Quickies: Bluetooth, WiFi MS, RealOne and More

The RealOne media player has finally surfaced, Sony is showing a WiFi memory stick at CeBit, AvantGo now supports high-res images, PrintBoy is now bundled with the Anycom Bluetooth printer module, and you can now Beam and Fly at the Toronto Airport. These stories and more in todays quickies.

Palm OS RealOne Player
The oft-delayed and much anticipated RealOne Player for the Palm OS has finally surfaced. The player can be downloaded here. RealOne Player Mobile, which is based on the Helix platform, delivers audio multimedia playback and storage for both RealAudio and MP3 files on the Palm Tungsten T. -skeezix

Sony WiFi memory stickWiFi Memory Stick
PDAFrance has a picture of a WiFi (802.11b) Memory Stick being shown at CeBit. They are also reporting that it should be available sometime in July, but no word on pricing. -Mike Cane

AvantGo Beta
AvantGo has released another updated to it's Palm OS 5 beta client to build 46. The latest version adds support for high-res images, fixes bugs and speeds up loading content from memory cards. AvantGo is recommending users check the option to "Refresh all content at next sync" in the server sync settings after installing to avoid a potential issue.

Clie N & S series modem
SonyStyle now has the N & S series analog modem on sale for a low $24.99. Most sites still have it for over $100.00. Look for it in the Clie accessories section. -Mark Quering

Bluetooth Printing with Printboy
Bachmann Software announced that its PrintBoy application will be bundled with the Anycom Bluetooth? PM-2002 Printer Module to create a powerful new printing solution for customers who need to print from their handheld computers. The BTReady solution includes the Anycom Bluetooth printer module and Bachmann's PrintBoy mobile printing software for either the Palm OS or PocketPC environments. BTReady is available now for purchase from the Bachmann Software web site, and has an MSRP of $149.99 USD.

Palm OS Basics Training Class
Handheld Media Group is hosting a Palm OS basics training class. The class will take place Thursday, March 20th at 6pm to 9:30pm at the Silicon Valley Ramada Inn, Sunnyvale, CA.

Beam & Fly
Qvadis today joined Palm, Inc. and Air Canada in a world first for the travel industry, unveiling the first Beam & Fly station at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Beam & Fly allows travelers to receive up-to-the-minute flight schedules, world news, sports briefs, airport maps and city guides, by beaming them into their Palm handhelds. Expected to become a travel standard in all Air Canada business lounges, Beam & Fly uses Bluefish Wireless beaming technology to provide users with applications designed specifically for the self-serve traveler. Other applications on Beam & Fly include news from The Globe & Mail and CyberPresse, airport maps, up-to-the-minute flight information and scheduling - including arrivals, departures, terminals, gates and delays - and a customer survey.

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Palm RealOne Player

jgb9348 @ 3/13/2003 4:02:23 PM #
Does anyone know (through downloading or reading) if the RealOne player uses the DSP on the Tungsten? Otherwise, is there any benefit to using this than Aeroplayer or any other MP3 player for that matter? If the DSP was used, and the processor was free for using on other applications, the application would be very useful, otherwise it probably won't give a normal user anything desireable?


RE: Palm RealOne Player
drac @ 3/13/2003 4:27:18 PM #
(1) It shows no evidence of using the DSP any more than the competition. Background playback seems to bring more processor load than does background playback with Aeroplayer.

(2) It comes with a nifty Win32 RealPlayer -> Palm TT conduit.

(3) It supports Real Audio files.

(4) It's **free**.

Those are the advantages. Other than that, there are no feature advantages over the competition.

I don't really think that it has much to offer anyone who is already using Aeroplayer or Pocket Tunes; however, for anyone who hasn't taken the plunge and paid, this is well worth the ($0) money.

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d r. a. c h a r l e s

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Fammy @ 3/13/2003 4:30:08 PM #
One benefit should be that Real Player is free (subjective, depending if you count selling your email soul to th SPAM devil).

RE: Palm RealOne Player
JonathanChoo @ 3/13/2003 4:35:40 PM #
it does not use the DSP, but its free. Now if someone releases a WMA player that would be damn fine.

