Missing Sync for Palm Pre Beta Released

Missing Sync Palm Pre Mark/Space has released a free beta version of their new Missing Sync for the Palm Pre product. The software allows Mac OS users to transfer and sync information and files between your Mac and Pre with Apple's Address Book, iTunes, iCal, Entourage, Safari bookmarks, Documents, Videos and iPhoto. A Windows version is also in development, but has not yet been released. The Missing Sync can also synchronize contacts and calendars automatically and wirelessly, via WiFi.

The Missing Sync for Palm Pre v1.0 beta is available now. The beta version is free and fully functional for a limited time. Users can pre-purchase the full version for $39.95. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later.

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that's nice but ...

pmjoe @ 6/11/2009 1:22:38 PM # Q
No offense to the the Mark/Space folks intended, but the Pre should support this OUT OF THE BOX. iSync works perfectly fine with plenty of other phones. Palm needs to get off their high horse and do what needs to be done to get Apple to support it in iSync.
RE: that's nice but ...
mikecane @ 6/11/2009 2:47:28 PM # Q
Unlike Microsoft, which will license, say, Exchange syncing to Apple, Apple isn't often willing to license anything to anyone. (Someone will now probably point out something I've forgotten. Good. Do so.)
RE: that's nice but ...
justauser @ 6/11/2009 5:29:19 PM # Q
Besides, iSync worked fine with the Treo as well. Missing Sync just does more. (don't know about Pre)

Even the iPhone has issues syncing with Mac. iPhone 2 didn't sync notes (their vrs of memos) with ANYTHING. (Don't know/care if fixed with iPhone 3)

RE: that's nice but ...
mikecane @ 6/11/2009 5:59:32 PM # Q
I didn't know Treo worked with iSync. I haven't paid attention to that.

No word on whether Notes syncs with OS 3.0.

RE: that's nice but ...
jca666us @ 6/12/2009 9:29:34 AM # M Q
you guys are lazy - look it up - notes syncing is in os3
RE: that's nice but ...
vetdoctor @ 6/12/2009 9:52:00 AM # Q
Nice...If Palm can hold on for a Pre vs 3.0....just imagine!
In short, I had always believed that the world involved magic: now I thought that perhaps it involved a magician.
- Chesterton
RE: that's nice but ...
justauser @ 6/12/2009 2:58:49 PM # Q
errr.. missed the point guys. Point is apple syncing is problematic for everyone - has even been an issue for iPhone. Stop kissing your iPhones for a second and read the thread
RE: that's nice but ...
jca666us @ 6/12/2009 3:48:27 PM # M Q
user - stop spreading misinformation.

never had an issue with syncing an iPod or iPhone with iTunes.

I have heard of issues with older macs using 3rd party USB cards - but this is 2009 not 2003

RE: that's nice but ...
justauser @ 6/13/2009 4:21:37 AM # Q
You just said yourself "...notes syncing is in os3" - I said you couldn't sync notes with os2 - I call this a problem with syncing - how is this misinformation?

I got an iPhone2 for my wife and the notes sync (dare I say issue?) was frustrating. Especially considering she used memos heavily on her old Treo; notsomuch on the iPhone...

RE: that's nice but ...
jca666us @ 6/13/2009 6:20:10 AM # Q
Actually you said you didn't know or care if it was fixed in OS3 - I said it was.

You said there were issues syncing iphones with the mac - that is what I call misinformation. And BS.

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