Drag'n'tooth for Mac OS X Updated

Drag'n'tooth is a Mac OS X utility for installing files onto your Palm via Bluetooth. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled Mac and a Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS device Drag'n'tooth is a must have.

Drag'n'tooth for Mac OS X & Palm OSSimply drag anything to the Drag'n'tooth dock icon, and it will instantly be transferred to your Palm. No special Palm software is required. Files can be transferred to main memory, or go directly to an expansion card.

Drag'n'tooth features:

  • Drag and drop PRC/PDB files to instantly install them on your Palm.
  • Drag and drop media files or text files to instantly install them on your Palm.
  • New: Send hilited text and text clippings directly to Memo Pad!
  • Install multiple files in a single transfer.
  • Install directly to an expansion card!
  • No special software is required on the Palm.
  • Quickly switch between Palm devices using the dock menu.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Macs and Palm OS devices.
  • Quickly send commonly used files via the "Send Recent" menu.

Drag'n'tooth is shareware and costs $9.95 to register. [BUY]

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legodude522 @ 8/26/2005 11:59:20 PM # Q
I can already send files via bluetooth to my Zodiac. I just can't install things strait to card. But I have a USB card reader. I don't see much point to this but the price isn't too bad.

Palm m125 December 25, 2003 to March 24 2004 > palmOne Zire 71 March 24, 2004 to March 31, 2005. Tapwave Zodiac 1 April 18, 2005 to present.
RE: Why?
Dragon76 @ 9/11/2005 11:21:40 AM # Q
Mac OS X has "Bluetooth File Exchange.app" which does the EXACT same thing as part of the OS. Sometimes I wonder about shareware authors…

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