NesEm NES Emulator Released for webOS

NesEm webos NES emulator Palm Pre Pixi A day after posting about a gameboy emulator, today brings word of a new Nintendo NES emulator for webOS. Kalemsoft, has ported over its NesEm emulator, first developed for Palm OS.

NesEm is said to currently run over 300 original NES games. It supports four channel sound, game saving, automatic speed adjustment, key config control and anti-aliased image smoothing.

NesEm is currently available in demo form via PreWare or the developers site. It is closed source and costs $9.99 for a license. The demo is restricted to roms under 40k and has a time limit.

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Typo in story

skeezix @ 2/2/2010 10:23:51 AM # Q
That would be "ROMs" and not "rooms" :)

Good for Kalemsoft, but strikes me with a price 'that high' (in current app store terms) they might not be alone for long; good on them for bringing a written from the ground-up emu over from Garnet :)

The Shadow knows!

RE: Typo in story
Ryan @ 2/2/2010 2:41:04 PM # Q
Thanks J, Snow Leopard's auto-correct keeps messing with me ;)
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