News that Got Lost in the Shuffle

During the rush of new OS, hardware, and application announcements during PalmSource last week, some smaller announcements got overlooked. But now that things have calmed down a bit, these can get the attention they deserve.

MochaSoft, the maker of the excellent Mocha W32 PPP, has released Mocha W32 Keyboard which allows users to use a PC keyboard and mouse to enter data into a Palm or Visor that is in the cradle. A copy of the PDA's screen is shown on the Windows PC. It is $10 shareware.

Handspring announced a compatibility testing program for Springboard developers. Through the new program, developers can submit their products for testing and evaluation with Product Quality Partners (QP), a full service testing organization focused on technology. Handspring and Quality Partners have created high quality standards to measure product stability and compliance, among other factors, with the Springboard platform.

ibrite introduced powerViewer, a Windows PC-based conversion tool that lets users transform Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 presentations into a mobile format for use on any Palm-OS handheld computer. It costs $40.

WaveLink released at the conference a version of its WaveLink Studio application development platform that translates most of the common programming languages into Palm OS apps. Among the supported languages are Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro and Delphi. The applications, running on the server can be accessed through any networked linked Palm device.

AtomFilms, provider of free online movies that are viewable with the ActiveSky Media Player, has been aquired by Macromedia. The two companies will merge nto one and provide short films and animated features as well as Shockwave games, music, film, and creativity applications.

Calerga announced the beta release of LyME, a scientific application for Palm powered devices with a Matlab-compatible language. Based on the computation engine of SysQuake, LyME implements more than 240 mathematical and graphical functions exploiting the power of matrix and complex number maths. (Thanks to Yves Piguet)

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Mocha Keyboard

Ed @ 12/19/2000 12:51:52 PM #
I wanted to add that I've been using Mocha Keyboard for about a week now and I love it. I use my Palm and a modem to do all my personal e-mailing from the office so it doesn't go through my company's e-mail server. I used to use my Happy Hacking Cradle to type my e-mail but now I simply type it into my IIIx with Mocha Keyboard and send it out with Mocha PPP. This works much faster.

I do have one word of warning. If you are a hard core Palm user, you might be aware of the infamous Palm Cradle Battery Drain. This is the 'feature' where non-rechargeable Palms (like the IIIe, IIIxe, V, etc.) actually have their batteries drained while they are sitting in the cradle, whether the Palm is on or not. Well, there is a hardware fix for this that involves disconnecting the offending wire. If you have done this, Mocha Keyboard and Mocha PPP will not work for you. I found this out the hard way, in an experience I call "How I learned to Solder in One Painful Lesson". Anyway, this means that you have the convenience of entering data into your Palm quickly and easily, at the cost of draining your batteries more quickly.

Palm Infocenter

Battery Drain Fix
Ed @ 12/19/2000 1:24:16 PM #
After I submitted this, it occurred to me that the first question someone is going to ask is "How can I find out more about the battery drain fix?!?" The best site I've been able to find is here:

I've talked to Terence Conklin, owner of that site, a few times in the last couple of days and he is determined to keep this page as up to date as possible. If you are aware of any issues related to this battery drain problem that aren't covered on his page, please let Mr. Conklin know.

Palm Infocenter

[ No Subject ]

bcottun @ 12/19/2000 5:54:06 PM #
I just purchased both Mocha keyboard and ppp. Both work well on my pc and PalmVx. I also received a very timely response to a query I e-mailed to Mocha tech support. 20 bucks well spent.

Battery Drain Fix

Eston Bond @ 12/21/2000 8:26:50 AM #
For another battery drain fix try Syncable Solutions at:
RE: Syncable Solutions' No Drain Adapter
Ed @ 12/24/2000 8:59:26 AM #
After you pointed this out, I went to their Web site and started a conversation with Mark Griswold, who just sent me this email:

I've confirmed that my standard NoDrain adapter does not work with MochaPPP. However, I'm now offering a modified version which will work (I've already tested it)

The new version "NoDrain-M" is $6.95 + $2 S/H

I highly recommend that people who like to keep their non-rechargeable Palms in the cradle get one of these, or something like it. You'll be surprised how much longer your batteries last.

Palm Infocenter


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