Bradley Says New palmOne Handhelds In April

In an interview with the BBC, palmOne CEO Todd Bradley definitely revealed that palmOne will be launching new devices in April. The company has recently been hinting at a line of Treo products and other reports indicate new Zire models coming soon.

In the interview with BBC News Todd Bradley states, "People can expect new devices, to be unveiled next month, to provide much more in terms of multimedia storage so that they can take their favourite images, music, video and other files with them when they are out and about, as well as giving them a link back to the office or to their e-mail. A large piece of our work right now is how we create a family of Treo products, but we are about offering choice."

Last week palmOne shares jumped on an analyst upgrade and comments about a upcoming line of different Treo products. Bradley said the company would eventually have a full line of Treos ranging from "good, better and best." Reports also recently surfaced that palmOne may release a version of the Treo 600 without a built in camera.

Zire 31, Zire 71 Update
There has also been recent speculation and possible leaks on other new handhelds. palmOne is said to be preparing a low cost, color screen Zire 31. PIC was also the first to report rumors of a possible Zire 71 replacement. The new unit is said to have a integrated 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera and will include Bluetooth wireless networking. The handheld will run on a 300 MHz Intel chip, and have 32MB of RA

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First Post Wooohooo

beardsm87 @ 3/17/2004 12:49:21 PM #
OMG I am so exited about the new handhelds...I can't wait!
Will you pay $1,150?
qwertyzx @ 3/17/2004 11:25:52 PM #
Guys, you all want the Treo 600 to be improved by having PalmOne build a new Treo with higher resolution.

But have you considered the cost?

At the current cost, most of you already don't want to buy the Treo 600.

Higher resolution screens, higher resolution cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, long-life battery, and any other improvements to the Treo 600 will only cause the retail price to go higher.

Would you pay for a Treo with everything on your wish list if the retail price was $1,150?

Of course, there is also the issue of bulk and weight. The more bells and whistles you add, the bigger and heavier the Treo might grow.

RE: First Post Wooohooo
JonathanChoo @ 3/17/2004 11:53:54 PM #
Now the only thing stopping me from paying 50 of subsidized fees for the Treo 600 is - lack of hires, lack of bluetooth and a slower processor. Bluetooth is a major requirement for me (my last four mobiles has BT) and I like to read text. 240x320 is min. The XDA II has all those with 64Mb RAM, XScale and costs from 350. And when you consider that people are willing to pay 400 for a Nokia 8910 when it was released, which was just a plain mobile phone with a titanium case - then 400 for state of the art PalmOS mobile phone is nothing. People will pay for it as long as its still advance.

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April 2004 - I'd like to see

Gekko @ 3/17/2004 12:53:05 PM #
April 2004 - I'd like to see:

1. Palm Tungsten T4 - same as T3 but no slider, thinner, smaller, lighter, 128MB+, with OS6 and Wi-Fi built-in. Camera would be nice too.
2. Palm Treo 6XX - same as Treo 600 but 480x320, OS6, 64MB+, and better battery life.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
Fernando @ 3/17/2004 1:39:25 PM #
#1 won't happen anytime soon, if they were to make a T4, it'd prob be the same thing with 128mb of ram and slightly better battery life, prob with the latest version of the POS.

#2 definitely won't happen until we make better batteries. Dude, havin a 320x480 screen will suck batteries faster than turning on wifi, and bluetooth simultaneously! (well prob not, but it will suck a TON of battery). i doubt the treo's will go past 320x320 until battery technology does improve

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
orol @ 3/17/2004 1:48:54 PM #
I'd be happy if treo 800 had 320x320, and built in wifi (don't need BT) and probably 1mpix camera would be fine too

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
sub_tex @ 3/17/2004 2:04:43 PM #
If my Treo 600 had 320x320 and wifi, I might never need to own a seperate PDA for web surfing and ebook reading.

As it is now, the 600 is great for light surfing and passable at ebook reading (suprisingly so. I think it's because the screen is physically smaller that the fonts don't look as bad as others do).