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free WMA player
phatfarm @ 3/13/2003 4:47:51 PM #
heres a FREEWARE media player

mp3, wma, wav


RE: Palm RealOne Player
JonathanChoo @ 3/13/2003 4:50:55 PM #
I will wait until a WMA player for PalmOS is released with support for codec 7/8/9.

If only the open source community will release a PocketMVP player for PalmOS.

I wonder what are the chances of Microsoft developing WMP for PalmOS. I know they have the PocketPC platform, but they should also encourage the Windows Media platform to expand over third party platform. They already have a Mac version.

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Past PDAs: Palm V, Palm m505, Palm m515, Sony Clie N770C/U, Sony Clie T625C, Sony Clie NR70V, Toshiba e310, Sony Clie NX60

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Inferno42 @ 3/13/2003 5:11:09 PM #
"They already have a Mac version."

Sure, they have an outdated Mac version. It doesn't support the WM9 codecs and MS has stated that they don't plan to make it. Oh, well, no loss for me, I'm happy with my MPEG-4.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Wollombi @ 3/13/2003 5:13:55 PM #
I found that Aeroplayer sounds better, is louder, and has a smaller footprint.


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RE: Palm RealOne Player
nakolo @ 3/13/2003 5:44:40 PM #
I find that the RealOne player loads a lot faster than the AeroPlayer. The default skin is very attractive (though there aren't any cool ones like the AP). Also, song and playlist handling is much faster and cleaner.

On the downside, I haven't been able to move mp3's from my desktop to my T|T. I *think* I followed the directions; it would be *very* cool to move files without hotsync'ng.

Even though I'm a registered AP user, I've dumped it for the RealOne player.

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RE: Palm RealOne Player
masitti @ 3/13/2003 5:59:13 PM #
Well, 4 months later... wow, that was quite a delay. I hope the software is worth it.

Mario Masitti
RE: Palm RealOne Player
dsm363 @ 3/13/2003 6:16:24 PM #
I just get a 9MB html file with the link. Is there something wrong with the link or IE 5.2.2 for Mac? Thanks.


RE: Palm RealOne Player
Colormeweb @ 3/13/2003 6:28:07 PM #
What is "DSP" and how does it effect the sound quality. And if it does make a dramatic effect on sound quality why is it not used in the current offerings available.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Ronin @ 3/13/2003 8:42:23 PM #
Is this the official release version? Can anyone confirm this because neither the Real or Palm sites mention the release. In fact, the site says that it is 'coming soon'.

In the Spirit of Umoja,
RE: Palm RealOne Player
ganoe @ 3/13/2003 9:05:54 PM #
> Real Player is free (subjective, depending if you count
> selling your email soul to th SPAM devil).

Uh, I've installed RealPlayer on numerous computers (at least a dozen) over the past year giving them my e-mail every time. The only e-mails I have received from them are the standard "thank you for installing RealPlayer" messages that they send right after the install, and I didn't even receive very many of those.

So, I do not think there is much basis in fact to your statement.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
jimmythemoose @ 3/13/2003 9:31:38 PM #
Do any of these players have an option that would allow sound only to be played through the headphones and not through the Palm speaker when the headphones are unplugged. I have had a few times when I have pulled the headphone plug out by accident, and the music continues playing through the speaker.

Also, does anyone know about the feasiblilty/availability of Bluetooth headphones or integrated headphones/microphone that would work with both a Palm and a Bluetooth phone. Would it be too much of a drain on battery life?

RE: Palm RealOne Player
MacPrince @ 3/13/2003 11:50:21 PM #
>Uh, I've installed RealPlayer on numerous computers (at least a >dozen) over the past year giving them my e-mail every time. >The only e-mails I have received from them are the standard >"thank you for installing RealPlayer" messages that they send >right after the install, and I didn't even receive very many of >those.

>So, I do not think there is much basis in fact to your statement.

Well, that's the only email you get *from them*. But do you really think they keep your email address to themselves?

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Fammy @ 3/14/2003 12:54:57 AM #
>Uh, I've installed RealPlayer on numerous computers (at >least a dozen) over the past year giving them my e-mail >every time. The only e-mails I have received from them >are the standard "thank you for installing RealPlayer" >messages that they send right after the install, and I >didn't even receive very many of those.

>So, I do not think there is much basis in fact to your >statement.

