Angelina Jolie Already Owns the Palm Pre

Angelina Jolie TattosPalm's upward trek on the celebrity evolution ladder began with C-list celebs endorsing the Centro in 2007 and 2008 before migrating to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Howard Stern shows earlier this year. Now, as the Pre's release date draws near, it appears that Palm has ascended to A-list status with Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie offering up one of the first actual hands-on initial impressions of the forthcoming Pre.

Courtesy of LA Gossip Examiner contributor "Daryl D", Jolie has offered up a mini-review directly from the set of her upcoming film "Salt" with her initial thoughts of the device. While it is unknown if the Pre in question was supplied by Palm or Sprint, the device must be very close to retail-ready form if it is being used by celebrities and discussed openly with production assistants.

An anonymous P.A. from the set reporting in the Examiner article says that Jolie:

"…went on about it for about two minutes. She likes the software better than the iPhone, she likes the thumboard for texting (although the keys aren't big enough), and thinks the screen is beautiful but can be too easily scratched".

Also of note is the LA Gossip Examiner's report contains a Pre demonstration photo taken from PalmInfocenter's CES coverage in January without providing a link or acknowledgement of the image's source. No actual photos of the actress using the device are posted.

(Thanks, PreCentral). Image c/o Bitten and Bound.

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DUHH !!?!

Tuckermaclain @ 4/20/2009 5:34:00 PM # Q
Angelina Jolie giving her opinion on the Pre? I forgot--Stephen Hawking is ill. I'm very impressed with her erudite musings. I'm almost sold but I'd like to hear what Tom Cruise thinks. Will fall off his belt when he's firing guns at bad guys while flipping upside down @ 80 mph on a motorcycle? That's what we all need to know. I hope I'm not being too glib because Tom and Angelina are just who I would ask advice from.
RE: DUHH !!?!
twrock @ 4/20/2009 5:41:44 PM # Q
YESSSSSSS! Finally, the endorsement I was looking for. I'm getting in line day one this thing is available, camping out overnight if I have to.

Hey Palm! Where's my PDA with Wifi and phone capabilities?
RE: DUHH !!?!
jca666us @ 4/20/2009 7:23:24 PM # Q
Maybe if she does a commercial for the Pre - making out with another chick - I'll buy a Pre.


RE: DUHH !!?!
SeldomVisitor @ 4/21/2009 3:46:52 AM # Q
Do you prefer Howard Stern!?

RE: DUHH !!?!
freakout @ 4/22/2009 2:16:52 AM # Q
Personally, Tucker, I don't purchase anything that Brad Pitt hasn't. Although this has been somewhat disastrous for my personal finances and criminal record (as Brad is a millionaire and rarely buys anything that will ever even be remotely within my price range), I feel I can trust him. After all, he's been in movies. They don't let just anyone do that, you know.
She might be smart?!??
yellowsnow @ 4/22/2009 10:07:49 AM # Q
I'm a male and I have not understood the hype about Ms. Jolie, ever. BUT... she nailed it with her concerns about the Pre. I'm concerned about that beautiful unprotected screen too. And the keyboard, will it work as well as my 755p?

Now if Ms. Jolie would have also mentioned the lack of an expansion card slot I would have seriously had to reconsider my opinion of her!

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This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true

SeldomVisitor @ 4/21/2009 11:52:16 AM # Q
RE: This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true
Ryan @ 4/21/2009 12:05:58 PM # Q
I somehow doubt that Palm will be going out of its way to quash this one. The piece did have this, 'I know this guy who's friend said' feel to it.
RE: This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true
SeldomVisitor @ 4/21/2009 12:40:51 PM # Q
> I somehow doubt that Palm will be going out of its way to quash this one...

Uh...from that gizmodo link I gave up in the first post of this thread:

== "...Update: A Palm spokesperson is telling us that this may be false,
== and they didn't give a Pre to Angelina. Interesting."

RE: This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true
Ryan @ 4/21/2009 2:15:22 PM # M Q
true, but this story got dup'd all over the place. Haven't heard a thing here.
RE: This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true
SeldomVisitor @ 4/21/2009 2:27:59 PM # Q
> ...this story got dup'd all over the place...

As did the "AT&T has a 5 year exclusive with iPhone" story.

Indeed, the Subject pointedly uses the term "Me-Too Media" to note that this story, too, got duped all over the place.

That IS a major problem with "instant communications" - very few bother to check facts before "publishing", instead a story is completely "duped" and placed online with some small aside mentioning it came from somewhere else (so if totally wrong it's that OTHER site's fault).

And it's not just the Gizmodos of the world that do this - it's the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, and more.

And, of course, the USA Todays...

RE: This Me-Too-Media-gushed story may not be true
vetdoctor @ 4/22/2009 10:24:22 AM # M Q
IF I were Sprint or Palm and gave a new to the pubic phone to a starlet I would first insure that every comment out of her mouth was, "this is the most woderful device in the world" . What a waste to give it to AJ or Howard and have them make ANY negative comments.
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