palmOne Announces the Tungsten T5 Handheld

palmOne has officially announced the new Tungsten T5 handheld, which will be widely available in early November. The new T5 features 256MB of Flash memory, a 320x480 pixel display and Bluetooth wireless in a compact Tungsten E like form factor.

The palmOne Tungsten T5 handheld’s flash memory protects information even if the device loses its charge, and doubles as a portable flash memory drive. The T5 runs Palm OS Garnet v5.4 with a high-resolution 320x480 color screen, Bluetooth wireless technology, and a sleek and slim design, the Tungsten T5 rises above conventional handheld limitations, giving users the folders and files they need whenever and wherever they need them.

Flash Memory
Flash memory, a form of electronic memory, is used for easy and safe information storage. Its low power consumption and light weight make flash memory ideal for mobile devices. In addition, flash memory holds information without a charge or power, just like a memory card saves pictures when not connected to a digital camera. The flash memory in the Tungsten T5 handheld will maintain its data, even when the power is exhausted. Simply charge the handheld again and the data is there. The T5 RAM is configured with 215 MB that is user accessible, 160 MB is used as an internal Flash drive, while 55MB is used for program and data memory.

The Tungsten T5 also doubles as a flash drive, making data stored on the device easily accessible on the go. To access important information wherever it’s necessary, the user simply selects Drive Mode on the handheld and plugs the HotSync cable into another computer’s USB port. The user then can open, copy, move, rename, delete and manage files and folders while using the Tungsten T5 handheld as a removable drive.

Folders and Files
Users can drag and drop files and folders between the Tungsten T5 handheld and their desktop computers using palmOne’s new File Transfer application. Simple and easy to use, a live desktop window gives users instant access to data and information stored in the handheld’s internal drive. Users who have Palm Desktop installed at work and home can simply drag an important file to their internal drive, take their Tungsten T5 handheld home, plug it into their home computer’s USB port and access the file. While on the go and away from a desktop, users can view their Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents on palmOne’s highest-resolution color screen.

Strong support from DataViz Documents To Go 7.0 gives users the ability to create and edit Word and Excel compatible files and view and carry PowerPoint files with no desktop conversion required. Multimedia content, such as photos, music and videos, also can be stored in the Tungsten T5 handheld’s internal memory.

A new Favorites view provides easy access to the applications, files and folders most important to the user, while a new Files application allows for easy navigation among folders and files.

The Tungsten T5 is the first new model from palmOne to feature the Multi-connector, a new common connector for palmOne products. Going forward this will be the new standard palmOne connector. With the Multi-connector you can directly plug in the AC adapter, and tricke charge from the USB cable. It also allows for future capabilities such as audio/video out.

Documents, PowerPoint presentations, photos and even videos can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode on the Tungsten T5 handheld’s 320x480 pixel transflective TFT display that supports over 65,000 colors. The display can easily be rotated to either portait or landscape mode with a tap of the status bar.

The Tungsten T5 gunmetal colored outside body is plastic and has dimensions of 4.76 x 3.08 x .61 inches (120 x 78 x 15.5 mm) and weighs 5.1 ounces (145 grams). A robust Intel 416MHz XScale processor provides plenty of power, and the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology lets users sync with a laptop computer or connect to a Bluetooth compatible phone to browse the web and get email.

The T5 will support the palmOne SDIO WiFi Expansion card.

The T5 has a 1300 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery, an upgrade from the previous T3 capacity. The processor also features new power management features. The Flash RAM also allows for a greater keep alive time, as the handheld does not have to supply power to the RAM in order to preserve the memory content.

