New MobiSystems Diets 5

Mobile Systems Inc has just released an upgraded version of MobiSystems Diets. Diets 5 now includes the National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, release 17 that is developed by the Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The foods base includes about 6,840 different foods with their nutrient content.

MobiSytems Diet 5 for Palm OSYou can plan your meals track your weight and exercises and get the nutritional information you need to reach your weight goals. Record and monitor your calories and graph your progress in time. In addition to the ability to create your own diet plans you can use the new Sample Diets included in the program.

MobiSystems Diets has functions for:

  • Personalized weight loss program setting
  • Daily meals recording
  • Fitness program and daily activity tracking
  • Calorie and fats input monitoring
  • Carbohydrates and proteins tracking
  • Ability to use different food databases

The program is available now as shareware and costs $19.95 to register.

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