Access Your GoldMine Info Though Your Palm VII

GraphOn Corporation today announced that its GoldMine Everywhere Server and Palm VII client will allow users real-time wireless access to their customer, prospect, calendar data, open tickets and GoldMine Sales and Marketing using the Palm.Net service.

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What about other Palms?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2000 5:03:00 PM #
We use Palm V's. While these units don't allow wireless access, you shouldn't need wireless for Goldmine access. What we'd like to see (and perhaps there's a solution for this out there) is a way to keep a copy of the Goldmine database on the Palm and have the two databases be synchronized when the Palm synchs with the desktop. Goldmine corp. has this "offline" functionality through GoldSync for PC portables...why not just expand it for Palms?

Visor support

Steve Lidster @ 12/8/2000 5:08:52 PM #
What about a Visor equipped with Omnisky or Visorphone?


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