New Accessories
Being introduced with the Tungsten T5 handheld is a host of new accessories, all available from the palmOne online store, including the following:

  • Tungsten T5 Hard Case -- Based on the best-selling Tungsten E hard case, this case provides strong protection in a sleek, brushed aluminum design. $39.99
  • Tungsten T5 Leather Case -- This premium slim leather custom case features luxurious suede interior and storage for credit and/or business cards and expansion cards. $29.99
  • Tungsten T5 USB Cradle Base -- This new stylishly designed HotSync and charging cradle works with inbox cables and charger and includes an audio out for stereo or powered speakers. $29.99
  • Tungsten T5 Cradle Kit -- The complete cradle kit for home or office, this product includes a Tungsten T5 cradle, a desktop USB HotSync cable and AC charger. $49.99
  • Combo Stylus with Pen Multipack -- This combo pack includes three convenient-to-carry pen and stylus combinations. $14.99

“Today’s mobile professionals need greater access to their information, regardless of the data’s size,” said Ken Wirt, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for palmOne. “The Tungsten T5 handheld gives these highly mobile workers more storage capacity than any other handheld device. It also doubles as a flash drive, allowing people to carry their work from the office to home and back, without carrying a laptop.”

Price and Availability
palmOne’s Tungsten T5 handheld has an estimated U.S. street price of $399 and will be widely available on Nov. 3 from the palmOne online store and select retail stores worldwide. The company also announced a $50 price reduction of the Tungsten T3 handheld (review), now $349.

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Very Nice!

Mr T @ 10/3/2004 11:59:23 PM #
First post, Sweet!

I love the new battery (1300mah) , form factor proven from Tungsten E. This looks like a possible winner from palmone.

bigjarom @ 10/4/2004 12:12:38 AM #
I, for one, shant be purchasing one of these.
RE: Very Nice!
svrontis @ 10/4/2004 12:32:35 AM #
This looks like a fine unit. p1 will seem a ton of these. One caveat - not sure about those dimensions - 120 x 78 x 15.5 mm - a little too thick for my liking. Hopefully, p1 will bring out an E2 soon which is lighter and thinner (and without that BT radio, please).

I think mikecane said it best: 'Up yours, PPC'.

AyDb @ 10/4/2004 12:45:17 AM #
This would have been 'very nice' one year ago. Now, it's just behind the times. For $400, it lacks features like a removable battery and WiFi that you can get on the competition for $230.

RE: Very Nice!
LiveFaith @ 10/4/2004 1:05:04 AM #
"Hopefully" and PalmOne are oximorons.

Pat Horne;
RE: Very Nice!
svrontis @ 10/4/2004 1:09:13 AM #
LiveFaith, no offense intended, but I'd be a moron if I believed that.

The problem, off course, is that Dell will copy this unit within a few months. Perhaps they will realise that the best selling units are those with good functionality and a fantastic form factor (not the brick-like devises which seem to appeal to those which must have everything but the kitchen sink).

In the meantime, 'Up yours, PPC'. (mikecane, can we get bumper stickers for this quote?)

RE: Very Nice!
AyDb @ 10/4/2004 1:18:56 AM #
"The problem, off course, is that Dell will copy this unit within a few months."

Are you nuts? Dell has a line of Pocket PCs that are selling very well without needing to copy PalmOne's reheated leftovers. Dell offers a unit that is slimmer than the T5, with both flash AND RAM memory, plus Bluetooth, WiFi, removable battery, and 624 MHz processor for $260, $140 less than this TE2 wannabee. $220 less if you add in a nicely delicate WiFi card for the T5.

Focus here, people. Who do you think is taking PalmOne's market share? It's Dell and others like them. And the reason they're taking it is because they realise that people want both FEATURES and VALUE.

RE: Very Nice!
GearHead @ 10/4/2004 7:00:38 AM #
One must be a major sucker for PalmONE to buy this. My Tungsten T does the same stuff as this one. Why should I shell out $400 for this?

DELL Axim x30 624mHz with Wi-Fi + BT tops this device several times on Price and Technology. DELL doesn't need to copy Palm, they already have their own edge.

Seems like Palm is no longer the frontier of this market, only the follower. They must have a ton of those Wi-Fi SDIO cards in their stocks, that's why they made this one competible with that card, and forcing loyal suckers to buy this and the Wi-Fi card to add it to their ancient Palm Gadgets list.

