Legacy WebOS Devices Missing Out On Angry Birds Updates

Angry Birds WebOS Angry Birds continues to be an unstoppable force in the mobile gaming world, with major updates to both Angry Birds Seasons and Rio in the month of June for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, WebOS users have been left out in the cold for the last two major updates for the title. WebOSRoundup recently contacted Angry Birds developer Rovio regarding the absent updates and Rovio has responded that the "Palm devices" have "severe firmware issues which prevent latest versions of Angry Birds running properly. Unfortunately Palm has decided not to support them with firmware updates anymore."

Sami from Rovio then goes on to explain that the Pre and Pre Plus may be compatible with future updates to the title but nothing is guaranteed. Unfortunately, the statement from Rovio also claims that the Pixi line will not see any updates going forward. It is unknown whether the shared 320x400 resolution between the Pixi, Pixi Plus and new Veer 4G will also prevent the newest WebOS device from gaining any traction in the WebOS gaming world.

However, Rovio did confirm through Twitter and email that the new generation of WebOS devices will be able to run the latest versions of their various titles. A June 13th Tweet from Rovio indicated that they have had to do more work than expected to support the new WebOS devices but the updated version of Angry Birds Seasons (with the Carnival levels) has been submitted to HP for App Store approval.

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b0rker @ 6/27/2011 2:49:00 PM # Q
how can it not support it? It's already running on the hardware.. this makes no sense
RE: um..
hkklife @ 6/27/2011 4:04:14 PM # M Q
Oh, OF COURSE the updates would function if they wanted them to! Whatever the real reason, it's purely one of $ and not about technical limitations or firmware issues. This is just thinly(and poorly)-veiled corporate-speak for one of the following:

1. Rovio sees WebOS as a dead platform walking and are using this as an excuse to slowly withdraw from the market.

2.Apple & Google are using this opportunity to "lean" on companies to not support the smaller players in the app market world (BB, WebOS, WP7).

3. HP is transitioning to the Enyo framework and "new" devices. Thus, they are kindly asking companies to hurry up and jettison support for everything older than the Pre 2 (but honestly, I would consider every non-TouchPad WebOS device to have a murky future) for any number of reasons.

4. Rovio basivally wants to support WrbOS but it cannot be done in a cost-efficient manner. There is so much fragmentation in the EebOS ecosystem (thanks, Pixi & Veer!) and so little ROI that companies cannot be bothered with trying to support every device. Remember, these AB updates are always free and usually pretty comprehensive. You are getting a lot of gameplay content for a buck or two!

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