Try to disable any sort of auto-notication features. The thing took over my system. What, an update? It'll tell you until you update. Not interested? Better update so it will stop nagging. It only took two or three tries to disable it. The best way is Start->Control Panel->Add Remove Software (Uninstall).

I am not a fan of the software. (To me) It's one step away from being Gator (spyware).


RE: Palm RealOne Player
ganoe @ 3/14/2003 9:09:25 AM #
> Try to disable any sort of auto-notication features.

Once you figure out how to do it, disabling the auto-notication features is easy. The interface is not as good as it should be, and they should've defaulted those things to off. Its other issue is that by default it tries to grab most of the media types on install. After you've install the software a couple of times, figuring out how to get the settings you want is pretty easy.

RealPlayer is a long way from being any kind of spyware. It does send some quality of service info to providers, but there are some pretty obvious checkboxes to disable it. If I remember right, those things are defaulted to being disabled.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Fammy @ 3/14/2003 9:25:04 AM #
>Once you figure out how to do it

>After you've install the software a couple of times,

This is probably another discussion for another thread,, but as a software developer, users shouldn't have to struggle to install software of change features, and should be able to do what they want on the first or second try. Real purposefully makes their software difficult, or at least "less than trivial", to change. Maybe I'm just an angry coot, but I can't stand to see irresponsible software development. Every release of Real got progressively worse (in my standards). Luckily I just got to the point where I don't install it anymore.


RE: Palm RealOne Player
rsc1000 @ 3/14/2003 9:28:11 AM #
>>RealPlayer is a long way from being any kind of spyware.

Real has twice been caught and admitted to sending usage info from the player to their servers. How anybody could claim its hassle-free is beyond me - its a virus disguised as a media player IMHO. When i installed this the other day - i got a pop-up 'real message' on my desktop a couple of hours later. i was never given the option to not install this messenger thingy. Screw Real.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
tl47 @ 3/14/2003 10:25:57 AM #
Geez. I don't know why people are complaining about a free player, or the company that is doing it (perhaps for a fixed amount from Palm). These people at Real are not all evil. If you want to flame them, try Microsoft. After all, their file format is proprietary (don't try, they are patented), and they have been caught sending not just usage info, but a listing of all the contents in your drive (early Win 95) and other equally ridiculous stuff.

I used the beta of RealOne Player and I liked it. So, there, if you don't like the player because it doesn't play well or look ugly, that's fine. No need to spread the anger against the company. After all, the company is already struggling. I don't condone their practices, and my problem with them has nothing to do with this: on one of my machines at home (Win98SE), RealPlayer crashes everytime, so there is no way I can use it. It appears to work fine only on Win2k or NT-based machines I guessed (i.e. WinXP too). BUT, you can still use the Palm player by putting files into /Audio on the SD. NOTE: it is /Audio... not /Palm/Audio.

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Fammy @ 3/14/2003 11:15:26 AM #
> These people at Real are not all evil. If you want to flame them, try Microsoft

If I want to flame Real, I'm flame Real, not Microsoft. (Darnit!)

Real's format is just a proprietary as Microsoft's.


RE: Palm RealOne Player
tsparks @ 3/14/2003 12:12:37 PM #
Anyone notice the difference in footprint? 593K for all of Real's files compaired to 283K for Aeroplayer, not counting Skins, of course.
RE: Palm RealOne Player
xtremist5150 @ 3/14/2003 12:39:07 PM #
Well that's what you get...everytime they announce a new product...someone ALWAYS has to complain..."oh it's free, must be something wrong with it"

RE: Palm RealOne Player
Bakedon @ 3/14/2003 2:01:51 PM #
In addition to FF/RW capability, AeroPlayer resumes where you left off. Even after a soft reset. Real player loses its place if you exit the program.

It works great for free, but AeroPlayer is worth the money if you need more features.

On Clie NX60

djsl @ 3/13/2003 5:16:28 PM #
Does the Realone playes work on the Clie NX or NZ? The news blurb just mentioned the TT -- not a big disappointment if only available on TT. Just asking...

Where are the 128 + sticks?
RE: On Clie NX60
Edward Green @ 3/13/2003 6:46:05 PM #
128 Mb + Sticks?