NO THANX!!!!!!!!!

Palm III>Palm IIIx>PalmV>PalmVx>Palm m505>Palm M515>Tungsten T
Dell X30 624Mhz w/BT+Wi-Fi
Nokia 6600 w/BT

RE: Very Nice!
PilotMad @ 10/4/2004 7:48:24 AM #
Given that the T5 still uses OS5, I think palmone has really made a mistake.
What a missed opportunity. It should have been an incremental upgrade to the T3
and include all best features of the tungsten range to-date.

This would have been my choice:

Form factor/slider design of T3 (Best Tungsten form factor)
The superior build quality of the T1 (Best Tungsten Build quality)
Voice recorder, Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi
New features of the T5 (256MB,improved battery,OS 5.4, new connector ...)

Updated accessories would include (foremost) a new power-to-go.
Indispensable for power backup when using wi-fi etc.

This would have been an excellent finale to the tungsten series before os6 palm models.

Palm Nirvana or bust!

RE: Very Nice!
ssummer @ 10/4/2004 8:49:32 AM #
Very nice? Umm, NO.

I have been very content with my Clie N760 (yeah, old) until I dropped it 2 weeks ago and messed up half the screen. I got tempted by PPCs (especially the VGA ones here and coming soon) but decided to wait to see what was going to come from the Palm camp. Well this seems to be it. Thanks for all the years Palm (well really Sony). It was nice working with you. Bye.

RE: Very Nice!
spaskey @ 10/4/2004 11:57:10 AM #
No thanks.

I've been waiting for months for the firm details of the new palms. If this is the best they can do, I'm going to buy a Dell. Ciao, Palm One.

RE: Very Nice!
Rome @ 10/4/2004 12:34:11 PM #
I am reading this thread with some amusements. First, let me say that I too am somewhat disappointed with this new T5. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that his model is not targeted to user like me or perhaps most users who frequent Palminfocenter.

Assuming that T5 does have integrated wifi, voice recording, and Cobalt, would I buy it? The answer, to me at least, is no. Why not? Because I have my money set on the Treo 650 this Christmas. I don’t know what the market research numbers are, but I am guessing that P1’s internal research indicates that most early adopters will migrate to a converged device like Treo 650 rather than upgrading to T5. Sure we all want a PDA with all the bells and whistles, but, being a personal device, I want my PDA to be something that I enjoy using. And this time, Treo 650 is it.

A lot of you mentioned about how great the Dell PDAs are. Sure their hardware specs look great, but let’s not forget that a computing device consists of two major technial components – hardware and software. That’s why I have always preferred Palm OS to Microsoft Pocket PC and Apple Macintosh OS to Windows.

My biggest concern about T5 is actually the price. T5 is a fine machine but I don’t know if the market is willing to pay $399 for it. I guess only time will tell.

RE: Very Nice!
DeNiro @ 10/4/2004 1:27:01 PM #
Yes the Dell Axim X30 is a very nice device and offers alot of value for money, but there's something wrong with it, it's a PPC.

It crashes all the time and the PPC interface is just horrible!

There is another pro for Dell and that is the "1 year Next Business Day whole unit exchange" waranty. If it breaks they'll give you a new unit. With Palm you have to send it in.

I'm getting the feeling Palm was working on a nice device, but somewhere along the line they realized it wasn't going to be finished on time and they HAD to come out with something new, with the holiday season coming, so they slapped together some stuff put in some gizmos (battery flash memory) to make it look better and put it on the market.

I think Palm willc ome out with a OS6 device somewhere in the next few months.

