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Palm Cradle Kit ReviewThe Hotsync/charge cradle, long a staple on even the cheapest Palm PDAs, has now become something of a rarity. Even Palm's flagship LifeDrive and Treos fail to include a cradle in the box. Yet there's no doubt that a well-designed cradle gives mobile users a safe & secure place to dock their devices. Some can even add a slight bit of flair to even the most boring of desktops. twrock recently reviewed an assortment of Multi-Connector compatible aftermarket cradles. Read on to see how Palm's own OEM cradle kit solution stacks up in this review.
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why not just design a 'universal cradle'?

joad @ 5/31/2006 3:21:28 PM # Q
geez... I'm so tired of repurchasing 50-100% of my accessories every time I make a marginal hardware upgrade and/or use more than one Palm PDA. They have yet another "universal" connector, but can't bring themselves to design a $50 cradle that works on all the devices that have that connector.

Palm probably thinks they are increasing their profits by making people purchase (and put on their desks at home and work) 2-3 different cradles and cables to support their current lineup. In my opinion, it just encourages me to consolidate my devices into one so I have a little space left on my desk for a keyboard.

To realistically charge a second battery on the Treo, you need to purchase the $50 cradle. But you can't use that on the Lifedrive - you need to either unplug the cable each time, or purchase another cradle. But then your Zire 72 won't work on either, as it uses Mini-USB... Just looney - you'd think Palm just started into this business rather than created it!

RE: why not just design a 'universal cradle'?
Wollombi @ 6/1/2006 3:15:11 AM # Q
What it really comes down to is that there isn't a lot of profit margin on the hardware (the pda itself), so Palm tries to make that margin on the accessories, such as this one. If you never had to replace them when you bought a new PDA, the Palm makes less money. Sucks.


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Should be sold separately

Galley_SimRacer @ 6/2/2006 10:48:42 AM # Q
I was lucky to get my cradle kit for $30 at CompUSA. With that being said, Palm should really sell the cradle separately for $25 or less.

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RE: Should be sold separately
Galley_SimRacer @ 6/2/2006 10:51:22 AM # Q
I forgot to to mention that I have always been able to remove my LifeDrive with one hand.

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