Google Voice Mobile Webapp Updated

google voice mobile webos Google has launched an updated version of its mobile web app for utilizing its Google Voice service. The new mobile optimized site allows webOS and iPhone users to use and access most Google Voice services and features through the web browser.

Built using HTML5, the site lets users make calls (with the GV number as the outbound callerID), send and receive SMS messages for free, manage your voice mailbox and place international calls using Google's discounted rates.

The site works in the standard Palm webOS browser and can be accessed at

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a bit unnecessary

Ed Lin @ 1/26/2010 12:29:14 PM # Q
This is a bit unnecessary for WebOS, we have perfectly good Google Voice apps such as GDial Pro available. iPhone users need this though, due to Apple's restrictive app store guidelines. I'm still waiting on an official Google Voice app for WebOS, there's no reason why Google can't do it.
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