RE: Very Nice!
InsGuy @ 10/4/2004 2:31:48 PM #
Wrong! The X30 does NOT crash all the time. I have one, and have used it for a few months, and have had to do exactly 2 soft resets (one was after installing a trial version of a Today Screen plug-in). Let's see, how many times did I have to do a soft reset with my T2, or my Z2 for that matter? WAY MORE THAN I CAN REMEMBER! I'm not here to try and convert people to PPC - far from it. It is however, people who keep putting out disinformation about PPC and trying to FORCE brand loyalty on people that allows P1 to go right on producing things like this 'legendary T5'. I can't believe someone at P1 actually thought this was a good idea!

All good things...
Impressive, but doesn't meet my requirements.
UZI4U182 @ 10/4/2004 3:28:33 PM #
I'm definitely impressed by this device, however I am still disappointed that there is no built-in WiFi! Come on Palm1, GET THE NET! LIVE IN THE NOW! Not a bad price either.

>>>The Flash RAM also allows fro a greater keep alive time...<<<

Oh, so not only can I store my files with Flash RAM, but also maintain my fro? =P Just messin with ya!
Main PDA: NX70v + WL100

RE: Very Nice!
AyDb @ 10/4/2004 4:27:36 PM #
InsGuy, well said. There's a huge amount of disinformation around here about Pocket PCs. People who have never even really used one insist that they crash all the time (they don't), that the interface is horrible (no, it's just different), that they're slow (the 624 MHz X30 feels faster that most Palms), and that nobody needs the things that Pocket PCs offer. There was a time here when everybody swore that nobody needed more than 16 MB RAM, that color screens were a luxury, and that Pocket PCs were just bags of useless features. Nowadays many of those features are standard on any device that wants to compete.

RE: Very Nice!
Texonite @ 10/4/2004 6:51:01 PM #
Touse things, you are saying about PPC are just foolish...

1. Try to open let's say, 5 programs, close it completely (no, not with this ****ty "close" button, but get inside the system with 5-6 taps and CLOSE all thouse programs. Good. REMEMBER amount of Executable memory, you now have. Make a SOFT RESET. Enjoy MORE FREE SPACE then there was.

I own FSC Pocket Loox 420 for a month. I can't stand it! Yes, it has good stand-on-from-battery time. But in all other ways it's horrible. No, i'm not rebooting it every hour. It's pretty stable, as long as i use only 6 3rd-party programs. But with 400MHz CPU *I must wait at least 2 secs. to get a connection dialog after tap!* (some times up to 6 sec).

2. Try to install a program WITHOUT A PC. It's almost impossible to get a free CAB file. You are intended to setup it First on your PC (which i hate to do - i have a lot of rubbish anyway), And only then, you would be able to Active Sync and finally get the program on your PPC. There is also an issue about installing Cabs inside PDA.

3. I simply CAN'T USE 5-way Navigator SO productive as i did it on my T3 (that one is now used by my mother, i hoped, i'll be able to get a Cobalt this Fall) I can't do 10% of this productivity! It's just not intended to it. Think what you want, but it's just for gaming, not more in PPCs.

4. There is a lot of small issues about interface and 3rd-party-UI-ideology. For example in PocketIRC i write with BlockRecognizer, but my hand is ABOVE THE INPUT FIELD. Of course i'm a son of glass-cutter and can see through it...

WinMobile is solicitously filled up with a GREAT amount of small disturbing and annoying problems, that i'm really CAN'T STAND IT.

No, really, a Human can get used to ANYTHING. But i like POS because of its simplicity and power - the ONLY problem *NOW* is that i can't browse 2 pages at the time (still Cobalt 6.1 is better than EVERY implimentation of WM...)

I don't know, how Dell gets their prices, but i would never even compare a PPC with Palm

Future Online!
Sorry for my bad english :(

RE: Very Nice!
dsm363 @ 10/4/2004 7:29:26 PM #
If this kind of memory doesn't use much power, why is the new Treo only going to have 32MB?

RE: Very Nice!
DeNiro @ 10/5/2004 6:01:43 AM #
@InsGuy: I've had sveeral PPC's in my hands. Asus A620BT, Dell X30 and several HO and Compaq ones.

