Snappermail Standard Edition Released

Snapperfish Ltd. today announced its POP3 e-mail client, SnapperMail, is now in full release. Snappermail has extensive support for native file attachments, FingerNav technology for optimized use with smartphones and automatic mail fetching.

"This release is the culmination of our 5 month long public beta program. Its goal was to evolve SnapperMail into the most stable and powerful e-mail client for Palm OS. User feedback tells us we've succeeded." commented Will Lau, director of product design and business development for Snapperfish Ltd.

SnapperMailWhen SnapperMail Public Beta was released in September 2002, it was notable for moving away from industry standard of using expensive and temperamental conversion servers to transform mail attachments into simple Palm format databases. Instead it pioneered an elegant method of opening desktop format attachments onboard the handheld.

SnapperMail has a host of unique, easy to use features designed for a best in class email experience, including:

  • FingerNav technology, facilitating user friendly finger operation with smartphones
  • No size limits on message bodies and attachments.
  • Attachment support in desktop format with partner applications. Supported filetypes include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Zip, Jpeg, BMP, GIF, PNG, vCard, vCalender, Text, HTML, CSV, WAV, and Midi.
  • With periodic mail fetching, you can automatically check mail while your PDA/phone combo is in your pocket and configure vibration notifacation or audible alerts.
  • Memory Card support including a full file browser for attaching and saving files.

SnapperMail comes bundled with a starter pack of supporting applications including:

  • HandWatch HandZipper Lite, which supports opening Zip archives and creating and sending Zip, files.
  • HandWatch JpegWatch Lite, which supports viewing and sending Jpeg images.
  • A free 15 day trial of Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice Premier v7, which can open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments natively on the handheld.

SnapperMail Standard Edition is available as a free trial via electronic download from the Normal pricing for SnapperMail Standard Edition is $34.95.

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sub_tex @ 2/27/2003 12:23:46 PM #
I wonder how this works out. The samsung i500 is likely candidate for my next phone, and this may be the Eudora replacement.

Price is a bit high, though.

But if it can replace my pager, then that's $25 saved a month already. I'll have to see how the notifications work out.

nice, but...

new505user @ 2/27/2003 2:01:01 PM #
no PDF or IMAP support seems problematic. Are their lack of inclusion tech or licensing issues?

RE: nice, but...
Altema @ 2/27/2003 4:18:39 PM #
IMAP is on the roadmap for future releases, but I'm not sure about PDF. Out of the thousands of emails I receive, I can't recall getting any of those. However, it would be necessary for some users...

RE: nice, but...
GregGaub @ 2/27/2003 6:59:57 PM #
Snappermail is an e-mail client, not a document reader. If you want PDF support, then bug Adobe to update their Palm Acrobat Reader to support unconverted PDF files. Snappermail will deliver the PDFs you receive to the appropriate registered viewing application. It's not Snappermail's job to show you that PDF, it's Acrobat's.

And as mentioned, IMAP support is in development.

-- SeaPUG: --

RE: nice, but...
snapperfish @ 2/28/2003 9:36:42 AM #
Sometimes I wonder if Greg's the only one in the world that gets this. I think it's kinda funny that everyone in the Palm world thinks the email app should open the attachments. It's probably something that MultiMail started off with its plugins to view attachments.

I mean, who really expects a desktop PCs running Eudora or Outlook Express to open PDF and Microsoft Office documents without Acrobat and MS Office installed? Really, I wish the Palm world, who in my experience are the brighter bunch of the population would really just *get* this!

"Hey! You guys suck - I installed your Eudora for Mac OS and I can't even open and edit my Photoshop files! You should really work on that cos what kind of email app are you if I can't even open and airbrush those artfiles that my agency is sending me"

We spend a HUGE amount of time with other developers to iron out their problems so they can open attachments in a standard OS dictated way. SnapperMail has an API to open attachments, but it aint of our own invention. It's been part of the OS since 3.0 - I really don't know why noone used it until now... maybe they just didn't read the documentation.

We still contact developers and encourage them to fill in the gaps.

I think PDF and TIFF are the last bastions of unsupported formats for SnapperMail friendly apps.