As it is now, the only thing the T3 misses is wifi for it to be a perfect main PDA to go with a treo 600.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
frauen1 @ 3/17/2004 2:34:00 PM #
You won't get a Cobalt-based smartphone device (like a Cobalt-based Treo) anytime soon, due to the testing time that the network carriers will require. Even if they had a phone already palmOne just hasn't had Cobalt long enough to give the carriers time to do this.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
JonathanChoo @ 3/17/2004 2:51:47 PM #
I believe a T3 replacement will probably be released in August with OS6. I doubt any OS6 devices will appear anytime soon. As for a complete lineup of Treos, I told you so! PalmOne need to have a complete line of Treos from ultra low-end budget (Treo 600) to ultra high-end models with 320x480 display to compete with the S-E P900, Nokia 7700 and o2 XDA II. That is the way the mobile phone business goes.

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RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
Quik_Fix @ 3/17/2004 3:06:02 PM #
"1. Palm Tungsten T4 - same as T3 but no slider, thinner, smaller, lighter, 128MB+, with OS6 and Wi-Fi built-in. Camera would be nice too.
2. Palm Treo 6XX - same as Treo 600 but 480x320, OS6, 64MB+, and better battery life."

1. As much as I applaud the thought, I don't think Cobalt is April-close. This concept is almost uptopian in nature. You can't get smaller, thinner, lighter and WiFi AND the battery that would be required to make it all happen. The T|3 (I think, don't grill me here) saves some screen juice when its slider is closed, extending battery life, and the battery life is horrible anyway. To truly have a device with all the features, you'd need a monster 1500 mah battery, and that kills the smaller, thinner, lighter part.

2. Same problem with the Treos. I think that putting such a big screen on a communicator is counter-productive at this time. After all, what's the two biggest battery minders you own? Your phone and your Palm, right? Put 'em together and whaddya got, a battery vortex. Add a 320x480, and you might as well get a battery belt (should I patent that?).

Now a fuel cell is what we need.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
JonathanChoo @ 3/17/2004 3:20:50 PM #
I don't think 320x480 is a problem for smartphones. Of course the physical screen of the LCD should be smaller than say a T3's screen. Put in a large battery or a removable battery which is expected on mobiles, then you have a winner. It will, everytime you turn it on, sucks battery like hell just like every PDA. But just leaving it turned on (standby) and it could last a whole 2-3 days before going back to the cradle. Use it for 2-3 hours and it should last the day. My old T39m had a 600mAh battery and it lasted up to 3 weeks on standby. My friend's P800 can last 2 days before needing a recharge and he is the sort of guy who whips it out to use the silly camera every chance he has.

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RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
hotpaw4 @ 3/17/2004 4:19:54 PM #
someone wants a:
> Palm Tungsten T4 - same as T3 but no slider ...

Then where do you put the buttons?

The T3 slider allows the buttons+navigator and the HVGA display to overlap, which allow the unit to fit in your pocket. Sony had to stick buttons on the back of the TH55 to keep the size reasonable, which is not the preference of many users (gamers?).

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
ChiA @ 3/17/2004 4:29:56 PM #
"I'd be happy if treo 800 had 320x320, and built in wifi (don't need BT) and probably 1mpix camera would be fine too"

The Treo brand is for smartphones. If you put wi-fi into it then you have two systems which drain the battery - the cellular radio and the wi-fi. I see 802.11b in a smartphone as being redundant because:

1) Cellular coverage is wider than 802.11b - if you're going to be tethered to the 100m 802.11b range then what's the point of a mobile?

2) GPRS and EDGE through the cellular network offer the same advantage of 802.11b anyway - that of always on connection. Granted 802.11b is faster but EDGE will narrow the gap a little.

Bluetooth is more useful as it's handy for handsfree headsets, which you need for a mobile.

I think in time wi-fi will become absorbed into the cellular infrastructure. Albeit I write this from a European perspective, where the cellular infrastructure is far more widespread than in North America.