There is a 1GB one at Cebit - see www.pdafrance.com

Edward Green

Mac Version of Real One.

zx3cliff @ 3/13/2003 5:45:54 PM #
Is there a link for the Mac OSX version of the Real One player for Palm? Just checking to see if anyone knows....

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RE: Mac Version of Real One.
TroyBoy @ 3/13/2003 6:37:39 PM #
I am running MAC OS 9 and all i get is the the 9 mb html file. where is the mac download?

RE: Mac Version of Real One.
RiddlerG4 @ 3/14/2003 5:22:53 AM #
Find the a SIT of the PRC files in my Public folder on my iDisk (dogcow)

MS wifi card

gfunkmagic @ 3/13/2003 8:16:55 PM #
If I owned a NX/NZ series Clie, I would much rather use this wifi MS card and then hopefully use the CF slot for HD or xtra Ram! In fact if the CF driver ever shows up, there will be no need for WL-100 cards at all! Maybe Sony's is anticipating this as well?

RE: MS wifi card
mikemusick @ 3/13/2003 11:34:37 PM #
The WiFi MS is showing at CeBit? So what? That's Europe. I won't even pretend to get excited until I can plunk down cash to buy one *here*. Sony is all sizzle and no steak in this arena, having a miserable track record for bringing MS peripherals into the US market. Beyond that silly camera we got nada... where are the GPS and Bluetooth MS devices we were promised over a year ago?

adding music?

rstewar @ 3/13/2003 8:31:39 PM #
any thoughts on how to add music? realone player says that my tungsten is full (how does it know?). I guess I could just drag them onto the installer, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having an integrated app like realone, doesn't it?

BTW, Mac users are screwed once again by Real - the installer is just a .exe file, so unless you've got a PC lying around, you're out of luck. really irritating...

RE: adding music?
Bakedon @ 3/13/2003 9:55:52 PM #
I use a Lexar SD card reader (~$25) and just drag and drop. I so dont trust Real and dont want the PC Real Player/Consuit so I found a way to get the Real One on the Palm without the PC garbage.

Simple; start the install, cancel when it states "Preparing to install Real One" for the PC.

The go to your Palm\[user]\Install directory and copy the PRCs for safekeeping (if you have to reinstall).

I use AeroPlayer but I just wanted to check Real out. An Aeroplayer advantage is it FF/RW within a song using the hard keys. It also has pop up controls.

RE: adding music?
macuser @ 3/13/2003 10:02:18 PM #
If they don't have mac support then they don't got myt support. As simple as that.

RE: adding music?
gman @ 3/14/2003 3:00:01 AM #
RTFM :-)

Open the RealOne player on your Palm and tap "Help" from the Options menu.

RE: adding music?
RiddlerG4 @ 3/14/2003 5:25:00 AM #
Mac users ain't screwed if they have VirtualPC and a Brain! The installer extacts the PRC files to a temp folder before installation. I pulled em out of VPC, stuffed em and put them in my iDisks public folder (dogcow)

Also you don't need the silly Real Conduit, just use a much fast SD Card reader to stick your MP3's in the /Audio directory.

RE: adding music?
Trampoline @ 3/14/2003 6:40:49 AM #
RealOne player has an "explorer-like" interface for adding mp3s and stuff to your SD. You do NOT need to use the [slow] Hotsync method.

I haven't fully tested either option yet, but my initial impression is that using a card reader is faster than using the RealOne "Send to Handheld Device" interface. BOTH methods are way faster than Hotsyncing.

Sending 150MB of MP3s to my SD [Sandisk 256MB] took about 10 mins using the RealOne interface. Not too bad if you don't want to fork out on a card-reader. Also I have heard that the Sandisk SD card is particularly slow to write to, but I don't have any other SDs to compare it to.


RE: adding music?
bluecat @ 3/14/2003 9:14:09 AM #

34 MB took about one minute on Panasonic SD card.

Will do some more accurate timing later. Is this quick?

RE: adding music?
zx3cliff @ 3/20/2003 8:58:06 PM #
"Also you don't need the silly Real Conduit, just use a much fast SD Card reader to stick your MP3's in the /Audio directory."

Actually, my version(downloaded from the Real site the other day) seems to like /RN_AUDIO directory in the base direstory.

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