Wireless Visor Bundles for Christmas

Gateway is offering the Glenayre @ctiveLink two-way wireless messaging module and the special Visor Deluxe that is required to use it for $550.

YadaYada Inc., the new wireless ISP, is bundling a CDPD Minstrel S wireless modem, a Visor Platinum, and YadaYada wireless service installation and registration for $449 (after $150 modem rebate). YadaYada costs $40 per month for unlimited wireless service.

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posted from Avantgo

Jason @ 12/10/2000 1:37:46 AM #
I can post on message's through Avantgo? Way too cool. is there any other messageboards for Avantgo?

p.s. this was written offline!

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2000 3:42:48 AM #

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2000 3:42:48 AM #
That's way too much to spend for messages.

re:posting on avant go

Gourry @ 12/14/2000 7:16:18 PM #
i dunno but if u find out let me know


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