Magellan's GPS Companion Springboard Now Available

Magellan Corporation has finally released the GPS Companion, which provides detailed, street-level maps using the MarcoSoft Quo Vadis mapping platform as well as navigation information such as waypoint and route management capabilities, a digital compass, an analog speedometer and more. It is available now from CompUSA for $150.

Click to buy from CompUSA GPS Companion allows users to see their position on a map, scroll through maps with the stylus, track their course, create and save waypoints and routes and beam saved data to other Visors. It features pull-down menus, a multi-level zoom function and a "Find" function to quickly locate streets and intersections. The directional "You Are Here" icon steers the user to their destination while the map automatically scrolls during travel. GPS Companion also provides preloaded landmark icons that indicate many major airports, hospitals, shopping centers, golf courses and more.

For retail locations and product information, call Magellan customer service at 800-669-4477.

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not only that!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/1/2001 12:26:26 PM #
now you don't have to buy one of them big, foam "We're #1" hands at the stadium....take a look at that beast of a module!

RE: not only that!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/1/2001 5:34:01 PM #
LOL!! Even though I may pick up one of these for my Prism, that was FUNNY! I'm still laughing.

U get what u pay for

Phil @ 2/1/2001 6:18:25 PM #
That's why it cost so much less than say . . . the Geode. It was first meant to be a plastic version of a foam hand with pointing finger, but they decided to throw some electronics in there for the hell of it. Honestly, it is good for people looking to spend less.


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/2/2001 12:20:36 AM #
Is this Prism (Color) compatible?

A Cautionary Note, esp. for Mac OS Users

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/3/2001 9:39:33 AM #
When I heard the Magellan GPS companion was finally out, I scurried over to the local CompUSA (which was well stocked) and bought one. While product integrity seems OK (i.e. it works), figuring out how it works is not to be a straight forward task, especially for Mac users.

The product comes with three sources to get you started: a quick start guide, a couple of text files on the install CD, and a 'manual' (not hard copy.) The former two are rather spartan, and don't necessarily agree with one another or with what's on the CD. If you are confused or want to know what you can do with this thing (and how), your options depend on your desktop operating system - if you have a PC, you're (possibly) in luck, as you can use the 'manual'. If you use another OS, you're screwed. The 'manual' format is an .HLP file. I'm assuming this is a PC format; it certainly isn't a Mac or Palm one. I've tried opening it on text editors, Word 2001, AppleWorks, and a couple of others, and nothing works. Whatever it is it's highly structured and formatted.

Attempting to find information on their web site ( reveals a rather serious problem: the product doesn't exist. Anywhere. Except as a dated product announcement. If you need serious tech support, you're going to be limited to phone, as email support requires selection from a fixed list of products which doesn't have the product on it. The site design isn't going to win any awards, either.

From what I have seen of the product itself, it seems like a solid one. If you have a computer that can use the 'manual', or if you're familiar with the technology and can live without some tech support, you just might want to give it a try. If not, take pause for a few weeks until Magellan gets its act together.

Michael Gessler

Solid Product

cfCodeSmith @ 2/5/2001 3:22:34 PM #
I just picked up my Magellan GPS Companion at CompUSA this afternoon here in Atlanta. Brought it back and opened the box. The documentation is sparse, but it was ennough to walk me thru installing the 2 included applications and a couple of map files. I went into the parking lot outside and got a SOLID 3d fix in under 5 minutes. Subsequent fixes were achived in around 30 seconds. The included software is very good. Light duty moving maps are achieved with their MAP companion software. The GPS companion software allows you to make and manage routes. All in all i am very pleased with what my $149 got me.



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