MDM Delivers Directions on-the-Go

MDM today announced a new mobile travel solution application for Palm OS and other platform handhelds. Directions on-the-Go offers navigational assistance without the need for a GPS or wireless connection.

Directions on-the-go offers complete on-device navigation, without the need of a PC connection or wireless carrier signal. With the software, users choose major metropolitan areas or cities from the CD-ROM or a website and load their selection onto their smartphone or PDA. Once the metro area or city has been loaded, users can calculate and display door-to-door, turn-by-turn directions at any time right on their device.

"The days of having to pull over to ask for directions or print your route out beforehand from your personal computer are over," said Barry Cottle, CEO of MDM. "Now smartphone and PDA users can easily specify their starting point and destination and Directions on-the-go will guide them until they arrive."

Directions on-the-go features:

  • Immediate route calculation of door-to-door directions without a wireless connection or a PC
  • Alternate route calculation should starting point or destination address change
  • Pan, scroll, and zoom between multiple levels of map detail, from street/neighborhood to entire metropolitan area
  • Find locations by address, street name, tap-on-map, nearby point of interest, or fuzzy logic search
  • Thousands of built-in points of interest including gas stations, parking lots, banks, landmarks, etc.
  • GPS support to locate and track your position (compatible GPS receiver & Bluetooth or cabled connection required)
  • Lifetime updates and access to the latest U.S. maps and road data provided by smart2go(TM) from gate5 NA, Inc.

Directions on-the-go is compatible with Palm OS 5.0 and higher devices. It will be available soon at nationwide retailers, online resellers for a suggested $39.99 USD.

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No Bluetooth!

jellis @ 10/11/2004 4:21:05 PM #
From their website:

GPS interoperability requires:
NMEA 0183 compliant GPS receiver supported by device
Properly configured and active connection to receiver via cable or Bluetooth (Bluetooth connection to GPS not supported on Palm OS)

Like the idea of Unlimited map upgrades, but with no bluetooth, it's not a very portable solution, is it?

No Demo!

I.M Anonymous @ 10/12/2004 2:27:36 AM #
I'm not paying $40 for software without having any idea of how well it works!

Not Compatible

bigfoot @ 10/12/2004 12:08:36 PM #
Looking at their web site I see it is not compatible with my Garmin iQue 3600. That's ok though, I can already do everything they are offering as a service.


Wonder how it compares to Mapopolis.

a_nonamiss @ 10/13/2004 3:53:23 PM #
I have used Mapopolis for years, and it already has all of these features, so this is nothing new. The real question is, how does this compare? While I love Mapopolis, it is a huge memory-hog on my T3. I have most major metro areas in my state loaded onto it, and it requires a whole helluva lot of memory to run. Even though I keep the maps on a memory card, it still requires free memory to load the maps onto while it's running, so I can't just put the whole state on there.

If anyone has purchased this software, please post how this compares to Mapopolis. (There is a free demo of their software at


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Directions on the Go - Beware

paulmelias @ 1/4/2005 12:40:34 PM #
I just loaded this software. It has serious drawbacks.

Not all of the United States is covered, only the major metropolitan areas. I tried to use it for a ski trip to Lake Tahoe but they didn't have the map. Worse than that, you download maps of areas they call 'metros'. For example, San Francisco - Oakland, CA is one metro, Sacramento, CA is another. You can get directions only if your start and end point fall within the same metro. If you try to go from San Francisco to Sacramento, forget it. Getting directions for a trip is virtually useless. The company itself is based in Germany and they don't have a telephone number. You get support only through e-mail.



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