All being said it's probable that technology advances will lead to a device that will have cellular and wi-fi with good battery life but that time is not yet here. Therefore today's smartPHONE has to concentrate on the PHONE, not on the wi-fi. There's no point of having a phone with wi-fi if you can only have thirty minutes use before recharging.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
Calroth @ 3/17/2004 7:27:30 PM #
How are you going to fit a 320x480 screen on a Treo? It would be very tall. Unless you propose getting rid of the keyboard, which isn't going to happen... hard keys are a basic requirement for phone users. (Would you dial a phone number by tapping onscreen buttons - or writing Graffiti?)

That said, a 320x320 screen would draw almost the same amount of power as a 160x160 screen. The main power draw isn't in the number of pixels; it's in the backlight, which would stay the same size.

I think the Tungsten T series will always have a slider. It's a hallmark of the series. If you don't want a slider, wait for the Tungsten E2 (or whatever).

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
JonathanChoo @ 3/17/2004 10:16:37 PM #
you could put a flip keyboard like the P900.

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RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
hotpaw4 @ 3/17/2004 10:32:02 PM #
someone wrote:
>That said, a 320x320 screen would draw almost the same amount of power as a 160x160 screen. The main power draw isn't in the number of pixels; it's in the backlight, which would stay the same size.

The display refresh power is proportional to the number of pixels. That's why models with hires displays have a noticeably shorter battery life even with the backlight completely off.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
flevy @ 3/18/2004 8:22:05 AM #
For all the talk of new models, I have been using a T3 since November and it is very good to use.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
grg @ 3/19/2004 7:54:56 AM #
> ... same as T3 but no slider

Amen !! And get rid of that battery-hungry Intel processors !!

Regarding Treo or other PalmOS based smart phones, until unicode is supported by the OS I am not interested at all. Not everyone lives in USA you know.

RE: April 2004 - I'd like to see
viqsi @ 3/22/2004 2:05:52 AM #
Mm. On the removing-keyboards thing - no, I wouldn't put in a phone number using Graffiti, but what I *would* love to see is something like the Kyocera 7135's setup, only updated a bit.

Of course, the 7135 is horrifyingly expensive, so it's not like I'd ever get to *own* such a thing, but it would be nice to dream about. :)
*stares at her T|E enough until it starts looking like it has a stubby antenna... and wings, too! Bright happy wings!*

Any more news on the Tungsten E2?

dnorton @ 3/17/2004 12:58:50 PM #
I am very interested to learn if there is any more on the E2? i.e. price, features

RE: Any more news on the Tungsten E2?
anarchangel @ 3/17/2004 3:57:38 PM #
Good question. It seems anecdotally that more often than not when I see someone produce a PDA it's the T|E (or a Sony). Since success breeds repetition, E2 is the model that I'd most expect to see from palmOne next month. I'm curious to know how long until (and by how much) we see a price drop on the current lineup.


RE: Any more news on the Tungsten E2?
Maccool @ 3/17/2004 5:03:47 PM #
With all of the discussion over a T4 model, it makes me wonder if people have forgotten about the form factor issue. HP and Sony seem to be able to pack a ton of features into small tablet-style (non-clamshell 240x320 and better screen res) devices, why can't palmOne? Sure, with the slider closed the T's are smallish, but I miss the days of the M5xx and V. The E is the only thing that comes close, but it is crippled without the rumored upgrades.

Tungsten E2 with 320x480vg screen, bluetooth, SDIO, universal connector, decent mutimedia capabilities, and 3rd party aps on CD-ROM not in ram. I need this device, and I need it now! Am I asking too much? Are you guys with me?

RE: Any more news on the Tungsten E2?
hkklife @ 3/17/2004 5:21:41 PM #
I fearlessly predict we'll see a $100-$125 color Zire device (with a lame m130/m505 style screen) alongside the T|E2 for $250-$300.

I think Palm's refocuing on shoring up the low end of the market before coming out in the fall with two or three OS6 high-end units.

The 2nd part of my fearless predictions is that Palm, in addition to the above units, will "refresh" their existing units by canning the original Zire, Z71, & T|T2 for good and dropping the MSRP on the Z21 and T|T3. T|E & T|C will stay where they are for the time being. I also think PalmOne will use April to redo their product packaging and start having the new logo on their handhelds. If we're lucky, all T3s & TCs produced with the new logo will have updated apps in ROM and will be built to higher tolerances than the earlier models.

