TomeRaider 2.51 adds VFS Support and More

Proporta has released TomeRaider 2.51, a new version for this text viewer. The most important improvement is the memory card support, which has been close to absent until this version. Now TomeRaider Palm allows users to read the truly huge TomeRaider files which are too large for the Palm’s memory. Other new features have been added and it comes with a Windows client to create files in TomeRaider's format. It is available now for $20.

MemoWare has a great many free documents in TomeRaider format, including dictionaries, fiction, and more.

Another much requested feature which has been added is the Auto Scroll function. The speed of the Auto Scroll can be changed by tapping the top and bottom halves of the page while the graphical ‘speedometer’ indicates the current setting.

It comes with the latest version of TomeRaider for Windows. This has been largely re-written and includes a new interface and a ‘one step’ HotSync option to allow users to preview and HotSync their TomeRaider files. In addition, Palm OS users can now use the Windows version unrestrictedly to create, preview, and import TomeRaider files to their handheld.

TomeRaider is available for Windows, Palm OS, Pocket PC and Psion (EPOC/Symbian).

Thanks to Greg Gaub for the tip. -Ed

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TomeRaider 2.51

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 1:17:19 PM #
I tried 2.51 which includes VFS support, but it works really slow. It doesn´t work with PiDirect, so I installed 2.43 back with PiDirect and runs quite fast. I own a m505 with a 28MB MMC. Did anyone experienced that?

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
GKreamer @ 1/31/2002 2:04:21 PM #
Not to be picky Ed, but released today is TomeRaider 2.52, not 2.51... TomeRaider seems to be steadily improving.

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 4:28:11 PM #
You have to recompile the .tr files on your PC into .pdb files that are arranged in a way that is faster on the memory card. This is the new feature of 2.5x

This also seems to make the files about 5% larger than before. A minor nitpick, except that the same tomeraider files I had before no longer fit on my card. Gah.

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
volcanopele @ 1/31/2002 6:11:49 PM #
Thanks for the tip. Everything in /Palm/Programs/Tomeraider appears instantly now!

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 8:01:54 PM #
I always convert them from .tr to .pdb. They appear on its directory but it is painfully slow... I can access the files really fast with 2.42 and PiDirect though.

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
volcanopele @ 1/31/2002 9:08:56 PM #
It is really fast in the VFS directory with 2.5.2. It had been slow for me before but following Anonymous' tip, I reconverted them and now the index loads much faster. I continue to recommend though to those who have PiDirect to put large databases and often used databases in the PiDirect directory and less often used databases in the VFS directory.


RE: TomeRaider 2.51
Bartman007 @ 2/1/2002 2:30:03 PM #
He was referring to RE-coverting the .tr files to pdb's. I think a NEW converter comes with the new version, it creates the files slightly different but is susposed to make a huge differnce in speed when stored on memory cards.

RE: TomeRaider 2.51
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/15/2002 2:05:24 PM #
Is there a way to convert a file out of .tr format so you can edit it. Say to chop out the chapters you don't need, so that the thing will fit on your PDA.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 2:46:51 PM #
Does this include support for viewing HTML on the Palm? If not then what is a good, fast and easy program for doing so?

volcanopele @ 1/31/2002 2:58:50 PM #
Tomeraider is more for books with chapters or databases like a dictionary or a movie database. For what you want, I would try iSilo or Avantgo. iSilo is great for content that is updated maybe once a month or less and Avantgo is great for content that is updated once a day or once a week.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 3:41:14 PM #

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 8:03:35 PM #
Plus, iSilo allows you to convert html pages you already have on your HD. It also supports VFS and access from the card is really fast ! ;-)

Support for Memory stick?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 6:01:28 PM #
does this mean that it will work with the sony memory stick?? i hope so, but could someone tell me? thanks:)

RE: Support for Memory stick?
volcanopele @ 1/31/2002 6:28:48 PM #
Yes, it will work with memory stick. Just place the program itself in Ram (or equivalent on the card) and the databases on the card. I would recommend /Palm/Programs/Tomeraider. Then go into Tomeraider, tap on the menu, and click on preferences. Put /Palm/Programs/Tomeraider as your directory. Tomeraider will then scan that directory and display the contents of that directory.

RE: Support for Memory stick?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 6:54:34 PM #
How about a CF card?


RE: Support for Memory stick?
volcanopele @ 1/31/2002 9:08:33 PM #
As long as you have VFS support, the above will work.



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