Will Lau
Snapperfish Ltd
A killer email client, beta now available...

RE: nice, but...
cykalan @ 2/28/2003 10:33:03 AM #
actually i realize this, haha. I think what most users want is the ability to save the attachment onto the external storage, with that, we can open the file in whatever way we want....

Read your manuals before you ask!!
RE: nice, but...
Altema @ 2/28/2003 12:01:24 PM #
"Sometimes I wonder if Greg's the only one in the world that gets this."

Will, I'm fully aware that any attachment handling, other than delivery, would be the work of other third party developers. I assumed that this was a no brainer and did not bother to clarify the issue like Greg. That makes at least two of us, so there!



No Synchronization With the Desktop

indesman @ 2/27/2003 11:27:15 PM #
Snappermail is POP only...and that includes syncing with your desktop. I guess there are a few people out there using their palms for email without any desktop syncronization but there can't be too many.

RE: No Synchronization With the Desktop
Altema @ 2/28/2003 12:08:49 PM #
That's the point: to cut the ball and chain. I had been waiting for an important network quote this morning. So I did email from the bedroom, while waiting for the shower, and while in the car. Right now I'm in a telcomm closet plugged directly into a switch, but this would have been the first time I could have checked email if it had not been for SnapperMail.

How about this... downloading a router configuration at a site where all the communication lines are dead, then emailing the log directly to the engineers who are trying to get everything back up. Did it all with a Palm and a cell phone.


Cap @ 2/28/2003 10:11:59 AM #
I love the Snapperfish demo I'm trying, but $40 seems a bit steep for my occasional use, and I won't be doing too much with attachments. I'm wondering if they might offer a Snapperfish light that doesn't bother with the attachment function for a lower price.

I use a Tungsten T with a bluetooth connection to my PC and connect to the net with it that way. Basically it's for getting my email while in the living room so I can check email without sitting at the PC all the time.

RE: Price
Rawbear @ 2/28/2003 11:25:31 AM #
That's an idea. But $40 is nothing if it allows you to leave your laptop at the office and receive/forward emails with LARGE attachments. This is the whole concept for me about mobility.

As for being able to get my emails anywhere in the house... it's a little bonus.

RE: Price
Cap @ 2/28/2003 11:42:04 AM #
Can the JpegWatchLite be used to view any jpg on my palm or card? If so, I think that would make it worth it to me.

RE: Price
Scott R @ 2/28/2003 8:26:06 PM #
"Can the JpegWatchLite be used to view any jpg on my palm or card? If so, I think that would make it worth it to me."
I think so. But I'll let you in on a little secret...You can get JPEGWatchLite separately from SnapperMail. That program isn't written by SnapperFish.


RE: Price
Cap @ 2/28/2003 8:54:34 PM #
That's cool if I can get is seperately, but will that help me with the price? :-D

RE: Price
Scott R @ 3/1/2003 10:02:14 PM #
"That's cool if I can get is seperately, but will that help me with the price? :-D"

I may have been wrong. After I posted that message I checked out the developer's web site and didn't see any mention of JPEGWatchLite, only the full version. So, perhaps the "Lite" version is something that Will (of SnapperMail) was able to swing. The full version costs about $20 I think.


What about HTML e-mail coded ??

AM @ 2/28/2003 11:05:56 AM #
There is a way to see the correct contens and not the HTML code when the e-mail come in HTML format ??

The only client i've seen with this function is Eudora ...

RE: What about HTML e-mail coded ??
Scott R @ 2/28/2003 11:14:45 AM #
I believe that's coming in the next release (a month or so) which should be a free upgrade.


SnapperMail options

sr @ 3/1/2003 2:51:43 AM #
The program looks really capable but it is disappointing to see the lack of options available for customization. With Tungsten T I am looking at extremely large font in the index that fits very little information per page. Maybe I'm missing it somewhere?
RE: SnapperMail options
Scott R @ 3/1/2003 10:03:58 PM #
If you're in the "Finger Nav" mode, it defaults to huge fonts. There's a menu option to reduce the font size for most things.




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