So it looks like they are going to have a little more streamlined but more competitive lineup of non-Treo devices. Makes sense to hit all of the important price points-$100, $150, $200 etc. with less overlap than the lineup's had in the past. The reintroduction of the m500 late last year showed that even Palm acknowledges the huge gap between the Zire 21 and the T|E, feature-wise.

T3 with Wi-Fi

rikster @ 3/17/2004 2:15:06 PM #
Oh please... please... give us a T3 with Wi-Fi !

I just cannot believe that such a product does not exist yet. Yes, I know I can get a huge enfora case with it's own battery etc, but it's just not cool - it takes away all of the T3's coolness. Just look at the HP4155 - tiny package with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi - trouble is, it's a PPC.

Looks like we'll all have to defect to Sony's TH55 - without lanscape, to get a decent product... :-(

RE: T3 with Wi-Fi
feranick @ 3/17/2004 4:12:09 PM #
The T|T3 with Wifi would require a battery of the size of the one mounted in the T|C. So you will have a quite bulky device (think to a T|C, bulkier with the slider...).



SARGE @ 3/17/2004 2:44:54 PM #
Any news on a possible C2?

RE: C2
feranick @ 3/17/2004 4:14:42 PM #
No... Just a guess: being designed for corporate users, and still fairly up-to-date (for the corporate use), I think we may see a future Cobalt upgrade for the current model. Or a totally new device, if cobalt will be presented later this year.

In any case I doubt we will see any hardware update for the T|C soon.

RE: C2
commando @ 3/17/2004 6:58:41 PM #
I'd love to see a C2. The C was the perfect handheld for me, but it was unreliable as all hell. I had 5 replacements, and I returned the 6th unit as it was faulty too. Twice new units straight from Palm wre faulty on arrival. Do they bother to do quality control any more?

Much more multimedia storage?

Scott R @ 3/17/2004 3:12:05 PM #
I would interpret his comments to indicate that one (or more) of these new devices might feature a built-in HD. If so, that could be quite cool.

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RE: Much more multimedia storage?
cbowers @ 3/17/2004 3:16:36 PM #
Bah, I'd be happy if they'd just throw in a USB host port (catching up to PPC), then you could plug in your USB dongle, or connect your iPod. There's little possibility we'd be happy with the battery life an HD enabled PDA would have. But when I've already got a 40GB drive on my hip, with it's own battery, in the form of an iPod, it's a shame my PDA can't get access to it.

RE: Much more multimedia storage?
Scott R @ 3/17/2004 4:10:22 PM #
Umm...but if it had a 40GB HD of its own, you wouldn't need a separate iPod.

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RE: Much more multimedia storage?
hkklife @ 3/17/2004 4:39:08 PM #
A harddrive would be nice, sure, but there's nothing in the current Intel Xscale hardware (please correct me if I am wrong, tech-savvy PIC members) that can handle IDE/ATA drive access. Going over USB would be slow,slow,slow. I thknk this would have to wait until th next generation of TI/Intel CPUs and/or OS6. The only thing storage-wise that might occur now as an outside shot would be dual SDIO slots.

I would translate "improved multimedia" capabilities into not much more than basically better quality headphone output and mp3 playback (and a better Real player pre-loaded), alongside a 1.3mp digicam in the Z71 replacement that will also do video capture. Also posssibly an option to store voice memos as MP3s. Finally, I wouldn't rule out something along the lines of a swiveling camera ala Sony or the first Veo SDIO camera for the new Zire and an image assist light or a real flash.

RE: Much more multimedia storage?
Ernie Longmire @ 3/17/2004 7:15:38 PM #
hkklife -- except he didn't say "'improved multimedia' capabilities", he said "much more in terms of multimedia storage", which implies a significant increase in onboard memory. Granted, they've always been stingy with the RAM, so "much more" could just mean 256MB or 512MB onboard instead of 64MB. But with Apple cramming a 4GB drive into a $250 MP3 player (that's much tinier than any Palm handheld to boot) there's real pressure on for palmOne to take bigger steps if they want to be taken seriously for multimedia applications. A USB interface to an internal mini-drive would be more than fast enough to deliver video on a Palm-sized screen.

