Pocket Tunes 5.0 Released

Pocket TunesNormSoft has just released a new version of its popular Pocket Tunes music player. Version 5.0 for Palm OS and Windows Mobile adds a lot of new features along with a slew of bug fixes, including podcast subscriptions, Last.fm scrobbling, iTunes sync and WMA Internet radio. New users can purchase the bundle for $37.95, while users upgrading from versions 3 or 4 will be charged $19.95.

PalmInfocenter will take a more detailed look at the changes in the coming days. In the meantime, hit the jump for the full list of version updates.

  • Feature: Added podcast directory and support for downloading podcasts directly to your phone. Podcasts can be scheduled to download automatically. Podcasts can be played while they are being downloaded. Podcasts can be automatically deleted after listening.
  • Feature: Added support for streaming WMA stations.
  • Feature: Added support for scrobbling your tracks with Last.fm. (#5722)
  • Feature: Added support for syncing music with iTunes. Now works with both Palm OS and Windows Mobile. Many improvements, including better synchronization, transfer of album art, and much more.
  • Feature: Pocket Tunes now automatically remembers the last position for ALL of your audiobooks and podcasts without having to create a bookmark. (#1634)
  • Feature: Support for PNG format album art. (#3908)
  • Enhancement: While using 5.0 trial, you can still see your 4.X reg code, making it easier to purchase a discounted upgrade. (#4013)
  • Enhancement: (Palm OS only, not a problem on WinMo) Enabled asynchronous DNS lookups when connecting to the network, greatly reducing lagginess when listening to radio and downloading podcasts. (#6009)
  • Enhancement: When song/podcast titles are too long to fit on the Choose Songs screen, truncate the middle so that you can see the last 8 characters, which usually hold an episode number. (#5923)
  • Enhancement: Prevent too-often prompting to connect to the Internet. (#5910)
  • Enhancement: Detect if the mute switch is on and show a warning. (#4724)
  • Enhancement: Detect WMA formats that we don't support (WMA Professional, Voice, etc.) and show an error. (#4071)
  • Enhancement: Show a prompt when receiving a radio station from another device so it does not automatically interrupt your current song. (#4269)
  • Enhancement: Songs are now sorted by album and then track when using Select All from the root of Choose Songs or from an Artist folder. (#5657)
  • Enhancement: You can now exclude built-in songs from Pocket Tunes by deleting them. (#3287)
  • Enhancement: After a playlist finishes, we now go back to the first song so you can simply hit play to play it again. (#2446)
  • Enhancement: "Enable phone side buttons" preference now enables/disables both volume and play/pause buttons. (#2921)
  • Enhancement: Remember scroll/selection position when navigating up in the Choose Songs screen. (#4769)
  • Enhancement: Scrollbars on skins now scroll by a page if you tap above/below the slider. (#3848)
  • Enhancement: Dramatically improved album art resampling so it looks much clearer. (#3784)
  • Enhancement: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Improve responsiveness when scanning through DRM songs. (#5360)
  • Modification: Removed first-time welcome dialog and added Purchase button to Palm OS version. (#4092)
  • Bug fix: Fix problem where playlists were not loading after a crash or device reset. (#4681)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, not a bug on Palm OS) You can now delete the currently-playing song. (#6088)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only) Delete menu item grayed out in Choose Songs screen when not relevant (#6022)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, not a bug on Palm OS) Reduce font size when playing tracks over 1 hr (#5668)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Fixed freeze loading certain skins. (#5689)
  • Bug fix: Certain web servers are broken and don't handle hostname:80, so we now omit :80. (#5983)
  • Bug fix: (Palm OS only, NAB on WinMo) Fix hang opening a file with an invalid APIC ID3 tag. (#5705)
  • Bug fix: Fix MTP bug on Palm OS where GetObjectInfo returned the wrong parent handle. (#5674)
  • Bug fix: Fix hang with certain badly-formatted ASF/WMA files. (#3741)
  • Bug fix: Change title of Playlists dialog to Manage Playlists on WinMo. (#5476)
  • Bug fix: Work around ShoutCast streams that send single quotes in song titles, which is technically unsupported. (#3188)
  • Bug fix: Rearrange advanced preferences so they look nicer on Treo. (#2768)
  • Bug fix: After a pause and seek, we now clear the audio buffer so you no longer hear a blurp from the previous position. (#1515)
  • Bug fix: Improve estimation of MP3 running time on files with large album art. (#4457)
  • Bug fix: Fix playback of very long AAC files. (#5659)
  • Bug fix: Fix bug ordering tracks alphabetically when inserting an SD card. (#5656)
  • Bug fix: Fix Palm OS installer bug where it wouldn't work if you unchecked Pocket Tunes. (#4831)
  • Bug fix: Playlists created in WinAmp now work properly. (#4318)
  • Bug fix: Select all now works from top of Internet Radio in Choose Songs. (#3846)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Fix skip when seeking with the on-screen slider. (#5643)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Stretch album art to full screen size. (#5489)
  • Bug fix: (Palm OS only, NAB on WinMo) Fix potential crash when rebuffering when streaming Internet radio. (#4842)
  • Bug fix: Fix brief static that sometimes occurred when seeking MP3. (#3453)
  • Bug fix: Re-scan songs whose modification dates have been changed. (#1908)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Pocket Tunes now properly stops doing stuff when the screen is off to save power. (#5632)
  • Bug fix: Use higher-res icons on Choose Songs screen for VGA WinMo devices. (#5490)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only) Fix problem with full-screen album art view not refreshing under some circumstances. (#5488)
  • Bug fix: Fix references to mobile page in Plugins tips. (#5586)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only, NAB on Palm OS) Fix problem with some streams showing ??? for the format and 0 for the year with a skin that shows this information. (#5481)
  • Bug fix: Improve error message when copying built-in skin fails. (#5483)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only) Fix using 5-way nav to change song position in all cases. (#5455)
  • Bug fix: (WinMo only) Fix volume change when clicking volume slider. (#5642)
  • Bug fix: (Palm OS only) Fix sorting of songs that start with symbols. (#4078)
  • Bug fix: (Palm OS) Fix navigation on External media prefs. (#4701)

Readers can also check out our earlier review of Pocket Tunes v4.

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iTunes conduit

Toymaker @ 2/22/2009 7:57:26 PM # Q
I like the new features but the iTunes sync conduit only will sync a max 4GB worth of music. I have an 8GB card and was quite frustrated by this limitation that apps like mOcean don't even have.

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