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WIndows Mobile Centro Knock-Off SpottedPalm's surprisingly successful Centro smartphone has received its fair share of accolades and satisfied customers but has not earned the ultimate sign of industry respect by being deemed worthy of copying by Chinese handset manufacturers…until now. Engadget's semi-regular "Keepin' it Real Fake" series showcases clone, knockoff, and copycat electronics from the Far East. Their latest report spotlights a Chinese-manufactured and designed Windows Mobile Centro clone oddly wearing US-based OQO branding.

Almost more surprising than its actual existence is the solid feature set attached to this new Palm Centro-inspired device. If the listed specifications are correct, this smartphone sports a PXA310 CPU precisely twice as fast as Palm's Centro (634mhz vs. 312mhz), a higher-resolution 2 megapixel camera (vs. the Centro's 1.3mp), GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional powering a 320x240 touchscreen, and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. In fact, one of the few areas where the Centro manages to eke out a win in the spec category is battery capacity, with 1150mAh li-ion battery to the G900's 1080mAh battery pack.

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that ain't no centro

Gekko @ 8/5/2008 9:15:59 PM # Q
RE: that ain't no centro
PacManFoo @ 8/5/2008 9:59:41 PM # Q
It ain't no centro if it don't come in pink or electric blue!

This one looks to executive for the playground.

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RE: that ain't no centro
mikecane @ 8/6/2008 9:05:05 AM # Q
But is it $99?!!?

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I still think it's more Centro-inspired

hkklife @ 8/5/2008 10:33:20 PM # Q
Silver band that wraps around the body where the hard buttons are? Centro

"Stacked" hard button arrangement? Centro

Identical dimensions all around to the Centro? Check

Rounded corners like the Centro? Check (Q is more square/boxy in shape & has more of a "chin")

Touchscreen like the Centro? Check. Moto Q is definitely not a touchscreen device!

Thumboard? I too thought it was Q-inspired but then Ryan commented that it's more like the Samsung Blackjack

The d-pad looks like some cross between HTC, Nokia & Motorola.

At any rate, those specs blow the Centro out of the water.
Palm should rebrand this sucker, give it a "smile" keyboard, and sell it as the Treo 580 (or whatever) as a stopgap solution between the Centro and Treo 850. Forget the 550/Wanda!

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cstamper @ 8/6/2008 11:22:22 AM # Q
When I first saw it on Engadget (Days ago, btw) I first thought it had Palm OS. Second look had me disappointed.

I know it would be unlicensed, but I'd like to see a non-palm pos device. Maybe...

RE: Funny....
joad @ 8/6/2008 12:45:55 PM # Q
Yeah - upgrade the OS to PalmOS, install a decent battery into it and it'll probably outsell anything that Palm has reluctantly released. Nice to see SOMEONE in the world innovating on Handspring's idea - Palm sure isn't doing much...

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yugadp @ 8/7/2008 2:34:31 PM # Q
I believe there's a typo. The processor is actually 624mhz, NOT 634mhz.

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