Bluelark Launches Blazer Web Browser

Bluelark Systems announced today the availability of Blazer Personal Edition 1.0, a Web browser for the Palm platform. Designed from the ground-up for fast wireless Internet access, Blazer provides users with access to the full range of Internet content, including HTML, WAP, and i-Mode. While it was designed for wireless Web browsing, it will work with any PalmOS device with an Internet connection. It is available now for free.

Blazer's speed advantage is due to optimized content streaming, caching, and progressive rendering technologies. "By downloading text first, and then filling in images and other objects, Blazer allows users to drill down quickly to relevant, personal, and time-sensitive information," explains Simon Mawby, chief executive officer for Bluelark Systems. "The result is that users can navigate through multiple pages to find information in the time it would take for other browsers just to display the first page." According to the company, Blazer displays the majority of Web pages in less than five seconds.

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Can't create login

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2000 1:24:04 PM #
I'd wish they'd let me create a login. It hangs on the password creation. 4 alpha numeric....well, I tried everything, anyone have the same problem?

Web Clipper

Steve Smith @ 12/12/2000 6:05:23 PM #
This "browser" is more of a web clipper. I went to ebay, and after the first page which only showed one image (the ebay logo) there were 0 graphics even though I had them selected in the prefs. On other pages it doesnt handle tables well and you have a hard time working out what belongs where. And no support for imaqe maps, which rules out navigating a large percentage of sites. For now I'll be sticking with PalmScape and AvantGo for my web browsing needs.


Worked for me...

GregGaub @ 12/13/2000 11:49:08 AM #
I had no problems creating an account (though it was a little more involved that I'd like). It took my password just fine, and I downloaded the PRC. Interestingly, it was just the PRC, not even with a readme. And I couldn't find ANY help or information on their site other than promo junk.
As for tables and frames, they were fine. I loaded a framed page, and was given links to each frame page. I loaded a page with a table, and it displayed the table contents just like AvantGo does (with tables turned off), graphics included.
As for imagemaps, what Palm browser DOES support them?
Granted, I didn't go nuts with it, since I didn't want to waste my cell phone minutes just testing, but it looks like a fairly decent browser. My gripe is that it's almost 250k. That's not what I call a small footprint. Since it can't do offline browsing yet, I might as well just stick with AvantGo, which can be an online browser as well. Besides, I don't even know of any i-Mode servers/sites to test, and only one WAP site I'd bother with (PawGo).
Since I'm on a PalmV, the full color support doesn't help me much.
one plus is that it's easy to bookmark pages you visit.



Ruud @ 12/13/2000 4:14:34 PM #
how does it compare to the Browse-It palmOS browser? (functionality- and size-wise)??

no go yet....

Johan @ 12/14/2000 7:53:07 AM #
tried 1,0 and 1,0a and nothing happens. No errormessage, nada.

LAN Web Browsing with IR Port on Laptop (Visor Prism)

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 10:49:45 PM #
We have a cable modem internet connection and a laptop on our home LAN. We can surf the web with our Handspring Prisms using Blazer (Excellent *FREE* web browser - Color no less!) on the Visors and Mocha PPP on the desktop. IR beam works up to 6' (yes, feet)away. Browsing is pretty slow but you can set the preferences in Blazer for graphics, cache, etc. which speeds things up quite a bit. Sites designed specifically for wireless come up really fast. I haven't encountered a bug yet and the bookmarking feature is very handy. You can do a search on Yahoo! for that elusive trivia answer you can't remember while you are watching TV! It's sick really what techno geeks we have become with all of our toys. Lots of fun though...



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