New Versions of Qvadis Express Reader and FireConverter

Qvadis's new version 1.30 release of the Express Reader GT is now compatible with documents stored in flash memory (using JackFlash or FlashPro). It also sports enhanced color support and the same range of functions with a 20% smaller memory footprint for the program itself. A free 30-day trial version is available. The full version costs $15. -Team Qvadis

Firepad, Inc. will release a Macintosh version of its FireConverter program in January 2001. FireConverter allows the conversion of graphics in JPEG, GIF, and others into a format viewable with the free FireViewer client application.

William E. Mitchell, chief executive officer of Firepad, said, “With graphic and video viewing becoming an expected feature of handhelds, Firepad is happy to extend its FireConverter desktop application to the Apple Macintosh.”

The price for the Macintosh version isn't available yet but the Windows version is $20 shareware. -Carolyn Sha

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