Sony Drops Price of MYLO Hardware

Sony has cut the price of the modem needed to connect to MYLO, their wireless service. Effective immediately, Sony S320 users can buy the modem adapter and removable PC card for $100, after a $100 mail-in rebate and with a 12-month service contract. The service offers unlimited Internet access for $40 a month.

While there is not a modem available for the high-end N series, rumor has it Sony will make one available by the end of this year.

The service is being provided by GoAmerica. Their new wireless modem adapter has a PC Card slot that accepts a wireless modem card. This card works interchangeably with Sony handhelds and notebooks that have an open PC Card slot. The card, which is a Sierra Wireless AirPath SC 300, operates on Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) networks. Coverage is limited.

The MYLO wireless service itself divides information into four lifestyle categories:
Today – Allows users to choose between information like news, weather, sports, stock quotes and traffic updates.
Work – Access communication, news, travel and financial information.
Play – Offers personal e-mail and information on dining, travel, shopping, TV, music, movies, sports and games.
Search – By using popular search engines or inputting their favorite URL, users can access HTML and WML-based Web pages.

It also features instant messaging, support for POP3 e-mail accounts and wireless Internet access to HTML and WML-based Web sites.

MYLO is also available for laptops. The same PC Card modem that goes in the S320 can be used. Unlimited access costs $60 and for $80 both the laptop and the Clié can be used.

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