Treo Pro Manufactured by HTC

Treo Pro HTC ODMWhile its no secret that Palm ODM's its entire line of Windows Mobile phones, which firm it works with to produce and manufacture specific devices isn't always immediately clear. In the case of the new Treo Pro, Digitimes has taken it upon themselves to confirm that HTC is indeed the ODM behind the new model.

Taiwan-based High Tech Computer (HTC) has worked with Palm a number of times in the past and produced the Treo 650 and 700 series devices. A separate report from earlier this year confirmed that Palm has again decided to work with the leading Windows Mobile firm to produce future devices.

Reportedly, after the cessation of the Treo 700 series, Palm decided to move away from the company as HTC began to build out their own brand and market more directly to consumers.

HTC is currently has the largest market-share of Windows Mobile devices and produces many models that are commonly sold under different brands such as the AT&T Tilt, the Touch Diamond and the Sprint Mogul (PPC-6800). Digitimes report cites HTC's experience manufacturing Windows Mobile-based smartphones as the main reason Palm selected the company to manufacture the smartphone again, even thought they are competitors.

Palm also uses or has recently launched devices with other ODM firms including Inventec, Asus and a recently published report just cited a new large contract with Compal.

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