They all did crash all the time. Somehow if one app crashs it would take the whole device with it, meaning a reset.

The PPC interface is just horrible, if you need todo superficial things then you can access them rightaway but if you need to access something in the config or a 3th party app then you are a long way from home.

ActiveSync is just horrible and very limited in what it can do. There are no real free usefull addons for activesync. Hotsync is much better and does have a whole range of free conduits.

No thanks that is one ally I wont go down again. I'd rather stick to my old and trusty Palm.

RE: Very Nice!
NewtonDKC @ 10/5/2004 8:19:37 AM #
DeNiro, if those units crashed all the time then you must have had some 3rd party add on that is poorly written installed on those (I am not in anyway doubting what you say, just pointing out in my experience - and supporting over 250 Pocket PCs for our wireless network at work, that if that was the norm nobody would use them. You either had some defective units or - judging from your post, sounds like maybe you like to play with freeware and whatnot, and thus maybe installed something less than stable).
I have had mutliple models of PPC and Palm and I can honestly say that Pocket PC's from the past 3-4 years DO NOT crash anymore frequently that a Palm. And usually anytime it does, it's related to a 3rd party app or utility modifying the system in someway. As far as ActiveSync vs HotSync - I personally find ActiveSync to be much better. It syncs constantly why the unit is plugged in, so any new email, appointments, etc automatically go over and on my PPC so I can grab it and run to a meeting and be assured I have everything current. Also, we use Outlook at work, and the Palm users have *far more* problems with duplicate meetings, etc showing up after hotsynching, which almost never happens witht he Pocket PC (I know the PPC has the advantage here being all MS - just reporting our environment).
With the Palm, I have to remember to synch it - and sometimes I don't have time to sync if a call comes in for something urgent.
And no, I am not trying to sway people to the dark side - only defending a platform that gets some pretty unfair reports now and then.

RE: Very Nice!
Tapi @ 10/5/2004 10:51:40 AM #
"The Tungsten T5 gunmetal colored outside body is plastic"

Thanks a lot PalmOne, but no thank you!!
I'll wait ...---... T|T6 ...---...

RE: Very Nice!
InsGuy @ 10/5/2004 10:57:47 AM #
Well said Newton.
If someone is having that much of a problem using PPC, then they really do need to stick with a simpler device. In the end, it's really all just a matter of preference. A Palm unit is an organizer, and a PPC device is a small computer. The more features it has, the more complicated it becomes. The 'EASIER' it is to use, the less features it has. PPC will more than likely always have to be used in conjunction with a PC, that's because it's a.... small computer. I believe that with OS 6, or Cobalt as it's called, comes out, and the more features it has, users will have to go through more steps to do the same thing they're doing on their current OS5 devices now. I have an X30, but I still like my Z2 the best. Like I said earlier, I'm not trying to convert anyone to PPC, but constantly making harsh remarks about PPC just to cover up palm OS limitations is not the way to go. Instead, people need to be more vocal to PALM, and let them know units like the T5 are not what we're wanting.

All good things...
RE: Very Nice!
A9700rO @ 10/5/2004 11:59:48 AM #
I agree. It's not fair that people keep on making harsh remarks on Pocket PCs, because PalmOne, as he just said, goes and hides behind, after all the people covering up Palm OS's limitations, they come out with a c-r-a-p-p-y device like the T5. I'm not taking Pocket PCs side or anything.. but the T5 really dissapointed alot of customers. Even though the paint peels off the Zire 72, it's the best deal out there in my oppinion atleast.

Clie-SJ22>>Tungsten | E >>> Clie-NX60>>Zire 72
RE: Very Nice!
JonathanChoo @ 10/6/2004 12:49:32 PM #
I reset my T3 once a day, I reset my h4150 once a day also.

So both equally as bad. PPCs are improving in their stability although I would never believe anyone who says their PPC never crash in weeks or months. Hell when I first got my first PPC (toshiba e310) it crashes even when there was NO third party application installed. Its just me using the PIM (alots).

