PalmRevolt Skinning Software Updated

PalmRevolt - Palm SkinThe popular Palm OS skinning software, PalmRevolt, has just seen its first update in some time. PalmRevolt enables you to customize the Palm OS interface so you can give your Treo the Cobalt look it always wanted or choose among the excellent skin selections over at 3GX's site. You can even create your own custom look with an original skin. The latest updates include a significant performance improvement, better support for one-handed navigation, skin compression, ability to change the "blue halo" highlighting color, color editing and numerous bug fixes.

PalmRevolt v0.95b for Palm OS is available now for $14.95 and comes with a free trial period. At the moment, the developer has it on sale for more than 30% off, at $9.95 for a limited time.

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Fun app

twrock @ 12/29/2007 9:53:52 PM # Q
I started using PalmRevolt right when it was first released. I like having a new look on the old interface. I haven't noticed a performance hit on my TX. Combining this with ZLauncher give a pretty complete package.

I did create both a PalmRevolt skin and a ZLauncher skin called "xPhone". They are free to download over at 1src: (PalmRevolt skin) (ZLauncher skin, but also includes the above PalmRevolt skin in the archive.)

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RE: Fun app
freakout @ 12/30/2007 7:46:49 AM # Q
It also works great with Fontsmoother. Put the two together and Garnet suddenly doesn't look so hideously out of date. And it makes you wonder why Palm haven't done it themselves, given that it's so simple and doesn't impede performance in the slightest.
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