Make Backups in a Flash with JackBack

Brayder Technologies has announced the release of JackBack™ 1.0, a backup solution for critical data. With JackBack, users can keep an automatic backup of data right on their handheld, which gives the ability to restore data anywhere, at anytime. Backups are saved into Flash memory or an external storage media, which will survive a hard reset or battery failure.

JackBack costs $20 but is available for a limited time at PalmGear for 30% off.

JackBack compresses backups to make use of limited Flash space and only copies programs which have been changed since the previous backup.

JackBack is compatible with any Flash enabled Palm handheld (III, IIIc, IIIx, IIIxe, V, and Vx), Visor with a Flash Springboard, or Sony Clie with a Memory Stick. JackBack is not currently compatible with the Palm IIIe, m100, VII, VIIx, IBM WorkPad 30J or Handspring Visors without the Flash Springboard.

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Compared to FlashPack?

PFloyd @ 1/26/2001 11:15:35 AM #
Palmgear had a "special" on TRG's FlashPack 2.03 a while back for $5 that I took advantage of. It's similar. It looks like JackBack supports more devices. FlashPack doesn't compress the backups. FlashPack lets me pick and choose which files to backup and I can schedule one backup a day. Any other comparisons?



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