Also the days of palms never crashing is over. But I like my Crash hack. Atleast I do not have to reach for the reset hole.

RE: Very Nice!
plm922 @ 10/6/2004 2:48:26 PM #
I've been using Palm OS for about 5 years now, I started with a Handspring and when I dropped it and broke the screen I bought a Clie T615 (which I like a lot but is pretty outdated) and have bought for my wife a Handspring Edge (she hardly uses it) I've been saving and waiting for the right device..wi-fi is a big one for me. Camera would be nice, but really voice recorder should be a given! I'm really conflicted about this one. I was ready to shell out the cash judging from the rumors...but I don't know any more. I've been giving the Dell X30 a second look...but still can't bring myself to buy that either. I feel like Palm screwed me! I'll give it to the end of the year and see if the other rumored device is any better. I'll bet they'll want a wad of cash and my left n*t for one.

reformed lurker
RE: Very Nice!
InsGuy @ 10/6/2004 4:15:40 PM #
@plm992: What other rumored device? I generally try to keep up on the boards, but I must've missed this. Any news would be great!

All good things...
RE: Very Nice!
blue9 @ 10/7/2004 11:05:16 AM #
InsGuy, this is not Enough with this ppc vs palm crap. We all know the pros and cons already.

No thanks

treo007 @ 10/4/2004 12:04:16 AM #
First off, I think Palm takes way too much crap from both their own users and the pundits as a whole.

That having been said, I find it pretty hard to get excited about this one....

RE: No thanks
Captain Hair @ 10/4/2004 12:07:19 AM #

"People who think they're smart annoy those of us who are."
RE: No thanks
phoneboy @ 10/4/2004 1:45:39 AM #
I'm definately unimpressed. This makes me glad that I have my Clie UX-50. It's still the most innovaitve PDA out there. (I'm TYPING on it now.) I don't see anything on the horizon that will replace my 11 month old Clie which has BT, wi-fi, camera, voice recorder, great multimedia, and a keyboard to boot.

My point is, even though there are a lot of reasons to hate Sony, and many Palmers hate Clies, their exit from the US market was unfortunate for us all. They seem to have taken with them innovation, and the drive to make large improvements on each new model. Sony pioneered for Palm: multimdeia (MP3 & video), hi-res and hi-res+ displays, cameras, and I've been able to mount my internal and external memory cards as drives on a computer for years. It's why I've never needed a thumb drive. Pa1m is just coming up with that now?

Come back Sony! Clie fans and Pa1mOne fans alike would benefit from a competitive Palm economy.

RE: No thanks
mtc111 @ 10/4/2004 7:43:28 AM #
First time since the '90s that I'm not upgrading.

RE: No thanks
bestoverall @ 10/4/2004 8:55:38 AM #
I'll pass this one too. No voice recorder and lack of USB are total let down. There is only a few very marginal improvements which are all immaterial. Going to PPC is not an option for me. Palm sure could do much better, but they seem to have drop the ball this time.

RE: No thanks
tooele @ 10/4/2004 12:26:34 PM #
I think I'll be keeping my T3. The T5 has some nice features like the better battery and new OS. But a 16Mhz improvement on the processor isn't worth it and the lack of a voice recorder is kind of dumb not to add especially for the top of the line tungsten. I also personally like the slider. As for the memory it's nice but I have a 512MB SD card so I have all the memory I need. Palm could and should have done much better.

RE: No thanks
A9700rO @ 10/4/2004 1:04:00 PM #
Pfft, I'd rather get a Pocket PC. Not even Palm OS cobalt, nor have belt-in Wi-Fi. You gotta be PalmOne's lap dog to go and buy this one, PalmOne is sinking, I'm gonna go over to the dark side(Pocket Pc) untill I see Palm OS cobalt, belt in Wi-Fi. Untill then, adios PalmOne, just lost another customer who was almost royal. I'll cling on to my Zire 72 till something better comes along.