I'd gladly pay $400-$450 for a T|E2 with a 480x320 display and a decent sized little hard drive.

RE: Much more multimedia storage?
hkklife @ 3/17/2004 10:24:08 PM #
Whoops, I breezed right through what I assumed was the usual corporate fluff. Seems I misread multimedia STORAGE as "multimedia capabilities". Thanks for the catch!

Well, that does make for a substantially more intriguing comment, doesn't it? As nice as HD would be, I don't think the economic are there just yet for Palm (having far less buying power than Apple or Creative) and just imagine the support woes--if they can't make a Tungsten slider non-wobbly after 3 tries, imagine how flaky a first-time HD integration would be!

I am going to agree with you about 128mb of onboard memory or a split memory system like Sony's employed as of late. It's amazing how many reviews of the T3 comment on how not being able to store MP3s in main memory is a "negative aspect". Also, perhpas the beleagured Sandisk is going to try and team up with POne to...drumroll...bundle 128mb Sandisk SD cards with the next batch of Tungstens!

RE: Much more multimedia storage?
cbowers @ 3/18/2004 3:32:29 PM #
"Umm...but if it had a 40GB HD of its own, you wouldn't need a separate iPod."

1. No PDA (even Ppod on PPC) is going to replace an iPod.
2. An iPod has none of the power hungry components a PDA has (400Mhz XScale processor, 64-128MB RAM, RF modules, huge backlit screen). And yet it's at about the minimum of expected battery life. In real word experience, you'll get maybe 6.5 hours out of a 40GB iPod assuming you don't touch it while playing, such that you don't unduly spin up the hard drive, or activate the backlight. But jump around from song to song, and you're looking at something closer to an hour. Imagine your battery life when you add the additional battery drain of a PDA feature set. No one (at least not a PalmOS user) will find less than an hour's battery life acceptable. Which is why again, it's important to have the two separate. The PDA has it's own battery life, the USB HD mass storage device has it's own. Sort of like the Enfora WiFi case approach.
3. A mobile interface (text entry, playlist edits, etc) would be pretty handy to an iPod user.

RE: Much more multimedia storage?
bmacfarland @ 3/20/2004 2:41:07 AM #
"1. No PDA (even Ppod on PPC) is going to replace an iPod."

Hmmm, my Treo 600 has replaced my Rio 300, my Handspring Visor, and my old Nokia. If I had an old, old digital camera it would have replaced that as well. Who is to say that a Treo couldn't "some day" replace an iPod. The only thing it would probably couldn't duplicate exactly is the physical interface, but that may even be enhanced by searching for a song with the keyboard as you mentioned. Batteries are getting better and hard drives more effecient all the time. There's going to be a point, maybe 2 years from now, that the Treo (or a similar smartphone) has the capabilities of today's iPod.

"The PDA has it's own battery life, the USB HD mass storage device has it's own. Sort of like the Enfora WiFi case approach."

My Handspring Visor and Nokia cell phones had their separate power sources. Now they share the same one, and I quite enjoy having to only manage keeping one device plugged in. The key is to be able to power down the components you don't need. In a PDA with a hard drive it would make sense that you could power that down when you don't need that kind of storage. One short term limitation I could live with would be me manually having to copy from the HD storage the files I want to the main memory in bulk, so it wouldn't have to access the HD much, but I'd still have everything with me. Sure that wouldn't be a true iPod replacement, but it could easily be down with today's technology.

Price points?

mikecane @ 3/17/2004 7:14:29 PM #
Let's have some speculation about what pricing will be like.

Does everyone expect the TT3 to remain at $399 -- or to drop to $350, for instance?

That new color Zire -- $100 or $150? Will it necessarily spell the end of mono PDAs? Or will palmOne keep the mono Zire and just lower the price?

Of course, if anyone finds prices listed in a Staples or Office Depot inventory db, feel free to post!

