New Macintosh Desktop Companion for HanDBase

DDH Software just released the HanDBase Desktop for Macintosh, a companion application to the Palm OS version that will allow users more flexibility to manage data between their Palm and Macintosh computers. It allows users to import HanDBase databases from Palm handhelds onto their Macintosh computers and manage the data using FileMaker, Excel, or AppleWorks. The Mac version works similarly to the Windows version released in late October 2000, and will also be available to registered HanDBase users for free.

HanDBase Desktop was developed for the Macintosh platform in response to customer requests for a solution that would enable users to access their HanDBase databases with the most popular database applications on their Macintosh computers.

Beyond its ability to convert HanDBase databases to comma-separated files (CSV), the Desktop companion also allows users to export files and edit them in FileMaker, Excel, AppleWorks, or SimpleText.

DDH is committed to making HanDBase as user friendly as possible. Recognizing the wide breadth of possible applications of the software in a variety of industries, DDH enables its customers to create custom "applets" and submit them to a gallery housed on the company's Web site. DDH now boasts one of the largest Palm software applet galleries in the world, all of which are available to download for free. To simplify the process of finding and downloading applets, DDH has included a link to the online applet gallery from within the HanDBase Desktop companion.

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