Movie Schedules in the Palm of Your Hand

A new free service called ShowtimesToGo will e-mail you a list of all the movies showing in your area and the theater and starting times for each. To get hooked up, simply visit the ShowtimesToGo website, download a small application file, and register for the service. After that, you will receive regular emails containing up-to-date theater show times in an attached Palm database.

ShowtimesToGo has only recently appeared on the scene and is already finding a large and grateful following. “Our offices are filled with Palm-carrying movie buffs, and they all loved the idea of getting current show times in their email. So we tried it,” explains iRev2, Inc. CEO Drew Mouton. “I guess we were right because we get a lot of user-email thanking us for the service.”

The popularity of the service has encouraged the ShowtimesToGo Team to plan future expansion of the services and features. Future features may include movie ratings and reviews, synopsis, Coming Attractions, genre filter, Datebook connectivity, and more.

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Pablo @ 7/25/2000 8:15:03 AM #
I used showtimes for a while, but after gettinga IIIc and not having to worry about long hot-syncs, I re-installed Avantgo.

Now, I just use It doesn't have the ability to scroll through 5 days, but it does have a brief synopsis, and because it is on Avantgo, it prevents me from having to load yet another program.

It still is a great program (and free!) Also, with Showtimes, you don't have to sync every single day. If you don't use on Avantgo, I would highly suggest using Showtimes.

Yahoo and ISilo
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/25/2000 10:20:52 AM #
I use ISilo with Yahoo's movie site. It gives a lot of info: movie synopsis, reviews, times at diffent theatres, next week's movies (if available).

Some links I could do without, such as the link - ISilo doesn't seem to be able to filter the addresses enough to avoid these yet. But by and large, it does a good job simply, fairly quickly, and Quite compactly.

This could be viewed in light of the old arguements about "Push -vs- Pull" i-net technologies. I prefer Pull since I have enough things coming at me demanding my attention.

Push vs. Pull @ 7/25/2000 1:04:39 PM #
I used the Pull method for getting movie times for a while but I've decided to give the AvantGo channel a try because I keep forgetting to look up the movie I need until its too late. I'm simply too busy sometimes to remember to sit down and get the movie times. Besides, I like the idea of already having the times if I decide to take in a show. So it's Push for me, at least for now.

New service???

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/25/2000 1:50:29 PM #
I've been using Showtimes for over a year. This isn't new.
RE: New service???
Pablo @ 7/25/2000 2:10:11 PM #
I believe that ShowtimesToGo (the e-mail service) is new.
RE: New service???
John Hanlon @ 7/26/2000 11:10:41 AM #
Anonymous, you're right. The Showtimes program for the Palm has been around for some time. As a Showtimes user, you realise that the configuration of the Perl script is no easy task for a beginner. is a relatively new service that handles all the background configuration, server communication, and housekeeping that you, the user, would normally have to worry about. With, the data PDB files are automatically delivered to your email address- no muss, no fuss.

Now, if you (or anyone) would rather keep fiddling with perl scripts, plus the extra two or three steps needed to pack the data into a Palm-friendly format, by all means, keep your code. On the other hand, if you want to avoid hassle and save yourself a bit of time, stop by and see what we're all about" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW> and see what we're all about.

Big Deal! Old News

Ken @ 7/26/2000 12:17:51 PM #
This is news? As a long time My Yahoo user, a module has been available for quite awhile that has local showtimes. When used as an AvantGo channel, you get it right on your Palm. Free too!
RE: Big Deal! Old News
Maurice @ 7/27/2000 2:22:17 PM #
I've been having trouble using logging into My Yahoo! via AvantGo. Can you send me an e-mail with the process that you use.


why not just use...

Scott @ 7/26/2000 6:37:18 PM #
My Yahoo with AvantGo? I mean you already have AvantGo (if you don't you are a fool) and the My Yahoo channel does't add too much overhead. This gives you all latest news, sports, stocks, weather and local movie times. Why add something new?

by email?

K.I.S.S. @ 7/27/2000 2:19:31 AM #
What's the point in receiving movie schedules on your Palm via email when you can get them from a "my yahoo!" account by way of AvantGo fully updated every time you HotSync?


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