RE: Price points?
hkklife @ 3/17/2004 11:11:26 PM #
Gosh, this is so much fun! I love the 2x annual Palm lineup/price speculation! It's more fun for me than Mike's annual predictions b/c I like picking apart the rumors and trying to come up with a realistic product line for them. That said, here we go:

Current Models:
-Zire EOL
-Zire21 $75-$85 MSRP. New POne palogo on case & packaging. Will be absurdly cheap by the tiume "Back to School" August '04 rolls around.
-Tungsten E. Either EOL (mostlikely) or MSRP reduced to $169ish to clear remaining inventory. New POne logo on case & packaging if not EOL.
-Zire71. EOL
-Tungsten T2. EOL
-Tungsten T3. MSRP reduced to $350. New POne logo on case & new blister see-thru packaging like the Zire71. Updated ROM apps, uniform screens & build quality improvements. No ROM updates for existing owners.
-Tungsten W. On life support. More rebates for new AT&T activations & dimished exposure as POne sells thru remaining stock. Will probably gradually fade away until Treo 610 launches (midsummer)?
-Tungsten C. MSRP possibly reduced by $50. Rebates will continue, but probably for $50 instead of $100. New POne logo on case & new packaging as mentioned above. Updated ROM apps & screen digitizer problems resolved. Possibly (but unlikely) the addition of stereo output to the headphone jack. ROM updates for existing T|C owners.

New Units for April '04:
-Zire31 (or whatever) specs as rumored (8mb ram, SD slot, 5-way navigator), $100-$120. Color 160*160 screen similar to m505. Will be $100 or less by fall '04.
-Zire 72 (or whatever) 1.3mp digicam w/ image assist lamp or flash. 32mb RAM. Bluetooth. Blue case like Z71. 320*320 screen. MSRP of $250. No UC, just USB & charge port (Zire line will uniformly be UC-free)
-Tungsten E2. 32mb RAM. Fixed form factor, similar design to current T|E but in a darker color. 320*480 screen. MSRP of $250-$300. Bluetooth. No voice recorder. Universal Connector (selling point for Tungsten line from here on)

In fall '04 we will see a BT & Wi-Fi TC2 with OS6, 128mb memory and a 320*320 screen. We'll also see a T4 which will basically be a T3 but with 128mb memory & OS6 and an ATI Imageon graphics controller for pwerful 2D performance. Dual SDIO slots remain an outside possibility. PalmOne will also USB 2.0 enable their OS6 handhelds and may upgrade the ancient USB cradle in the process. Sandisk wi-fi drivers will be released June '04, buggy as a bait store but functional.

RE: Price points?
JonathanChoo @ 3/18/2004 12:24:32 AM #
I think someone who has inside knowledge of Palm's factory in China has posted that the T4 would have 64Mb, XScale with 32Mb Strataflash (PXA262), Bluetooth and ATi Imageon 2200. The T4 will probably be just an updated T3 with those extra features while the new TC will be the flagship model. My gut feeling is the new TC will somehow able to fit in a 320x480 screen with keyboard. Probably will be as long as the HP4350.

The T4 or whatever won't include WiFi as it has a worldwide target audience where outside the US, Bluetooth is more important. In many countries where WiFi penetration is less than 1% is makes no sense selling an expensive PDA with WiFi when the consumer won't use it. But The T5 probably will have. Somewhere along the line the TC will take a similar role as HP's h5xxx series while the TT will be the equavelant of HP's h4xxx series. The TE will become the slimline budget model (HP's h2xxx). The Zires will compete with HP's consumer line the h1xxx. The TW series could be revived to take on HP's h6xxx series.

Looking at Palm's business model, I doubt they will release same model with different wireless function in different regions like Sony does. For some reason they like to streamline their PDAs worldwide (standard support?).

And there won't be any Palm VGA PDAs this year...

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RE: Price points?
mikecane @ 3/18/2004 8:28:51 AM #
Hmmm... wouldn't repackaging the T3 cause some confusion? And if they were to update the software in ROM as well, wouldn't that also cause some retail confusion? And if the repackaged one was $350, what would happen to the price of the ones in the old packages?

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