Wirelessly Download Software with SkipWire

SkipWire has released DownStream, a free Palm OS app that lets users download applications wirelessly. Downstream users can browse through hundreds of Palm applications by subject or title then download and purchase their choice wirelessly. Visitors can sign up for a free MySkipWire account, a secure service that remembers which Palm applications have been placed in a personalized account.

An Advanced MySkipWire Account will become available in Q2 of this year, giving palm users additional services including: wireless upload, e-mail attachment conversion, and data transfer/storage capabilities.

"SkipWire brings with it many technologies that will transform the Palm device into the wireless future," said Tron Black, CEO. "We have partnered with key companies such as RegNet, GroupServe's GroupPort, TealPoint, iGo Corporation, Land-J Technologies, Blue Nomad, Qvadis, and Ansyr Technology Corporation to better serve the wireless Palm community."

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 6:01:58 PM #

This has got to be the most signifigent wireless feature in a long time.

now we don't need desktops AT ALL!

hmm. wonder if it works on a Palm VII?

RE: Finally!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 6:19:25 PM #

RE: Finally!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 9:38:57 PM #
Is that what your folks said to you when you were excited about something?

RE: Finally!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/9/2001 12:01:12 PM #
Yes, it works on the VII.

what about bandwith?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 11:37:38 PM #
Hey, isn't bandwith a problem here? Last time I looked, costs per bits was high. Why would one want to store applications in some account somewhere?

cool service, cooler name!

palmcoder @ 2/9/2001 4:55:40 PM #

"The name is Black, Tron Black."

who wouldn't want to work for a CEO named "Tron"? ;)

This has been available for over a year

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/9/2001 6:48:41 PM #
Typically ridiculous announcement.

SkipWire simply copies a free product available from PalmGear (actually produced by PalmGear) since November of 1999.

I anticipate that SkipWire will soon receive venture capital, burn through it, announce a B2B business strategy, then abruptly quit claiming "The market just wasn't ready for us yet, but we gave it a Hell of a run"....or was that Thin Air Apps;-)

RE: This has been available for over a year
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/9/2001 8:50:31 PM #
What's the name of the application at palmgear?



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