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1 6/27/2011 Legacy WebOS Devices Missing Out On Angry Birds Updates
Angry Birds continues to be an unstoppable force in the mobile gaming world, with major updates to both Angry Birds Seasons and Rio in the month of June for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately,…
2 12/21/2010 Angry Birds Seasons Now Available for WebOS
Angry Birds fans on WebOS have reason to rejoice this month, as Angry Birds Seasons has finally hit the Palm App Catalog. While it's not a free, ad-supported release like its Android counterpart,…
3 12/3/2010 Angry Birds Seasons Coming Soon for WebOS
Angry Birds Seasons, already available for iOS and Android devices, is coming soon for WebOS gamers everywhere. Developer Rovio just tweeted "almost there" alongside an Twitpic image of the…
4 11/12/2010 Angry Birds Update Coming Soon for WebOS
Angry Birds may quite possibly be the most addicting mobile game since the original Bejeweled. Fortunately, WebOS users who are hungry for more Angry Birds goodness won't have to wait much longer,…
5 4/13/2010 Gameloft Releases N.O.V.A. for webOS
Gameloft has released its popular N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance for webOS. Palm Pre users can now download and play one of the primer first person shooter style games for mobile…
6 2/2/2010 NesEm NES Emulator Released for webOS
A day after posting about a gameboy emulator, today brings word of a new Nintendo NES emulator for webOS. Kalemsoft, has ported over its NesEm emulator, first developed for Palm OS. NesEm is…
7 2/1/2010 Gameboy Emulation Comes to webOS
A webOS developer by the name of Will Doetz has released one of the first classic console emulators for webOS. Will's new VisualBoyAdvance brings Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy…
8 1/7/2010 Palm Introduces 3D Games for webOS
Palm, Inc. today introduced several graphics-intensive 3D game titles for webOS, from leading game developers EA Mobile; Gameloft; Glu Mobile; and Laminar Research. Demonstrated at Palm's CES event,…
9 9/28/2009 Keen Studios Has Fancy Plans, Pants To Match
Anyone for Checkers? (That's a rhetorical question, by the by: the answer is "almost 88,000 of you", going by download counts.) The developers behind the webOS version of the classic board game, Keen…
10 9/16/2009 Sudopix Game Released
In-Fusio has released a new game for Palm OS Garnet and Windows Mobile devices. Sudopix is a new picture based puzzle game. It takes a grid like format combined with elements of sudoku to great a…
11 8/17/2009 Two New Games Added to the App Catalog  
12 7/1/2009 PlayStation, MAME Emulators Debut on Hacked Pre's  
13 6/12/2009 Doom Hacked Onto the Pre  
14 4/23/2009 Snake Deluxe 2 Released for Palm OS  
15 3/20/2009 Astraware Sudoku Updated  
16 3/10/2009 New Palm OS Entertainment Titles from Handmark and Capcom  
17 3/3/2009 Sailing Simulator Released for Palm OS  
18 2/9/2009 Astraware Releases Bubble Shuffle Word Game  
19 1/19/2009 Par 3 Golf II Released  
20 11/19/2008 Bubble Pop 2.0 Released  
21 11/18/2008 My Little Tank Game Updated  
22 11/12/2008 Astraware Releases Bookworm v2.0  
23 11/4/2008 Zeus Quest Game Released  
24 10/8/2008 Resco Brain Games for Windows Mobile  
25 10/6/2008 Billiards for Palm OS v5.0 Released  
26 9/30/2008 BlackJack Deluxe Updated  
27 9/25/2008 VideoPoker Deluxe Updated  
28 9/10/2008 Handmark Releases Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune Games  
29 9/8/2008 Brixster Game Released for Palm OS  
30 9/2/2008 Golden Tee Golf Comes to Mobile Devices  
31 8/6/2008 Astraware Releases Insaniquarium Deluxe Game  
32 7/30/2008 Astraware Updates Bejeweled  
33 7/28/2008 Update on the Little John Palm Emulator  
34 7/8/2008 Astraware Giving Away Big Box of Blox Game  
35 6/24/2008 Twin Spin 2 Game Released  
36 6/11/2008 Astraware Releases New Bubble Babble Game  
37 6/4/2008 Golden Skull Update Released  
38 5/30/2008 Bike or Die 2 Released  
39 5/28/2008 GTS World Racing Game Released  
40 5/12/2008 Hexxagon Labs Game Released  

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