HotSync for Classic Demo'd on Video

hotsync classic demo Ah, there's nothing quite like that warm, fuzzy, anachronistic feeling of watching old tech work its magic on new silicon. Such is the case with Classic, the official PalmOS emulator for webOS, and of which MotionApps has posted a new video today featuring good ol' HotSync in action on the Palm Pre.

Owing to Classic's no-USB-no-Bluetooth limitations, it's network HotSync only here. But hey, if you're still relying on a Palm OS app that itself relies on HotSync then it's manna from heaven. The feature is coming in the next version of Classic. Now what we really want to see next is a video of the MAME emulator running under Classic running under the webOS emulator running under Wine under Linux under Windows under OS X. Mmmmm, technology eating itself. (Video of Classic HotSync after the break.)

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very cool

martymankins @ 9/2/2009 9:52:53 AM # Q
This is very cool to see.

I'm assuming this will also sync to programs like The Missing Sync on the Mac.

I may consider a Pre in the future, but currently not wanting to change my Sprint plan.

RE: very cool
Tuckermaclain @ 9/2/2009 4:51:58 PM # Q
Two thumbs up! The Pre is looking better.
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DarthRepublican @ 9/2/2009 11:26:42 AM # Q
I have been having having trouble getting Echo to work with my Pre and Echo only syncs contacts and calendars. So getting the ability to hotsync Classic would be a huge win for me.
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RE: Excellent
vetdoctor @ 9/3/2009 6:14:41 PM # M Q
being able to update db6 has been my #1 hangup, #2 is being able to cut n paste for real. Even the stupid one on my Treo would do.
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Much better than styletap

neuron @ 9/4/2009 11:10:48 AM # Q
Got to admit this is much better than styletap.
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Good article!

jimwg @ 9/6/2009 12:58:07 PM # Q
Very informative article! I look forward to signing on Palminfocent more often!


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Finally =)

VastheGreek @ 9/8/2009 3:56:10 AM # Q
I will be able to HotSync most of my apps from my TX to the Pre !!! =)
So looking forward to the Pre getting released in the UK...
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