Angry Birds Seasons Now Available for WebOS

Angry Birds WebOS Angry Birds fans on WebOS have reason to rejoice this month, as Angry Birds Seasons has finally hit the Palm App Catalog. While it's not a free, ad-supported release like its Android counterpart, Angry Birds Seasons rings in at only for $1.99 for WebOS users. It has the challenging 45 Halloween-themed levels from October that initially went to iOS users as well as a selection of 25 holiday and winter-themed levels that unlock throughout the month of December.

Also, the original version of Angry Birds for WebOS has been updated to version 1.4.2 and has received a slew of additional performance improvements and bug fixes along with an assortment of new levels of pig-squashing fun. As always, separate apps of both versions of Angry Birds are available for the differing resolutions of the Pixi/Pixi Plus and the Pre/Pre Plus/Pre 2.

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