Clie-SJ22>>Tungsten | E >>> Clie-NX60>>Zire 73
RE: No thanks
Wolfgard @ 10/4/2004 1:51:48 PM #
Big disappointment if you ask me. Thank god I went and bought the Zire 72 when it came out, which I then sold (today) and got a 2nd hand Clie TH55 (which I'm in love with right now).

No Cobalt? Possibly noisy screen (which was why I sold my Zire), poor battery life, QC problems, well.... I'll stay with my current pda for the moment. The next time I upgrade, it'll be a Treo. No more vanilla PDAs from PalmOne for me!

pen & paper -> m515 -> Zire72

RE: No thanks
jackl @ 10/4/2004 2:43:22 PM #
Agreed. Bad day for PalmOne. I'll be holding on to my T3 for at least another year to see whether PalmOne comes up with something appropriate (POS 6.0, better formfactor and looks, built in WiFi and BT), etc.

I also am not interested in buying three new cradles and cords, giving up or trying to replace my old "universal connector" gear (modem, two "power to go" batteries).

I guess a year from now it will be either going to a newOS6 Tungsten or any similar "premium" device that indicates PalmOne is still serious about the innovative handhelds category or going over to the dark side.

But for now, my T3 (yes I like the slider and collapsable smaller form factor better than lackluster plain "tablet in your pocket" PPC-Dell type design) with Wi-fi card (amazing, BTW!) and two power to go batteries seems a hell of a lot more functional than the ugly piece of crap that was released today.

J (Palm Pilot III -> Vx -> M505 -> M515 -> T1 -> T3)

RE: No thanks
Take1 @ 10/4/2004 7:39:01 PM #
I wonder if this unit will have the same super scratch inherent surface of the T|E? Either way my assessment of this devise is like the majority of the thread, this is NOT what we've been waiting for. Using the uber cheap T|E plastic case and no wi-fi is daft. They should have used the original T series pads and buttons in a T|3 form factor without slider.

Thank goodness I decided to buy the TH55 before they went extinct becuase I'd be kicking myself if I hadn't after seeing the specs on the T|5!

Now I'm keeping an eye on Dell.. Wonder what they've got up their sleeve?

RE: No thanks
GearHead @ 10/5/2004 11:01:28 AM #
Definitely. This could compete with bottom line Dell X30 or older Zire 71 at $199 price range. Why should people buy this while they can get a Tungsten T1, T2, even T3 for much less. Palm lost me and hundreds if not thousand others like me to PPC. If this is their new midrange, well what is their new flagship model? Tungsten T10???

Anyways, price sucks for starters, unit sucks for rest of us. After all these years being loyal customers this is what we get?

A Tungsten E knockoff, they must be out of their minds to put this in their product line, thinking we'll fall for it!!!

Oh well! Thank got I purchased my Dell X30 with all the bells and whistles (624mHZ, BT, Wi-Fi etc.) under $300.

I suggest all of you to go check Axim X30 and find a coupon code over the internet to get even better price, and enjoy the surfing and doing countless other things from your PDA. Don’t worry with all those rumors about PPCs, crashes; you can't open/close multiple programs. Total BS don’t believe it!

Good luck all of you!


Palm III>Palm IIIx>PalmV>PalmVx>Palm m505>Palm M515>Tungsten T
Dell X30 624Mhz w/BT+Wi-Fi
Nokia 6600 w/BT

RE: No thanks
Wolfgard @ 10/5/2004 2:06:46 PM #
Sounds like PalmOne couldn't get their Cobalt device out quick enough to beat HP so they took their T|E2 and renamed it T|5. They'll release the Cobalt Tungsten as the T|6 then, or whatever name they'll call it.

pen & paper -> m515 -> Zire72

I knew it!!!

Hustleman @ 10/4/2004 12:07:07 AM #
I knew Ryan was holding on to this info. But he couldn't release it til midnite. LOL!!

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