix or IDEO eyemodule camera directly from their handheld to any email address.

BugMe! Messenger is a note-taking, reminder, and messaging application for Palm Powered handhelds. It lets users take notes with their own handwriting by drawing directly on the screens of their Palm OS devices. Notes can also be made from annotated digital photographs. Any BugMe! note can be used as alarmed reminders or sent as email messages to colleagues.

It is available in two editions, Personal and Business. BugMe! Messenger, Personal Edition, sells for $30 per user. The Business Edition is $30, plus $5 per month, and includes free upgrades and priority support. Both editions come with a free BugMe.net email address.

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