Organize Files with FilePoint

Bachmann Software has launched FilePoint, an application designed to help users manage their files. It allows users to organize applications and documents into a hierarchy of folders and subfolders and includes the ability to drag and drop documents among folders, plus the ability to browse or search for documents by title or file type. Users are able to open their documents directly from a folder, and retrieve documents that were recently opened. It sells for $20 and is available now.

Users can open, beam, or print their data with a single tap of the stylus. Applications can be launched, too. FilePoint is able to interpret documents from the many third party developers and file formats, such as Quickoffice, WordSmith, thinkDB, MiniCalc, Documents To Go and others.

It does not support accessing files on external storage cards, like SD/MMC or Memory Sticks.

"With the addition of documents, spreadsheets, databases and other computer content, handhelds have become much more than digital rolodexes," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's vice president. "If you are having a difficult time tracking down the documents you need when you need them, it defeats the purpose of having a handheld computer. FilePoint provides users with many of the Windows Explorer-type organizational tools they are accustomed to at their desktops and is designed to help them access their information faster and more easily."

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Not 100% useful -- yet

mikecane @ 8/16/2001 1:22:43 PM #
"It does not support accessing files on external storage cards, like SD/MMC or Memory Sticks." Feh! It will be very useful when it does.

RE: Not 100% useful -- yet
Moosecat @ 8/16/2001 1:59:35 PM #
Why, oh why, would someone go through the trouble of developing this software and releasing it at the PRECISE MOMENT that EVERY PDA manufacturer is fully embracing removable storage for all products?

I am SO frustrated at the utter uselessness of my SD card slot, unless I install three separate programs on my Palm to manage files, install apps, and access large databases. Sheesh... I saw this headline and thought "Finally, someone's had the brainpower to consolidate these into the program that Palm should have included on every m50x." Then I read the story and just became angry.

RE: Not 100% useful -- yet
bfaile2323 @ 8/17/2001 12:33:37 AM #
You guys definately have a legitimate beef, but I can tell you as a longtime user of Bachmann software, Bachmann tends to release products which don't take into consideration different product configurations. PrintBoy was one such product which Bachmann claimed would print any formatted WordSmith file to ANY printer. This simply wasn't true. In fact, the only printers supported for formatted documents are the HP family of printers and those which share the HP printing protocol. Not uncommonly, I use a Canon BJC 50 and for over a year Bachmann has been promising me a driver. It ain't happened yet. Instep, on the other hand, has just come out with print software which fully supports WordSmith files on the Canon. I guess the moral of the story is that if you guys contact Bachmann and bestow upon them your disgust with their lack of insight, you just might get them to produce a version which will support the M5** series. . .

Brian S. Faile

RE: Not 100% useful -- yet
Altema @ 8/17/2001 8:40:09 PM #
I know what you mean about the SD/MMC slot with the as-is Palm software. You can only copy apps, not db's, and you can't copy apps that use separate db's because they will be deleted when you remove the app from RAM. This would be an ideal app for removable media, the same media it does not support. I'm sure they will fix it though. In the meantime, you may want to try McFile. It does not let you create folders on SD, but can do most everything else (not sure about file attributes). I now have about 7 Mb worth of apps and media files on my SD. Fortunately, Palm DID include the ability to pick the hotsync destination, plus the ability to launch apps from the normal Palm menu. I say launch, not run, because it transfers the app to Ram, then moves it back when you exit. This works better than it sounds, with most apps opening almost as fast as from Ram. The only one that makes me impatient is PhotoSuite. It takes as long as 10 seconds to open if you have your movies and photos on SD. Must be looking for them or preloading or something... One thing that amazed me though, was TealMovie. This app will not only run movies with sound from either Ram, SD, or MMC, it will run them without moving them to Ram. I loaded a 7.8Mb movie trailer directly to the SD card and it ran smooth and sure. To put the icing on TealMovie's cake, they provide for you to move, copy, or delete media files, plus you can create or delete folders on the SD... even for other apps. I placed my order in 5 minutes.

RE: Not 100% useful -- yet
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/20/2001 1:56:01 AM #
"In the meantime, you may want to try McFile. It does not let you create folders on SD, but can do most everything else (not sure about file attributes)."

This is not true. McFile DOES allow you to create folders or new directory. Just tap on the directory name and tap "New".



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